Do you want to Download PUBG New State Apk and OBB? So today here I am providing you the original link to download Pubg New stage Apk+Obb mr technical on your android. For iOS users, it’s available for iPhone too and you can iOS link for Pubg New State in the app store. PUBG MOBILE 2.0 : PUBG New State delivery date is declared for 2021 as per Krafton inc. With the progressing PUBG Invational for PC, we will not be astonished to see more data on a shedule delivery date soon enough.

Pubg new state apk 2022
Pubg New State apk
Pubg New State apk+Obb download
Pubg new state mobile apk

As per Previous holes recommend that pubg portable form 2.0 of the game may incorporate help for cross-stage capacity like PCs, gaming consoles and mobiles. This implies that the new form of the game may likewise be playable in India, where PUBG isn’t accessible to play. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, since 2019, the Craft 2.0 variant has been chipped away at by Crafton, which means it might actually be prepared, however there’s insufficient sureness.


Like its predecessor, PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royale game built on the same premise as PUBG New State, another masterpiece from Krafton Inc. Since “Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds” is the acronym for the game, When Krafton debuted this PUBG game at the beginning of 2018, the gaming business was completely revolutionised by it, and billions of copies of the game were downloaded.


As per PUBG Mobile : The PUBG new state apk interactivity gameplay trailer contains a lot of film in a first-individual view recommending that the organization may develop this part of the game on the first PUBG portable. There is a large group of weapons just as a lot of new gunplay. As per the Google Play Store page, Crafton is utilizing “sensible interactivity streamlined for versatile gaming” and huge loads of various weapon types and customizations.

Now in 2022, PUBG is getting a new edition called PUBG New State, which is set in 2051 and features a lot of updates and changes.

It’s no longer a game genre that many people, especially those who enjoy shooting games, are unfamiliar with. When their opponents are numerous and can arrive anywhere, it makes for intense yet equally exciting battles. PUBG is a good example of a game that falls under this category because it has a vast map. So how do you feel about the game’s context when it’s brought to a new level? To get the solution, you can’t just ignore it.

A modern Game

There is no government in PUBG: New State, although there were many wars that took place there. Despite the fact that the game takes place in 2051, many of the game’s environmental aspects still have a modern feel to them. Both the residences and the cars have undergone significant makeovers in comparison to the previous iteration. As a result, gamers will be more inclined to do so. pubg-new-state With its stunning visuals and fantastical themes, this game is a must-have for gamers.

Despite the fact that they’re all deserted, the new setting gives players the sense that the domain has been well-maintained and enhanced in some way. Drones, which exclusively occur in fantasy games, can be seen. Despite all of the advancements described above, the game’s open world is something that everyone cares about. It’s a wide, open universe where you can do whatever you want. As a result, using a car to go about quickly is occasionally necessary. In addition, you can interact with the environment and get the essential items.

Survive on the Battlefield

In addition to the above-mentioned enhancements, the game’s gameplay remains same and it is still a daring battle royale. One hundred gamers will battle it out on an enormous landscape and take each other down in a matter of seconds. First-time explorers face a steep learning curve when it comes to experiencing the landscape from above. As with RPG games, they’ll be able to get a feel for a given place without having to go on a sightseeing spree. We cannot overlook the Bluezone function of PUGB. Once you land on the map, Bluezone’s markers begin to show, which is a must for everyone. Meetings are smaller and the match can take longer when there is a vast plan but just 100 participants. So it makes reasonable to set aside a designated area for visitors.

The size of Bluezone will gradually reduce over time, depending on how many players are left. To do so, you’ll need to find the weapons and equipment you need, as well as keep travelling. You’re almost certain to run into other players along the way, who you’ll have to knock down with your pistol. You’ll be crowned the game’s Lone Survivor once you’ve defeated the other 99 players.


In PUBG: New State, stunning cars are an essential part of the game’s new setting and gameplay. However, the game’s weaponry and gear should still be of primary concern to you. At the start of the game, you’ll land on a fresh landscape, and you’ll be searching for crucial supplies like blood, armour, helmets, and weapons. In time, you’ll find more beneficial items from various surroundings, as well as defeated foes.

Shooting from long distances is possible in a shootout. You have the option of confronting them face-to-face or launching an attack from afar. Because of the vastness of the game’s setting, you have the option of hiding in plain sight or being far away from other players. Consequently, this is a difficult encounter that involves a variety of tactics from the gamer. For weapons, the player has no control over which weapons he or she gets. As a result, they’ll have to deal with a wide variety of new weaponry and equipment. Modified muzzles and silencers are two examples of aftermarket accessories that can elevate a firearm’s visual impact. You’ll be able to use a more precise weapon as a result, and don’t forget to stock up on rounds.

PUBG New State APK 2022 Features

Pubg New State apk 2022 has the following features:-

  • Cutting edge Survival: Enjoy an assortment of apparatuses and highlights, including drones, battle rolls, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Investigate monstrous 8×8 km open universes with an assortment of vehicles. Use different weapons to swing the fight in support of yourself for a more vivid fight royale experience.
  • Genuine Graphics: Graphics that outperform the norm of versatile gaming with Global Illumination innovation. The cutting edge versatile illustrations conveys the full fight royale experience straight into players’ hands.
  • Practical and Dynamic Gameplay: Enjoy reasonable gunplay upgraded for portable gaming. Expert various weapons and make every one of them your own with weapon customization.
  • Extending PUBG Universe: Set soon, a long time have passed since the first game. In 2051, political agitation rules as various groups fight one another. The opposition has advanced into another milestone including cutting edge innovation that expects survivors to embrace new strategies to endure.

Key Features

There are a number of new and improved features in this PUBG New State 2022, including the following:

  • Erangel and Sanhok will be replaced by new maps.
  • The year 2051 is depicted in the game.
  • The devices and weapons in the game are futuristic in nature.
  • Like COD mobile, new ballistic drones and shields have been added to this game.
  • In order to make the game more immersive, new graphics were implemented.
  • The character’s and weapon’s graphics and customizability.
  • In addition to the many advanced features and future automobiles, including the Tesla Roadster, this game has also introduced.

How to Download Pubg New State APK+Obb for Android/iOS 2022

  • Click on the Download button below to download pubg new state apk+Obb for Android devices
  • Install the apk file and the obb will follow on its own, you don’t need to setup the obb.
  • In case if the obb doesn’t gets setup on its own, just Simply put it on Android/Obb folder
  • Now install the apk, open it and begin playing the pubg new state apk.

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