PPSSPP Gold Apk v1.16.6 Download Latest Version 2023

PPSSPP Gold Apk v1.16.6 Download Latest Version 2023

Are you looking for PPSSPP Gold Emulator or PSP Emulator v1.12.3 for your android Device? If yes, so be happy, here we are providing you the direct free download link to PPSSPP Gold apk latest version download for Android.

About PPSSPP Gold v1.16.6 APK

PPSSPP gold apk

The PPSSPP Gold apk 2022 or PSP Emulator was created by Henrik Rydgard. A big thanks to him for providing us a Perfect Emulator to play high graphics PSP games on Android. You can use the emulator on Android, Symbian, windows, blackberry, Android. Until now this app have over millions of downloads.

With the help of PPSSPP, you may play games and other popular roms on your Android device using downloaded ISO & CSO Rom files. When it comes to PSP emulators, you’ve come to the correct place. For Android devices, PPSSPP Emulator is a must-have tool for playing games. There are several restrictions in the original PPSSPP yet the Gold version of the app has all the premium features unlocked.

In the premium version, PPSSPP Gold Mod, you get all the extras, such the ability to resume your game at any moment, high-definition graphics, custom skins, and more. The function of resume game, as the name implies, allows you to pick up the game where you left off at any time and continue where you left off.

Why PSP gold apk is the Best Emulator for Playing Games on Android Mobiles

There are so many reasons which made the PPSSPP Gold the best gaming Emulator for Android as of 2021-2022. Like the first reason which made it popular world wide is the language support. No matter in Which Country you live, there are 36 major languages are available in the settings. From English to Spanish, every well known dialects are there to select.

You can play all of your high-resolution games on your smartphone with PPSSPP Gold, the only programme of its kind that can do so. PPSSPP Gold has all of the premium features unlocked, compared to the standard PPSSPP version. HD graphics, advanced game settings customization, premium features, and much more are all included.

When PPSSPP Gold Emulator is running, you don’t have to start a new game because you may resume any game you’ve already started. PPSSPP Gold’s audio sounds are far superior to those of the standard version. To name just a few of the fantastic features available, there is PPSSPP Gold.

  • High-definition visuals
  • High-Speed Rendering
  • There is no stuttering in the video.
  • Gaming That’s a Breeze
  • An Spectacular Show
  • Filtering, scaling, and other such techniques are available.
  • It can be used in up to 36 different languages.

There are a lot of games roms for PPSSPP Gold that you can download from Google or from this website. Aside from that, the internet is a veritable treasure trove of ROMs. You can store any of the roms on your SD card, internal storage, or any other external storage device.

Lots of Games

There are Thousands of Games ISOs are available for PSP to Download and play. Apart from the officials releases, there are more thousands of mod games are available for psp which are even better than the original. And playing mods will give you more fun and a Up to date gaming experience.

So many Modders & Mod Games

As the gaming world is growing by and by, the companies like bandai Namco are no longer releasing new games for PPSSPP. This is where The Modders are taking their place. The modders are helping Mobile users by providing them the latest versions of new games by modifying the old versions of psp games.

Smooth Game Play

The Strong reason behind the popularity of PPSSPP Gold Apk among Mobile user is its perfection. The Emulator is build so perfectly that it can work in any version of Android devices very smoothly. And you can play almost every game without having any lag. There are more Gaming Emulators are Available for Android such as GBA, PS2 and few more but nothing can compete in front of the perfection of PSP Emulator.


The best in class settings are available in psp Emulator, in case your phone lags in some games you can se Frame skipping to increase the speed of the game.

Play Multiplayer

The Emulator gives you opportunity to play Multiplayer offline and online in both ways via Ad hoc server, wifi hotspot Connection. Although playing Multiplayer on moded PSP games might be hard but on Original ISOs you can play without bugs.

Auto Dave

To store your current game session, you can use the PPSSPP Gold APK’s save gameplay capabilities, which can be found in the storage. The fact that you can pick up where you left off when you continue a game saves you from having to start from scratch.

Save Data

There are already 100% completed save data available on the web for every single PSP games. And also you can play the Game and make your own save data. PSP saves the game whenever a round or a stage is completed by you.

