Hello Friends, today here I am providing Pokemon Black and white PPSSPP game zip file highly compressed for download on Android phones. You can easily play Pokemon Black and white PSP game on Android/iOS and PC devices. Previously I have talked about another amazing Pokemon game for Android and now I am back with this amazing Pokemon game for PPSSPP that you can free download on your android. So keep reading the post to know all about this game and download link is given at the end of this post.

Pokemon Black and White PPSSPP game download
Pokemon Black and white PPSSPP zip download
Pokemon Black and white PPSSPP free download

Pokemon Black and White: PSP

Pokemon Black and white or you can call it as Pokemon Black version and Pokemon white version is an RPG game released in 2010. The game was developed by Game Freak and released/Published by The Pokemon Company. All the official Pokemon games are released by the Pokemon games. It was released for Nintendo DS also called Drastic. This is the 1st installment of the game implies the first release of this Pokemon video game series which can be played on android and PPSSPP – PSP Emulator.

Story Mod

Just like most of the Pokemon games that you may have played before. The game story mod starts with a young boy who starts his journey on becoming a Pokemon champion. The young boy name is Ash. You know he is the main character of the whole Pokemon Anime series and almost every Pokemon Anime series starts with ash starting his new journey on becoming a successful Pokemon trainer.

As you go further, you fight with Gym leaders who are efficient fighters/Pokemon trainers, and we can consider them as experts. This Pokemon game Contains 156 of total Pokemon characters which is more than the the pokemons in Pokemon red and blue game. Not just Pokemons, this Pokemon game contains much more features, battling features and graphics improvements.


You can play this game on android with using the Drastic NDS Emulator PSP, the download link for both ISO and Emulator is provided below. This is a Role playing game in which you go into a long adventure with dozens of pokeballs. The Pokeballs are used for catching the wild Pokemon after you have defeated them. When the trainers means you as a Pokemon trainer meets a Gym leader and fight with a wild pokemon, the screen becomes turn-based screen. The turn based screen means when it’s your move, the screen would show your behind and same with the opponent.

Pokemon Abilities

Each Pokemon can perform 4 special moves including the 1 ultimate that every Pokemon has. Every single Pokemon is unique and their abilities can be super Speed, Super attack, special attack, healing moves, extra defensive moves and more. By completing each stage and winning the battles you accumulate points, that points can be used to upgrade the abilities of your Pokemon and also you can make them evolve into their next forms.

And you may have dozens of pokeballs but you can carry only 6 Pokemons at a time. It means that if you have total of 12 Pokemons, then you have to choose 6 among all, and ofcourse you can change the pokemons whenever you want.

Game Mods

As a young Pokemon trainer, your goal is to gather all of the badges in the Pokemon League. You may now play the very acclaimed Pokemon Black and White Version game on your computer thanks to an inbuilt emulator.

It’s now possible to catch every single Pokemon in Black and White. Like any other role-playing game, you can use it to look for a legendary Pokemon. Pokemon, unlike most other games, does not have a distinct ending. You may play it over and over with your family and friends.

Reviews about the Game Pokemon Black and White apk

In my opinion, the Pokemon Black & White game is one of the greatest games ever made, and the best Pokemon game ever. As far as graphics go, this game looks even better than Diamond and Pearl’s did. Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, and Giratina have all been faithfully recreated to their original appearances, and this is my favourite example. This is a more thrilling game because there are more new Pokemon than in prior games.

The most popular Pokemon handheld game is Black and White. After Wii Sports and Brain Age, it’s the third-highest-grossing video game of all time. Thanks to Nintendo’s $34 million original advertising purchase and decades of technology progress, Pokemon has profited from a large global market, the emergence of freemium games on mobile devices, and the demographics that favour its target audience.

This was my review of Pokemon Black and White PPSSPP. If you’re looking for a great emulator, this is it. There are no flaws or faults that ruin your gaming experience. If you want to play Pokemon, especially Pokemon Black and White, on an emulator, I’d recommend this one. This is a great way to learn about the Pokemon black & White PSP game.

How to Download Pokemon Black and White PPSSPP

To Successfully download Pokemon Black and white PSP Rom with PPSSPP gold Emulator apk, just follow the steps given below. After that you will be able to play this game on android devices.

  • Firstly Download the PPSSPP DS ( Drastic) Emulator from the link below
  • Then download the ISO zip highly compressed file only 100mb of Pokemon Black and white
  • Now extract the game with rar app
  • Then install the Emulator
  • Open it and click on the game and start play.



Is Pokemon Black and White Available for PPSSPP free?

Is it possible to download Pokemon Black and White from the link provided in this post? This Pokemon game may be installed and played on your Android device or Pssp by following these instructions.

When will a Pokemon game for the PSP be released?

You may play many games on your Psp, including Pokemon white and black which is a highly popular Pokemon game.

Which Pokemon game for Android is the best?

There are a slew of Pokemon games available for Android users. In comparison to other games, though, such as Pokemon GO and Pokemon Masters EX, the Pokemon White/Black game is the greatest.


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