Naruto vs One Piece V2 Mugen Apk Download

Naruto vs One Piece V2 Mugen Apk Download

Hello Friends, Today here I am going to show an amazing One Piece vs Naruto Mugen apk for Android that contains almost all the main Villains and Heroes Characters from one piece and Naruto anime. The gameplay is very addictive as obvious because it’s a Mugen apk game. Mugens are always amazing and fun to play.

One Piece vs Naruto Mugen Apk

The interface of this game has an astounding symbol of One Piece vs Naruto and also Naruto and Monkey D luffy the both main characters of the anime are standing there on homepage. There are so many things to explain about this game, and you can enjoy it as much as you can, don’t forget to share it with your friends who are fans of Naruto and One Piece anime. There is a similiar Mugen game like this named Dragon Ball Z vs One Piece Mugen apk and another game’s name is Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto Mugen apk, I want you guys to enjoy all these amazing Mugen games on your Android device.

One Piece vs Naruto Mugen Apk

Game modes

  • P1 vs Com – it’s Player vs Computer mod game in which you will Fight with an opponent who is controlled by the CPU, you can also set the difficulty level of CPU.
  • P1 vs P2 – Now let’s talk about the most entertaining Game mod Option of this Naruto vs One Piece Mugen game. In this option you will play with another player instead of an CPU. You can fight with your friends, it needs simple WIFI / hotspot Connection and you are good to go. No need of any Data Connection, just an offline Wifi connection is enough to work.
  • Team – This mode allows you to select more than 1 Character at once, and there will be the same amount of opponents too. It’s not that you select 3 Characters and enemy is just 1 and alone, you have to fight and win over the same number of enemies. it’s more fun to play Team Battle mod.
  • Team vs – again a Multiplayer mod and this one is literally even more time killer than P1 vs P2 Option. Now in this option you and your friend can choose up to 3 Characters to fight with each other.
  • Survival – this one is the best one when you are skilled at fighting and just 1 opponent is too low for you and too easy to win the game. In Survival mod, there are unlimited number of opponents to defeat.
  • Training – For beginners, new Players and for Noobs, here is training mod in which you can learn all the skills and combos.
  • Com vs Com – for those who wants to explore and see everything whatever a Character can do. In com vs Com, Characters fight with each other without your controlling them, and they fight with Cpu Intelligence and they use their all skills during fights, so you can see their whole skills and combos.

Game Features

  • 100+ Characters – this game contains more than 120 CHARACTERS from Naruto and one Piece such as Sasuke all forms, Naruto, Biju all forms, monkey D luffy 4th gear and all other Transformations.
  • All Characters Unlocked – This game has all the Characters Unlocked already. Unlike many games in which you need to complete stories and collect coins to unlock all other features, here in this mod, Nothin is required, everything is already available to you to enjoy.
  • Gameplay – Each Character can Perform 3 special attacks and every character has 4-5 combo moves including hard and soft all type of combo Attacks.

How to Download Naruto vs One Piece Mugen apk

  • Click on Download link below
  • Follow the instructions
  • DOWNLOAD and start Play


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