Advanced Settings

PPSSPP Gold gives you complete control over the PPSSPP games’ settings, allowing you to personalise them to your liking. Rendering Speed, Frames Speed, Graphics, Filtering Scale, numerous languages, and much more may all be customised to your liking.

Best PPSSPP Gold Emulator apk GAMES

Here are lists of some of the best PPSSPP gold apk Emulator games which you can enjoy.

  • God of war – God of war Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus are available, these are high HD graphics three dimensional games of GOW which you can play on PPSSPP Emulator.
  • Dragon Ball – Dragon ball Z Shin budokai and Another road is available, the most popular 2D fighting DBZ game on available. And also DBZ TTT with thousands of its mods are available to enjoy for free on PPSSPP gold.
  • Racing games – Need for speed, Ghost rider, Downhill bike, and more.
  • Fighting Games – Specially Tekken Series, Dark resurrection, the most high graphics Tekken game on PSP gold.
  • Sonic games
  • Iron man games
  • Spider man games
  • Marvel Avengers and many more.

The perfect thing is that no game needs any additional data connections and any kind of setup. All are free to download and play without any lag problems. In the era of emulation gaming, PSP Gold apk was the biggest revolution ever happened, because through this, for the first time we get to enjoy the high quality games on android and also all the other Emulators of PlayStation are being built upon the PSP’s design and functions. Like PS2 Emulator for Android has the same gameplay buttons and same design and it’s also becoming perfect with every next update.

PPSSPP gold apk 2022

The PSP Emulator doesn’t comes with games inside it because it’s not an online Emulator. PSP is an offline gaming Emulator, as a result, to play games on it, you need to download games separately. You can download PPSSPP games from website, link to games are given below.

Player Reviews

Without a doubt, this is the best PSP emulator available at the moment. Multiple Profiles for settings and/or control layouts are something I’d love to see added.* There are some games that require either a joystick or a D-pad to be on the screen, and I don’t enjoy having them both. Switching between the two would be fantastic.

After using PPSSPP for about three months, I decided to help the developers by purchasing the Gold version. The onscreen controls have a steep learning curve, but they’re worth the effort in the long run. In any case, using a controller will take care of the problem. You can easily upscale the original PSP resolution to double the quality of the game’s visuals. Most of the time, the frame rate is between 30 and 60, making the game playable. Merry Christmas to the devs who are reading this: thank you and have a happy holiday!

So far, this is the best emulation. In every way, this emulator is the best of the best. The one feature I’d want to see on notch-equipped devices is full screen mode. In the past, I had no issues running my games in full screen on my Poco F2, but that has changed with the Poco F3. To my annoyance, I was unable to find an option that would allow me to disable the emulation of those unsightly black side bars. Guys, I hope you can come up with something. Best!!!

An excellent implementation that performs exceptionally well. Galaxy Fold 2 is superior than any handheld device I’ve played on so far. There is no clumsy user experience to speak of. It’s easy to use and has a lot of options. Fast-forwarding through the tedious menus and stories is my favourite feature. Due to the key’s ease of use, I had to remap it on my Glap. The best mobile gaming experience I’ve ever had was with PPSSPP GOLD with a joypad. I’m impressed.

PPSSPP gold APK Improvements which can be made

Controls can be improved

I’m a big fan of this app. It already accomplishes so many things. But there are a few things I’d like to see added: Allows buttons to be moved beyond of the screen’s boundaries. There are workarounds for this problem, so why not add it as a feature? Another feature that would be great is the option to copy and paste controls from one game to another. When it comes to wipeout pulse, I’ve found the right arrangement, and I’d like to use it for pure as well. Thanks!

Ads should be low

This is an excellent application! My phone operates perfectly on emulation, and the nostalgic factor alone was worth the $5 I paid. As a result, advertisements began to appear while using other apps like the calculator, without my permission… It’s a fantastic app, and the $5 I paid for it was well spent. This app will remain uninstalled until I’m ready for a flight. There’s no reason to put up with the annoying advertising.

How to Download PPSSPP GOLD v1.16.6 apk Android latest version 2023

  • Firstly Free Download the PPSSPP Gold Emulator by clicking on the Download button below.
  • Now, make sure that the installation from unknown Sources are allowed on your android device.
  • To do this you need to open your mobile settings and then just search “Unknown sources” and tick it.
  • Now Install the Emulator and open it.
CostFree Download
GenreEmu Gaming

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