Hello everyone, GBA (Game boy Advance) contains so many Pokemon games and we are listing the top 5 recommended and best Pokemon games gba roms to play on android. You can easily free download these pokemon games from any roms downloding website on the web. Just search for the name on Google and you will get the game.

5 Best Pokemon GBA Games for Android

So here begins the list.

1. Pokemon Emerald

Emerald is a connected game to the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire game versions of the Pokemon series. Generation III is still underway, and it makes use of a lot of the game assets. In addition to the two games, Emerald features a lot more things. The new features in Ruby and Sapphire are present, but the additional features found in Emerald are not to be overlooked. It is a slightly modified version of the original storey with new characters and places to explore.

2. Pokemom Glazed GBA Rom Android

Pokemon glazed gba game Android

If you’re a fan of Pokemon games, Pokemon Glazed is an awesome moded ROM you would want to play. You get to choose from five different starting Pokémon to begin your adventure, then you can capture and interact with Pokémon from six Generations of Pokémon in the game. This game includes classic content, such as Fairy Types and Mega Evolutions, alongside brand-new content. It has an interesting storey, and you can battle as many times as you want with different Gym Leaders and trainers. As this game has proved, you simply cannot go wrong with it, and that is why we chose to place it at the top of the list of best Pokemon games for the GBA.

3. Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon games for gba

Despite the name, Light Platinum is not a mod of Pokemon Platinum. You can catch and use Pokemon from the first generation (Gen I) through the fourth generation (Gen IV). It incorporates a unique storey of its own, as well as the final showdown, and that makes it sound pretty cool.

4. Pokemon Ash Grey

A Pokemon GBA game that is based on the Indigo League anime series is known as Pokemon Ash Gray. You can only use the character of Ash Ketchum, but you’re free to give him a different name. The sprites look fresh and neat. If you remember what happens in the storey, you know where to go. Several changes were made, which allowed Ash to use the Raft instead of using HM Surf for travel. The same rule applies to other HM instructors, such as changing Teleport for Fly, or Rock Climb for Climb Kit.

5. Pokemon Unbound

Despite the fact that ROM modding started several years ago, Pokemon ROM modding has not even gotten off the ground yet. More and more upgrades have been released, which have made it possible to modify ROMs in a new way. Pokemon Unbound is an ongoing game that is continually developed and improved. Unbound is at its most powerful now because of the recent update.

The unbound FireRed ROM is a complete upgrade from its original base ROM, FireRed, as it features new features, such as daily events, various mini games, and engaging puzzles. I can’t recommend this game enough. This is one of the must-play games of the year. This game is not to be excluded from your “must play” games.

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