One Piece Mugen Apk v12 Download Latest Version

One Piece Mugen Apk v12 Download Latest Version

Hello friends, this is the first time we are here bringing a one piece Mugen apk for Android. This Mugen apk is specially developed for only one Piece Anime and the fans of Money D luffy. It’s a mod version of One piece vs Fairy tail Mugen apk. In Fairy tail vs One Piece mugen, you get to see Characters from both of the Animes and there are lot of Characters probably more than 200 in that Mugen. Unlike Fairy tail Mugen, the one Piece oriented Mugen contains only One Piece main heroes and villains Characters and their canon Original attacks.

One Piece Mugen Apk

As you can see in the above Screenshot, it’s Original a Fairy Tail vs One Piece Mugen but now this modified version of this game contains only Money D luffy, his all Transformations including 4th gear and his all enemies and friends Characters to play.

One Piece Mugen Features

The One Piece Mugen is a great anime fighting game if you’re a fan. Enjoy a plethora of new options at your disposal.

The number of games you can play on your phone is staggering these days, whether it’s an anime fighting game or anything else. If you’re a gamer, there are a plethora of fantastic titles available right now.

  • download one piece mugen apk, Action, subgenres are all readily available. You can also play a variety of anime fighting games in today’s gaming market. If you’re a fan of the anime, One Piece Mugen allows you to fight utilising characters from the show.
  • You can now enjoy this game because it has a variety of modes to choose from. There’s an Arcade mode where you may show off your abilities against pre-determined opponents.
  • Also available here are numerous One Piece characters you can utilise and battle, like as Nami, Trafalgar Law, Luffy/Shanks/Franky/Kaido/Chopper/Jimbei/Boa Hancock/Kuzan/Rob Lucci/Crocodile/Sanji/Robin. Enjoy a great fighting game right now, wherever you want. Now you may enjoy the retro-style visuals.
  • Anime characters – There are so many to choose from now days that you can play. You may play One Piece Mugen right now if you’re a fan of anime fighting games. One Piece characters can be used in this game, and you can play against them.
  • More than a dozen characters from the series are included in the list, including Nami and Sanji as well as Zoro and Bellamy. Each one has its own set of abilities that you can utilise in combat. This is a must-see for any fan of anime!
  • Gameplay options: this game now offers a slew of different ways to play. The Arcade mode is where much of the action takes place. There are a series of characters that get more difficult as you move through them.
  • Players will be pitted against well-known One Piece characters in this exciting challenge game. Then there’s the CPU vs. CPU game, in which you get to pick which characters you want to use and fight. Today, you can try out your skills in this “practise mode.” Last but not least there’s training for beginners.
  • Combos attacks — In this game, you have access to a plethora of combinations and talents. If you want to have some fun with the most amazing characters, you may download it now. It’s fun to play with the arcade graphics and easy controls.

Fighting Game That Is Fun

If you have a smartphone, there are a plethora of games that you can play at any time. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be able to find and enjoy a variety of games ranging from action to adventure to role-playing games and simulations.

One Piece Mugen Apk Game Modes

One Piece Mugen game modes
  • Arcade Mode – this is the Default and the main Mode of the game, to play the game with it’s full gameplay Features, the Arcade Mode is the best choice for it. You can select your 1 Favorite fighter and start thr battle, by winning each stages you will get to fight with more powerful and hard opponents.
  • Vs CPU – This is just 1 Round and 1 vs 1 Fight mode. You have access to select your Opponent too, and simply begin the battle. It’s more like a free battle mode of this game. In the battle no matter who wins, either you or your opponents, the round is going to be end without a Reward. Actually there is no rewards in any of its game modes since there are no Locked Characters and boosts.
  • Training – the most recommended mode for Noobs, who doesn’t know how to do even a single Punch, new gamers can learn all the complicated combos and special attacks through training mode.

One Piece Arcade Mode

Basic Arcade mode: a ladder-style game where you progress through a single component. In a never-ending stream of opponents, you’ll have to take them out one at a time. Choose a character and progress through the game’s numerous levels in this mode. You never know who you’ll face on any given stage, so be ready.


In VS mode, players face off against one other in a one-on-one battle. You can choose to fight against the computer, or even your friends. This is a great setting to test your abilities and discover what moves you have available. Choosing a character gives you the freedom to engage in any type of conflict. This game also has a Cpu Vs Cpu mode. CPU battles can be viewed through this method.

Mode of choice

Setting up your settings in option mode is what this mode is all about. The game’s difficulty can be adjusted up or down as desired. You can also change the rate at which the game moves. Using One Piece Mugen’s download option mode is quite beneficial.

Training mode

Finally, a training mode that is truly luxurious. To maximise your potential and see what skills go well together, go here. This is a good mode to start with if you’re a beginner. This unique game mode is ideal for learning the ropes for new players. So don’t forget to have a look.

Play Offline

There are many MUGEN games that can only be played when connected to the internet. Now, but are all mugen games lag-free? That’s something I’m happy to decline. This unique One piece mugen apk download is the result of that. Features lag-free gameplay and a guarantee that there will be no shuttering or other issues. It’s possible to play without lag in this custom apk for mugen. Your IOS or Android device is all you need to get started playing.


As always Mugens are the best when it comes to 2D Fighting head to head battle gameplays. The massive aura and energy that surrounds the stadium is just awesome. Each Character can play 3 different combos and 3 amazing special attacks. Controls are very Simple, just 1 needs click for any special and Ultimate Attacks.

You are free to browse the best games currently available, as there are many. Today, you can play fighting games like One Piece Mugen on your phone. This is an intriguing game, particularly for anime fans.

You’ll be able to enjoy the One Piece world in this fighting game because you can play in multiple modes. You can fight against pre-selected opponents in the Arcade mode.

Jimbei, Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Enel, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, Kaido, Kuzan, Franky, Chopper, and a slew of other characters can be found here.

You can also participate in the V.S. CPU mode, which allows you to fight against any opponent. Then there’s the Training, where you can hone your skills and movements. Right now, you can perform a variety of incredible moves.

Character list

One Piece Characters

The game contains total 28 Characters from one Piece, it includes only main Heroes, Transformations and villains only.

  • Monkey D. Luffy, Luffy,
  • 4 Gear Transformation
  • Nami
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law
  • Boa Hancock
  • Kuzan
  • Shanks
  • Franky
  • Silvers Rayleigh
  • Tony Tony Chopper
  • Kaido
  • Nico Robin
  • Roronoa Zoro
  • Vinsmoke Sanji
  • Buggy the Clown
  • Bellamy
  • Sir Crocodile
  • Enel
  • Borsalino Kizaur
  • Rob Lucci
  • Edward Newgate Whitbread
  • Portgas D. Ace
  • Jimbei

How to Download One Piece Mugen Apk for Android

  • Click on the Download Button Below to download one piece Mugen apk for android
  • Now you will land on a Link encryption page where you have to wait for a few Seconds
  • Then click on click here to get link Button
  • Now wait for 15 seconds to successfully access the link of MediaFire,
  • Now you can begin the Download
  • The game size is just near 100 MB so you can download it easily with any Downloader.
  • And make sure there is 500 MB free space on your Mobile to install it successfully.
NameOne Piece Mugen Apk
Mod ByZinnat Gaming
GenreFighting Game
Android5.1 +
ProcessorOcta-Core, 600+ snapdragon

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Final words

So guys, if you are facing any problem regarding download link and installing, then do not hesitate to comment down your trouble below. I will be happy to help you out as soon as possible. For more Mugen games check out my website’s category Mugen apk android. There you can find so many Mugens of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto to play on android.

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