New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Apk Download

New Dragon Ball Legends Mugen Apk Download

Hello Friends, Today I am introducing a new Mugen Dragon Ball legends which can be run on any Android device very easily. This a try to make Dragon Ball legends in Mugen style and it’s a very well developed game with 4 Cards and health bars as appears on original Dragon Ball legends. You will surely enjoy this game a lot as it contains very amazing and dramatic Ultimate attacks for all Characters. So just keep the article to know all about this game and Download Link is given at the end of this post.

Dragon Ball Z Legends MUGEN Apk

Dragon ball legends Mugen Apk

This is a 2D fighting game with Long screen Gameplay just Like DB legends. The game is Offline with 8 Characters, each character can perform two special attacks, the 1st attack can be perform while having half of ki but the second attack is an ultimate move that costs whole of ki.

Game Modes

  • Story Mod – Story mod is locked for now. You can’t play it, on the next update it would get Unlocked with lots of new stages and Characters too.
  • 1 vs 1 – This option is unlocked with Total 8 Dragon Ball Characters. You can choose one Fighter and one opponent and simply begin the battle. This is a free battle mod of this game.
  • Training – although there is no too many combos within the game but training mod helps to check out all Ultimate and special attacks of all Characters with ease.
  • Multiple Homepage – as you may know that the original DB legends has multiple Homepages, every single time whenever you enter, the interface changes. So just like this, this game also has multiple interface that keeps changes on each entry.

So these are the three game modes available for now.

Dragon Ball legends Characters

Dragon ball legends mugen Characters
Dragon Ball legends Mugen Apk
  • Broly – This game has Broly of Dragon ball Super with his all transformations. Broly base uses Mouth beam attack as his special and Giga Meteor Attack as his ultimate move. The entry of Broly Super Saiyan is the same as original anime. Broly Ssj uses Mouth beam and dramatic combos as his special attacks. You can Transform from Ssj to Legendary super Saiyan. LSSJ Broly uses highly over powered beam attacks.
  • Gogeta – this game has Gogeta of Dragon ball Super. This mod has no base form of Gogeta means you will have directly the super Saiyan blue form that perform Kamehameha and hands explosion attack which was used on broly in the DBS movie.
  • Goku – Goku uses Super spirit bomb as his ultimate and Kamehameha as his special move. Goku also have super Saiyan form but you cannot transform from base to Ssj, you have to choose it directly.
  • Vegeta – Vegeta has Base and Super Saiyan Transformations. He uses final flash and Galick Gun attack as his super and ultimate moves.
  • Frieza – Frieza uses Death beam and energy Ball attack as his Attacks.
DB legends Gogeta attacks
Name Dragon ball Legends Mugen
File TypeAPK
Need Version4.0 and up


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