Physics Wallah Mod APK Premium Latest Version 2023 Download [Free Subscription]

Physics Wallah Mod APK Premium latest version 2023 is available for download in this article. Downloading the premium version with free subscription and all of its features is simple. This latest version of the app Contains all the features from the physics wallah mod apk old version.

Physics wallah mod apk 2022

Education is a necessity of our day. Every student and every child should have access to a high quality education. We used to employ tutors and enrol our children in various coaching institutes at one point in time. Now that every youngster has a smartphone, the demand for this type of tutoring is decreasing, and online learning methods are emerging to fill the void. In addition to the Physics Wallah Mod Apk, there is also an online learning software. Premium and unrestricted versions are available.

Physics Wallah Mod APK 2022 Description

The Physics Wallah mod apk premium 2022 is the latest modified version of the original physics Wallah education app.

The Play Store classifies Physics Wallah as a “Educational” app. It boasts more than a million Indian users, but it is accessible to anyone in the world. The modified version, Physics Wallah Mod APK, offers premium features for free.

Alakh Pandey, a passionate teacher of physics, created the software. The easiest way to prepare for the 12th grade IIT JEE and NEET exams is with this software. Live classes, video lectures, and lecture-by-lecture notes from India’s best professors are all options for physics education. It also includes practise tests and topic-specific tasks to help you prepare.

Who should use this app?

Live classroom
Test series

Students who are serious about studying and preparing for their board examinations will benefit greatly from this software. As a result of this participatory method, students are able to take live classes from their lecturers. The Physics Wallah Mod Apk also has recorded lectures if you miss any of the live seminars.

Why use Physics wallah?

Physics wallah mod apk free subscription

As education has become increasingly vital in today’s society, various educational platforms have emerged to help students gain knowledge, and Physics Wallah is one of them. The Physics Wallah Platform is the best option for students who are eager to study.

Physics wallah mod apk premium latest version

This is due to the fact that the Physics Wallah application offers a variety of learning options, including online video lectures, live classrooms, handwritten notes in PDF format, and quizzes, tests, and assignments. Students can also purchase a book written by the Physics Wallah Team from the book department. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math are among the most essential textbooks for students.

Best teachers

All students must download the Physics Wallah Application in order to access all Tutorials and Notes. On the Google Play Store, you may get this app. With this software we may view all the internet videos and buy books that are available for purchase. There will be a large number of tutorials, both paid and free, available in the Physics Wallah Application. So that students can now read and complete their studies in the Physics Wallah Application more quickly and efficiently.

The Physics Wallah platform has the potential to reach over one million active users, and there will be a slew of positive evaluations about the Physics Wallah Application. Another common reason to utilise Physics Wallah is because of its simplicity and ease-of-use. Many students are drawn to the Physics Wallah application because of the variety of study options available.

Physics Wallah Mod APK Premium (Free Subscription) Features

  • Become a member of a thriving learning community
  • All premium features are unlocked in physics Wallah mod apk
  • Performance improvements and bug fixed
  • Free subscription
  • Scheduled lectures by India’s best professors can be viewed online.
  • Academically-focused tests to help you prepare for the exam.
  • A weekly test is an effective way to sharpen problem-solving abilities.
  • Use the announcements area to stay on top of the latest news regarding your group.
  • The premium features of Physics Wallah are available to all users for free.

Streaming Lectures

YouTube is a great place to learn new things. This software, on the other hand, gives a unique opportunity for students to learn about teachers’ lives in person. In order to take the live lectures, you must first sign up for a free course.

Various Topics

If the name of the application is anything to go by, it implies that the application is just for physics education. Even though you can learn a variety of disciplines on this platform, this is not the case. Every one of your challenging classes, such as biology and mathematics, can be found right here.

Different Subjects are taught by Different Instructors

Another great feature of this programme is the ability to pick your tutors from a diverse pool of professionals. As long as you like the teacher and his or her method of teaching you can benefit from his or her knowledge and experience.


Notes from a variety of instructors can also be found here. These notes can either be typed in or downloaded as a PDF for easier reading and comprehension by students and teachers alike.

Quizzes and assignments

Tasks and assignments related to specific topics are also given to you by your lecturers. If you’re having trouble grasping the material, this is a wonderful method to break it down for yourself.

In addition to the tasks and projects, you can also take a variety of quizzes. Taking advantage of this will help you learn more and better prepare for tests.

User Reviews & Rating

My rating is 5 stars because of its excellent education and teacher-student relationship. The app’s user interface is also rather decent, although I had some issues when trying to watch a movie (720p, 2x). For a while, the video continues to play and then begins to buffer. It’s fine for me to use a broadband, because my connection works perfectly. As a matter of urgency, please address this problem. You can save time by returning to your phone’s home screen and then returning to the app when your video begins streaming.

Uday Singh

Everything is fine in terms of the material, the teaching style, and the interactions between students and teachers. The programme is far superior, and the notes accompanying it are also really effective. Students with limited mobile data plans may appreciate the ability to adjust the video quality during live classes, which the team should attempt to implement.

Prabhat Prakash

With the best professors and a great app… When it comes to preparing for the NEET exam, don’t fall prey to apps that claim to make learning fun and easy through animation. This app is dependable, cost-effective, and dependable. In a nutshell, it has everything you need to have an easy time getting ready. It offers a wide variety of educational resources. NEET/JEE will be a breeze if you can finish all of the study resources supplied… Greetings and best wishes

Naman Mishra

Improvements which can be made

  • You can’t take screen shots, thus they should add a feature like Pw gallery where your screen shots are preserved and you can view those screenshots in the app and not on your device and also clip the lectures so that you may Clip a part of the lecture which you believe is significant. Having the ability to take screenshots would have made the software even better.
  • This platform has everything going for it. For the Interface of Lectures, I have only one recommendation that, Physics Wallah Team, increase the size of the control buttons so that we can quickly skip ahead and backward in the video and modify the video quality and lecture speed. The Interface needs to be improved. For a single action, we have to click 2-3 times.
  • Even Nevertheless, the lectures and app as a whole are quite impressive. It would be fantastic if the playback speed could be increased by 2.5-2.75x. Students like me, who are accustomed to working at a faster pace, would greatly benefit from being able to quickly review the lecture and so save a large amount of time.
  • While the app’s interface and content are excellent, I implore you to implement a dark mode as soon as possible. A lot of eye strain is caused by white light. Using the contact us form, I’ve previously expressed my displeasure with this situation numerous times. It’s a bummer, but they promise to fix it shortly.

How to Download Physics Wallah Mod APK 2022 Premium Latest Version

To get the Physics Wallah Premium app, simply follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Remove the official Physics Wallah app from your phone first.
  • Turn on “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings.
  • This game is physics-based, so you’ll want to check it out!
  • Please be patient for a few moments. The app is available for download.
  • After that, you can access the premium features by opening the app.
App NamePhysics Wallah
App Size27 MB
DeveloperAlakh Pandey
Requires Android4.4 or up


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