Pes 2022 APK+OBB Download for Android Mobile

Pes 2022 APK+OBB Download for Android Mobile

Hello Friends, today Download Pes 2022 APK obb data for Android mobile and play Pes 2022 APK offline on your Android device. It’s a mod APK of pro evolution soccer 2022 offline game with all new features and players, so keep reading the post to know all about this game.

Pes 2022 apk
pes 2022 APK

Try the pes 2022 apk game for players who enjoy football if they’re bored. There’s no doubt that this PES 2022 game has a lot of new features that you won’t find in its predecessors.The gameplay of the pes 2022 mobile apk game is similar to that of FIFA, except FIFA has more game modes and leagues available than pes. This is not to say that the game isn’t popular; it has over 500 million downloads on Google Play. You can learn a lot about the football game in this post, including how to play, what modes there are, who the players are, and more.

Pes 2022 APK obb offline gameplay

About Pes 2022 APK

Pes Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (pes 2022 apk) is similar game like FTS 2022, FIFA 22 and DLS 2022 football soccer games and it’s a mod pes 2022 apk.

It has official PES background with latest player kits, real faces, full transfers, stadiums up to date and complete management mode. And it’s actually a mod of FTS 22 Mod PES 2022 Apk Obb Data for Android. The game FTS Mod PES 2022 is a First Touch Soccer game which comes with Pro Evolution Soccer logos and supports most Android devices. The latest FTS 2022 Mod PES 22 Apk Obb data players offer very high performance, which can be easily managed without problems.

Pes 2022 APK Obb Download Features

Pes 2022 apk Obb download Features the following things:-

  • Updates on players for 2021 and 2022.
  • Unlimited Money and GP coins are available for purchase at this time.
  • graphics with a high resolution
  • Unreal engine is a game engine.
  • Stats for the match
  • New splash screen and new cover are included in this update.
  • The latest team kits are now available for purchase.
  • There are new types of football.
  • Replays
  • More than 8,000 players have obtained a licence.
  • Scoreboard and radar on screen
  • the UEFA Champions League at Real Madrid
  • There are several tournaments to choose from.
  • Diverse ways to play
  • Saving of game data

New Players

Of primary importance is the ability to play against real-life opponents in this pes 2022 apk. There are almost 8000 licenced players in this PES 2022 mobile game, and the user gets the opportunity to play with them. In addition, users have the option of putting together a team of their own to compete against other players. There are several similarities between the new players and the original ones. The following is a list of notable participants.

  • Ronaldo, Neymar, Owen Hargreaves, Mario, and a host of other superstars.
  • They include Mason Greenwood and Erling Haaland in addition to Bukayo Saka, Manson Mount (as well as many others), and Reece James (among others).
  • More than a few of the greatest players in the history of the game have been a part of the Kahn family.

Manager Mode

You can also establish your own virtual football club through manager Mode, drive your club to the top and participate in several prominent Leagues, win your club, unlimited money or coins can assist you purchase players from other clubs throughout.

The new FTS Mod PES 2022 Apk Obb has popular football teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Newcastle. These teams are all available in popular Leagues like La Liga, Premier League, Spanish League, and more others.

Pes 22 Mobile Gameplay

The gameplay has improved appreciably. Even though gameplay in PES 2021 is incredible, PES22 offers far more enjoyable graphics. Players display most of their true life qualities, such as running styles, goals and sometimes even shooting strategies.

PLAYERS Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 has both new players and retired legends and is distinguished by other soccer games. In this game there are more than 8000 licenced players. The game includes young players such as Bukayo Saka, Mason Greenwood, Manson Mount, Erling Haaland, Reec James, Phil Folden, and legendary players such as Beckham, Zico, Romero, Cruyff, Nedved, Maldini.

The Pes 22 Apk mod gives you cheats, tricks and unlocked players as the modded version of the regular game. Conquer your opponents with interesting Pes 22 hacks. Score more goals, play better defence, lose less or no goals, and conquer as many games as possible. Demonstrate to your competitors that you are superior to them.

Playing offline and online

Pes 2022 iphone & Android is an offline game is a unique gameplay that you won’t find in any other football simulation games. There are many similarities between all PES games in terms of gameplay, rules & regulations, camera placements, controls, and many more. The most important thing for gamers is to build their dream team, which they will employ to beat other players. It was decided that the player who scored the most goals in the football game would win.

