NU Carnival iOS iPhone APK & Android Download

NU Carnival iOS iPhone APK & Android Download

Interested in a combat-heavy RPG on Android and iOS? In NU Carnival Apk iOS, you’ll find the perfect mix of combat and witty tale for players. In this game, there are countless ways in which players may find themselves enthralled. For RPG aficionados, this is a must-have.

NU Carnival Mod apk

The plot twists and turns keep the reader interested and engrossed. Gamers will be able to fully immerse themselves in the plot. The storey will be summarised in a high-quality video. The tale will be easy for the gamers to get involved in. Getting started in the game is only the beginning.

About NU Carnival iOS & Android

NU Carnival iOS and Android Apk is an Android/iOS RPG Game. Many new features will be available to gamers as a result of it. The plot is the best aspect of the gaming, as stated at the outset. Anime characters will be included in this game to keep gamers on their toes.

Fans of anime and role-playing games alike will delight in this exhibit. More than five characters can be found here. A variety of powers and skills will be brought to the table by each player character. In addition, each character will have a unique backstory. This gameplay will make everything very obvious.

NU Carnival Android takes place in a world where evil is still a part of the landscape. There are likely to be a lot of confrontations with the demons. We, as gamers, are tasked with battling these nefarious powers. Combat in this game is based on turn-based strategy. As a result, you must take advantage of any opportunity to use your finest strike.

Unlock Chapters and characters

You’ll be able to unlock a number of more chapters from here. There will only be two Anime characters available to utilise at first. Players must progress through the game’s storyline to unlock all of the characters. You can expect a different difficulty in each new chapter. New characters will be able to take on more difficult challenges.

Conversations between the characters will be the most entertaining aspect of the game. The topics of discussion are virtually limitless. The characters’ speech is funny and clever. There is no doubt that gamers will enjoy themselves to the fullest. What you do will lead to a variety of different talks.

NU Carnival iOS Graphics

This game’s graphics are just stunning. If you enjoy playing, you won’t get tired of it. This game’s colour palette and other visual elements are just stunning. For managing visuals, you can access the settings tab and find options. Everything keeps getting better with each new update!

More Interesting things in NU Carnival APK

NU Carnival APK

In addition, players have the option of creating a clan in the game. Players must obtain the NU Carnival Codes in order to begin establishing their clan. With this code, users may simply interact with each other and form friendships in the game.

In this game, there will be a variety of tasks to complete. You can also purchase various in-game things through the game’s in-game store. Players must now use real-world money or in-game currency to purchase these products.

NUCarnival’s store does not have any obligatory conditions for purchasing any of its products. Anyone who chooses to purchase the products can do so.

NU Carnival Mod APK Features

NU Carnival iOS
  • The characters come to life thanks to some stunning animation of NU Carnival Mod apk. The characters have been expertly modelled and are moving in real time. In the main tab, players can select their preferred character, as well as their clothing and nudity level. Birthday gifts can be exchanged amongst players thanks to the sexy, raucous encounters. As time goes on, you’ll find yourself continually supported by your peers.
  • Two ways to get your heart racing while undressing – A five-character customizable team fighting system is used by the carnival, and players can use unique talents and type matchups to overcome their adversaries. As your buddies take more and more damage, their outfits will become more noticeable. They’ll be showing off their toned physiques soon!
  • Take a look at our fantastic Japanese voice actors – Both the eyes and ears will be delighted by the carnival. Japanese voice talents have helped us bring the characters to life. Turn on your headphones and listen to the voice of pure masculinity. You can count on us to provide you an unforgettable BL experience whether it’s an enjoyable discussion or a heartfelt sorrow.
  • Having a steamy relationship is a great way to start fresh stories – in order to gain access to more in-depth side stories, you must meet certain prerequisites. Each character has their own set of H-scenes to pick from. Whether you’re on top or bottom, you’ll be able to show off your lusty, sweaty moves with spine animation. Steaming hot action will soon be yours to enjoy right in your own home!

NU Carnival iOS Key Features

NU Carnival Android
  • It is a free download and can be played.
  • Land of Light, Land of Water, Land of Jungle, and Dead Zone are four distinct locations in a fantasy world.
  • Every character, whether fictitious or real, has a unique backstory and set of abilities.
  • Aiden, Aster, Morley, Yakumo, Edmund, Olivin, Quincy, Kuya, and Garu are all here to meet you. Vampires, succubi, werewolves, and knights are all present.
  • To be successful in battle, you’ll need to work closely with the other players.
  • A team of up to five heroes must be assembled at the conclusion of the level to take on the level’s increasingly difficult opponents, including the level’s boss.
  • In-game purchases are available as an option.
  • Earn points by logging in each day.
  • Using buddy codes, you can start a clan.
  • Interface that loads in a flash.
  • Graphics and controls of the highest quality.
  • Turn-based fighting.
  • A wide variety of interactions amongst the many characters.
  • Reaching the end of a chapter unlocks more characters.
  • In-game store for purchasing new goods.

How to Download NU Carnival APK for Android/iOS 2022

  • Click on the Download button below
  • It’s direct download link so the download will immediately start after the click
  • Let the game download
  • After that install the game on your android & iOS devices
  • Once done open the game and begin playing the NU carnival iOS and Android.


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