Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK (Free Items) 0.1.1

Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK (Free Items) 0.1.1
NameNinja Hands 2
DeveloperYso Corp
Size40 Mb
MOD InfoFree Items/No Ads/ unlimited everything
Requires Android5.0+
Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK

As a fun arcade action game, Ninja Hands 2 for Android is a great choice. This French Yso Corp. time traveller murderer has only lately emerged. The game has great weaponless long-range combat features. Just by looking at the title, you can tell that you’ll be able to use your hands to conduct a variety of passes, such as a knife barrage, fireball, or mini-tornado. The protagonist’s mission is to rescue the hostages from the villains. Since the hands are all that are visible in the first-person perspective, the main character is unavailable. The location of the character’s fingers determines the effectiveness of every strike.

Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK Description

Ninja Hands 2

Get the Ninja Hands 2 modded Android application to disable the in-app purchases and the 30-second commercial breaks. Each stage is quickly completed. Furthermore, it does not take a long time to finish. In some cases, the most valuable rewards can be obtained by simply tapping on the screen. The 30 second commercial breaks between levels are a major time sink. We’re able to provide ad-free access to the game. In addition, our system can be used to earn free incentives, despite the presence of ads, without having to watch any.

Game Features

Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK latest version

Find out what developers did to modify the project later on.

Extremely fun levels

In order to advance to the next level in Ninja Hands 2, you must eliminate all adversaries from the current level. Numerous tools for dealing damage to foes appear at the game’s bottom. The locations have a simple design, with only the main characters and items painted in detail. Combat occurs atop skyscrapers in a specific city, as well as on the wooden platforms, tunnels, and platforms of a hamlet built on the surface of the water.

Make use of a variety of skills

Ninja Hands 2 Mod Download

By using the materials in a specific sequence, you can unleash new powers. You can launch massive fireballs, bolts of lightning, and projectiles from the tips of your fingers. Threaten with swarms of crabs, freeze and slice with lasers, and stab from above with tiny spears. In Ninja Hands 2, you can utilise meteors, transform foes into penguins and goslings, and even shrink hostile warriors to a more manageable size. Pets, a fighting dog, a guarding sheep, etc., are examples of useful additions.

Feel free to utilise the space

When plotting your revenge against your foes, it’s important to think about what features of the map could either help or impede your efforts. A variety of dynamite boxes and explosives barrels can be of use. An explosion will occur if any spell touches this object, and it will most certainly harm your opponents. There are also several large and sturdy containers, fences, and shelters that cannot be broken. Your foes may be able to escape the spell’s effects if they are concealed by such objects in the environment.

Skills and Attacks

It’s important to keep in mind that certain skills have a pinpoint attack, while others excel at dealing area damage. Some areas can aid in the defeat of foes. This refers to numerous fuel barrels that will harmlessly explode upon impact.It is common to have to deal with ledges and the tops of buildings, both of which are ideal for casting spells at your adversaries from a safe distance. Due to the presence of the adorable girl throughout the levels, you must take extra caution when engaging in battle. The truth is that this girl is especially vulnerable to spells’ harmful effects. It is possible that you will not always know the proper hand gestures to cast the desired spell.


The evaluated work will wow you with its extensive single-player campaign and wide range of playable characters’ skills. There are a number of checkpoints and stages within each level. Each level has its own mini-battle, against either a single foe or a small army. Only your powers, of which there are a staggering number, can help you defeat your foes.

In Ninja Hands 2, a series of four motions will appear before the talent is used. Further, you need select only three of them. You won’t be told whatever skill you’re utilising until after you complete the passage, increasing the challenge. You won’t know what skill you’re developing until the later levels.

Download Ninja Hands 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Ninja Hands 2 has a distinct visual style, and the game’s high-quality visuals, maps, and characters have attracted a large number of action fans. However, when compared to classic action games, Ninja Hands 2 mod apk Unlimited Money 0.1.1 uses a more advanced virtual engine and features significant improvements. Gameplay on screen has been vastly enhanced thanks to technological advancements. By staying true to the action genre’s roots even as they modernise the experience, Ninja Hands 2 0.1.1 ensures that fans of the genre can take pleasure in the game to the fullest.


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