Talented players

but you’ll have to build your own. Your team’s performance will be enhanced if you can devise and implement a variety of unique strategies on the field.

There are eleven players on a PES team, as well as a number of reserve players. As a player, you’ll be able to choose from any of the world’s most renowned football clubs, and you’ll then be able to acquire several powerful, well-rounded players.

As in a genuine football game, players must control a team of eleven players and not only perform simple plays and press simple buttons in order to progress.

a slew of other well-known names from tournaments, award levels, and beyond After then, it’s up to you to make sure these players are prepared to perform at their peak levels on the field.

Sliding, kicking, dribbling and more are just some of the football talents that players need to demonstrate in order to both defend and score goals during the game.

Graphics, mode, and construction

Each player on the team has a different set of skills and can fulfil two different roles. Defeating an opponent necessitates devising one’s own plan. There are millions of football players to choose from in the realistic 3D graphics.

All of these options are available to players who want to improve their skills in a variety of ways.

Pes 22 download for Android Game Modes And Leagues

Pes 22 download for Android Game modes can be used when downloading the new FTS Mod PES 2022 game. Just make sure you choose a football team with good player ratings, such as tournaments, fast matches, start a player match and manager mode. The ability to change the level of the game difficulty is also available in the new Pes 2022 mod APK FTS mod.

And over 20 leagues with a new 12 leagues are available here. Naturally, the most popular ones, like Japanese League, Chinese League and other American Leagues, are the Premier League, Spain League, Italian League, the German League, the French League and the Portuguese League.

Latest Transfers

The transfers of full players are updated to Latest in the game, which means that all players have been transferred to existing clubs, as in the real world of football. You’re able to customise your players in the game by uploading FTS kits into the soccer game in the latest season.

Easy Controls

Game controls work well and are highly responsive when touched on the screen, so it is not difficult to control players.

Everyday Occurrences

Playing against the AI in this Event mode is a great way for users to test their abilities and earn game currency. There are a variety of challenges you can take on, including the Superstar challenge and the national team challenge. These challenges allow you to win interesting rewards, such as scoring one, two, or three goals against a specific team, when you complete the challenges.

Play with Others in Multiplayer Mode

In this mode, players can take part in cooperative gaming sessions with those they know. It has enhanced the level of interest in this football simulation game among the participants. The ability to personalise everything about a player’s experience is also available. By participating in auctions or outright purchasing players from stores, even they have the opportunity to get their players. They can also challenge other players to a game of football.

Campaign Mode

Pes 2022 iOS game features a campaign mode that you may enjoy. In order to improve their player’s talent, gamers can compete against AI or computers. You can even take on the roles of both a player and a manager.

Improved Competencies

Helps gamers learn how to play football in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. Practising your football skills in this mode will help you win over other players in the game.

In the Efootball mode

The game’s pes 2022 mod apk offers another another intriguing and exhilarating mode to try out. Participants in the open challenge and more in-game currency can be earned by competing with other players from across the world in this mode. Matchday, standard, and event matches are all included in the tournament.

How to Download pes 2022 apk + data obb offline

You can easily download pes 2022 apk + data obb offline, just carefully follow the instructions mentioned below.

FTS Mod PES football game installation instructions are provided below to ensure that the game runs smoothly on your device. You must have already downloaded the Apk Obb Data files from the links provided in the previous section.

  • Using the Zarchiver Pro software application to extract Pes 2022 mod APK obb file in which you get unlimited money.
  • Find the Obb eFootball PES 2022 Rar file and tap it.
  • In the options menu that appears, select “Extract”.
  • You’ll find it in the phone’s memory.
  • Select the Android folder.
  • Select the Obb folder.
  • Select “extract” from the drop-down menu (which looks like an arrow pointing downwards). 100 percent extraction of the Obb file will complete the process.
  • Then, install and open the football PES 2022 Apk that you downloaded and begin the playing the game and enjoy.
CategoryFootball, Soccer
SizeUnder 300Mb
Game TypeMOD
Minimum OS RequirementsAndroid 5.1 and above


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