NameRail Lands Mod APK
Size55 Mb
MOD InfoUnlimited Resources (Money and Gems)
Requires Android5.1+

Download the mod for Rail Lands if you wish to have infinite money and other items.

Rail Lands Mod APK

Rail Lands Apk Description

Rail Lands

Rail Lands, developed by the acclaimed CASUAL AZUR GAMES, is a thrilling tactical game. The core gameplay revolves around gathering wood to craft and upgrading various wooden items. Gather resources by chopping down trees in the area. The quicker you can progress, the more resources you need. The controls are simple and the game is easy to pick up and play. When you have amassed enough wood, you may turn it into steam train fuel and head off in search of the precious metal. Then open up new regions, filled with fresh challenges and useful items. As a means of passing the time, the project excels.

Rail Lands Mod APK unlimited money and gems


Getting started in Rail Lands is as easy as gathering wood to use as fuel for your train. It’s simple to construct a house in this area; just bring your firewood to the train station. Refueling the railway requires an investment of firewood, which must be converted into charcoal.

Rail Lands Mod APK unlimited everything

You need more land because there is a cap on the amount of trees that can be grown there. Naturally, this calls for funds, which players can acquire through various means, such as chopping down trees or taking a train to a gold mine. By the way, before the train leaves, you’ll play a little game that will determine how fast it will go to collect the ingots. The route is far away, therefore you should move quickly to make up for lost time. New regions become available whenever a sufficient number of ingots have been amassed.

Game Features

The game has been downloaded over a million times. If you’re curious about the programme, keep reading our review until the very end.

Unlock uncharted lands

A game in which you settle down on a remote island and set up shop. The only things you have to accomplish are some light logging, some wood selling, and some land exploration. You’ll need to sell some of your belongings and do some exploring to earn enough money to construct your first home.

Decimate forests for their basic materials, which can be traded in nearby marketplaces. Also, there will be a train that you have to outrun in order to grab the gold from. You’ll need fuel, which will be repurposed wood, to get the train going. After that, amass gold and use it to buy upgrades and unlock new areas.

Maintain forward movement

The money we make can be used not just to construct a better tool, but also to upgrade the one we already have. Increase your character’s level to gain access to previously inaccessible areas of the vast island. The deeper you make it through Rail Lands, the better the resources you’ll find.

You’ll need to employ lumberjacks to cut down trees mechanically while you sit back and enjoy the finished products. Increase wood extraction and processing by modernising sawmills and constructing and upgrading storage facilities.

Become a successful business magnate.

In Rail Lands, you play the role of a lumberjack and make crucial financial decisions regarding the expansion of the region. If you start from zero, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your company grows. Accelerate workers’ productivity by investing in their professional development. Develop a process that allows you to continuously collect funds, even while you are not actively playing.

This will increase the speed with which you reach $1 billion in wealth. Keep in mind that the train is crucial to your success, and dedicate time to improving it. Get yourself a helper who will gladly take the wheel while you go after gold. Increasing the train’s capacity will increase revenue per trip. Finally, break ground and see how much of the world you can reach.

User Interface

The UI was created so that any Android user may quickly and easily access the app. Modern apps are designed with gaming controls that are complex enough to necessitate some familiarity with technology in order to play. Therefore, the best gaming user interface is implemented so that all players can enjoy the game without the need for specialised training. Because of this, a larger demographic can enjoy the game.


In Rail Lands, the thrill comes from gathering resources and releasing new regions. In reality, the programme combines a simulator with a tactic. You can’t make any headway without careful management of your resources.

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