Power Warriors 12.0 APK Download ( Direct Link ) ( New Updates )

Power Warriors 12.0 APK Download ( Direct Link ) ( New Updates )

Hello Guys, finally after a long time the new Update of Power Warriors that is 12.0 is released today, it has so much to offer the players now, it’s loaded with dozens of New characters and Features. In my opinion it’s probably one of the best Dragon Ball Z games for mobile ever, it’s even seems better than the official DBZ games on android. So let’s know all Features of this game.

Power warriors 12.0 apk

Power Warriors 12.0 Original

It’s not a mod apk as you can see I have 0 coins in the above Screenshot and although there are mod apk available for previous versions of power warriors but if you install this new version upon those old versions of Power warriors, then you will face an Error ( app not installed ). So as of now there is no mod available for power warriors 12.0.

New Challenges in Power Warriors 12.0

In this new update there is a new game mode called challenges. It has tremendous importance in unlocking the main characters. As you may know that after every release of Power warriors new versions, modders just mod it’s coins to 9999999 and the game is finished. So in reply to this work of modder’s, the developer has ended the coins system, it means that now you cannot unlock new Characters through coins. You have to play the challenges mod and only then after winning all the battles you will get new characters.

How to Unlock new characters

New updates, challenges

So this is how challenges mode looks, take a look at the above Screenshot, there are new characters locked in each stages and the numbers that you see in top left corner shows that how many battle rounds it contains. And yes it’s too hard to complete this challenge because you will be there alone to fight with three opponents. But the requirements is to win all the rounds to get your characters unlocked.

list of New characters

It contains total more than 200 characters and here is the list of New updated characters in this power warriors 12.0 version.

  • Vegeta Super saiyan 4
  • Goku super Saiyan 4
  • Gogeta Ssj4
  • Android 13
  • Trunks Ssj berserker
  • Dispo
  • Goku kaioken Blue
  • Frost
  • Kanba
  • Kanba ssj
  • Erbito
  • Moro base
  • Hit
  • Beerus
  • Vegeta Super Saiyan God
  • Frieza Updated

Game Features

  • Game Modes
  • 200+ characters ( DBZ, DBS, DBGT, DBAF, DB absolon )
  • Pixelated 2D Mugen style graphics
  • immense Fighting gameplay
  • Shop ( buy characters )

Game modes list

  • Story
  • Battle
  • Quick Battle
  • Missions

Battle sub-modes

  • Arcade
  • Challenges
  • Free battle
  • Single battle
  • Trainin
  • Cpu vs Cpu
  • Survival
  • Boss battle
NamePower Warriors 12.0 APK
File TypeAPK


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