Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download New Updates

Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download New Updates

Hello Friends, today i am going to introduce you a new amazing Dragon Ball game made by an unofficial Developer and hence the the game is also unofficial yet much addictive than the Official ones. The name of the game is Power warriors, if also though many People nowadays is Playing and Enjoying this game but if you are hearing this name for the first time then just keep reading to post to know all about it.

About Power Warriors

Power Warriors is a 2D fighting Dragon Ball Z And Super, Af anime based game made by a Developer and youtuber Ariel. It has so many versions before like 5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0 and so on, so on. So after 2-3 years of development, now we have it’s latest version 13.0 that is going to be released in 2021.

Power Warriors 13.0 Game Modes

Mission Mod – There is another alternative included the game named ” Missions ” In this mode you need to finish approx 10 manual test battles which is given by the CPU, each battle will 1 Vs 1 there may be 1 Vs 3 and 3 Vs 1 as well and as you go further by finishing battles the further battle will be more and more harder.

Story Mod – Story Mod has eleven adventures of eleven fundamental adversaries and it’s all comes individually as indicated by genuine anime.

Fight Mod – This is another choice where we can see five mods of fight.

Arcade Mod – In the arcade, there is ten groups to battles and get coins in the wake of crushing all the adversaries and in this mod the groups are consequently chosen and the battle may be 1Vs 3, 2 versus 3 and so forth So this is likewise similar to “Missions” mod.

Single Battle – This is simply to engage yourself when you have finished all the tales and missions.

Free Battle – You can make your own group and likewise you can set number of warrior which will battle for you and additionally which will end up being your rival.

Survival Mod – This is the best and one and just choice on the off chance that you need to gather currencies quicker, Survival Mod has limitless adversaries to battle with you and by executing twenty rivals you can gather 200 coins and I will disclose to you every one of the a mystery strategy to murder 50 to get atleast 600 coins and the technique is:

Simply pick Vegeta Ssj4 multiple times and start game yet pause.. you don’t have to battle with your hands and utilizing any combos whatsoever, all you need to do simply charge Ki and perform extraordinary assault in at regular intervals simply do this in each battle and you will be reached at 50 executes.

Preparing Mod- Prior to beginning any of previously mentioned mod you should play preparing mod first for set yourself up.

Power Warriors 13.0 Apk Download

Challenge mod – it’s a new Game mode added after 11.0, the new Characters are locked in this mod now, and you can’t unlock them through Coins, so you have to play this challenge and have to complete all the stages to get your Favorite characters unlocked.

Power Warriors 13.0 APK Download

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