Power Warriors 13.2 Apk Download

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk Download

Hello Everyone, here today I am sharing the latest Power Warrior 13.2 Apk with all the new Characters, attacks and all other features. Power Warriors 13.2 is the next version of 13.0 that was released a month ago and now we have 13.2 version. 14.0 is the next upcoming version of Power Warriors that will have even more new Characters, new Attacks and game modes.

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk Features

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk
  • New Battle Map – This game contains a new background, a new battle stage, A new Map in which you can see Dragon called Shenrone. This map looks very serious and it seems like A very long fight is going on here.
  • Stage number counter – in the Challenge, now you can see in which stage you are fighting. In previous versions, it was not possible to find out the Stage number but now you can see the total number of Rounds and how much you have completed and how many is remaining.
  • All Characters Unlocked – Here I am providing Power Warriors 13.2 mod apk, so you will get to see all Characters Unlocked + Unlimited Coins. So now you don’t need to fight in challenge mode to get Characters Unlocked. It may be disgusting for some players but most of the gamers wants mod apk of power Warriors. For those, who wants Original version of this game, the link is Given below for that too.

New Characters

  • Android 21 – Power Warriors 13.2 already contains all other Androids like 16, 17, 18, 19 and Dr. Zero too. So Android 21 is the new playable Character added with her Transformation.
  • Super saiyan Damaged Goku – If it was just Super saiyan Goku, then it’s Nothing new but it’s damaged super saiyan Goku. You may know, a small difference in the name can make big difference in the power of the Transformations. Damaged ssj Goku performs a very Powerful Kamehameha ha attack as you can see in the screenshots.
  • Android 13 – Android 13 also a new playable character in this version with his all forms and Original anime attacks.
  • Beerus – although Beerus was already available since version 11.0 but now in 13.2, we have a new model of Beerus locked in Challenge mode. The speciality of this Beerus is that it has all new attacks and a new type of Firing blast.

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So guys, here I am providing the download link for Power Warriors 13.2 mod apk and Original apk that Is finally been released by the developer. Now we are waiting for the next power Warriors 14.0 to be developed and released.


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