Power Warriors 13.5 apk Download

Power Warriors 13.5 apk Download

Hello everyone, the latest Power Warriors 13.5 apk is here. Today you can download the new power Warriors 13.5 mod apk with unlimited coins and all Characters Unlocked. The mod is modified version of the original, in which you get almost everything unlocked. So you don’t have to complete the challenge mode and all that.

Power Warriors 13.5 apk

Power Warriors 13.5 Mod apk

So as I said above, here we are providing you the mod apk of Power Warriors 13.5 apk. previously we have already talked about 13.2 apk and its mods. The next future versions of this game is Power Warriors 14.0, it would be cool if we play 14.0 mod with all character Unlocked. If you don’t know anything about this game then let me explain.

Why Power Warriors is an amazing Game

  • Gameplay
  • Characters
  • Graphics
  • Game modes

Gameplay – The first and the most Fundamental Feature that every game must have. No matter how cool the interface and Characters looks, if a game lacks in its gameplay Features, then it’s not Entertaining to play. The gameplay of power Warriors is very astounding. You can do the following things during a fight.

Characters – this game consist of all almost every dragon ball Character you have ever seen anywhere. Characters from all the type of anime series can be found here.

This new version is going to have a new model of Broly super. Although the game has Broly already, but creator of the game is improving it’s Features like Attacks and auras.

Graphics – Although the graphics are that much pretty good but it somewhat imitates the original mugen games of PC. The way Characters increases their power levels and how they perform their ultimate attacks looks astonishing.

Game modes

Game modes – Just like any other Official Dragon Ball Z game, this game also contains various game modes. The maine modes are only challenge mode and survival mode. Because through both, you can Unlock the Characters in this game. it’s also has story mod but that’s of no use and has no relation with the Characters Unlocking. You can play story mod just for fun.

Through Survival mode you can collect thousands of coins without much of a stretch. So that’s why I said Survival is also one of the main game options.

NamePower Warriors 13.5 Apk
File typeapk
offline Yes
Download Now Power Warriors 13.5 MediaFire Original APK

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