Resident Evil Village APK Download For Android Free

Resident Evil Village APK Download For Android Free

Hello everyone, today I am here providing the latest Resident Evil Village APK for Android with full apk+obb data? Direct download with mediafire link. Resident evil Village download for Android and run on any android device version with ease. In this site android 1 game, you get all the latest Android games for free, so stay tuned with us to get more amazing android games lile resident evil 8 apk and obb file.

Resident Evil Village APK

Resident evil has many installments before and this is the 8th installment of the last game that is resident evil 7. This game resident evil Village apk is also called as resident evil 8 apk because the previous versions is called as 7 and this is the direct sequel to the game that’s the reason it’s called resident evil 8 apk and obb. RV Village is a one of the most famous survival horror game created and released by the Capcom company.

The game is known as Biohazard and the players control Ethan winter who is main character of the game. Ethan winter is looking for his kidnapped daughter who was kidnapped by the Chris redfield in front of his eyes. He couldn’t save his daughter from Chris at that time and he lost against the Chris and goes unconscious. So when he woke up he finds himself in a village filled with strange mutant creatures.


This is a 3D three dimensional RPG role playing game officially released for PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S, Windows PC and now finally available for Android. The game was never officially released for the android but here we are providing the mod apk version of game with almost same HD graphics, the haunted gameplay, all unique abilities of the characters and the same enemies. He sound effects when the characters attacks and when the enemies get crushed is just makes it sounds more realistic. The blood effects, and the looks of characters models are high definition.

Resident evil Village apk

I supplied some gameplay images of this stunning, excellent game for gaming reasons. As you can see the visuals of the game are really excellent and quite wonderful when you compare it with other malicious releases. If we compare it to resident evil seven user interface, the user interface will be greatly modified as well. The landscape of the game is based on a vanished town in which we found our principal character ethan. Control it and pursue its objective in this harsh, lethal, misericordious and gorey environment

The scary setting makes the game more scary, and the jumpscares also shocks the players plenty. This game is offline which means you will not have to be bothered about having internet troubles. The game has numerous frightening characters, such as the new ghost woman and her sisters. Evil 8 village game residents may at times be pretty gory, so please be careful when playing it. The game is available on 1 gigabyte and 2 gb memory devices.


Resident Evil Village APK has the following main and side characters:-

  1. Ethan Winters, the lead character.
  2. Mia – Ethan’s wife.
  3. Rosemary – Ethan’s and Mia’s daughter
  4. Chris Redfield – Villain
  5. Men’s of Chris Redfield
  6. Ghost and villagers.

Game’s Story

The premise, graphics, and storyline of the horror game “Resident Evil Village 8” have made it a favourite among gamers. In order to provide 4K quality graphics, the game’s developers have made no compromises.

Ethan Winter, the protagonist of the game, is controlled by the players. Ethan Winters and his wife are in a village when the game begins. The timeline of Resident Evil: Village Android is set three years after the events of the previous instalment. It’s a happy time for Ethan Winters and his family when Chris Redfield and his henchmen show up and take over their lives. He and his infant daughter are kidnapped from a small European village where they assassinate Ethan’s wife and transport them to a foreign land.

All of the characters’ voices have a certain sharpness and fearfulness to them. Weapons, killing zombies, running away, guarding, and protecting yourself are only some of the new elements in the eighth version.

Resident Evil Village 8 Horror game?

This Resident Evil Village 8 apk download game has a spooky environment, and the game’s numerous jump scares make it even worse. Because it’s an offline game, you won’t have to be concerned if you run into internet problems or lose connectivity at any point. Residents of the wicked village in the android game Resident Evil may become obnoxious, so use caution when interacting with them.

Resident Evil 8 APK Features

  • There are three distinct 3D visuals in the Resident Evil Village APK, so you may pick the one that best suits your device.
  • You’ll only be able to play the normal mode in this Resident Evil Village Download game. Arcade, Multiplayer, and Online modes are all missing from this game.
  • One Player: It’s a beta apk, which means it’s always experimenting. The game can only be played by one person, and there is no option to play with others.
  • The Resident Evil Community Android game takes place in a village that is completely open. Just like any other video game, you can roam the village freely. Any item in the village can be viewed or opened by the viewer.
  • There are a lot of weapons in this game, such firearms and knives, so that you can fight off the wicked ghosts in this game much like you would in GTA.


In terms of gameplay, Resident Evil Village APK is one of the best games out there, and it’s a lot of fun. Everything about this game is top-notch, from the visuals to the audio to the characters.Resident Evil 8 Village is a popular and must-play android game because of its storyline.

The link is available on Android devices, so you can quickly and easily download it. This game has been well-received by the public. Similar to a PlayStation or a computer, the android device’s gaming experience was just as enjoyable.As soon as you start playing, you’ll see how easy it is. If you get stuck, there is online help that can walk you through the resident evil village mobile game.


Does Resident Evil Village cost anything?

A1) The Resident Evil Village Apk can be downloaded for free from the above-mentioned hyperlink. However, neither the Google Play Store nor the Apple Store offer access to the resident evil village download Apk game. You can download the Resident Evil 8 Village apk game using the instructions above if you have any difficulties.

Resident Evil Village can be played offline?

A2) Resident Evil 8 Village apk game can be played offline. Because it lacks a multi-player option, this game is designed solely for a single player. In this method, you can’t enjoy Resident Evil Village Download Apk with your friends or family members. In order to play this Android game offline, you must download the Resident Evil Village Mobile Apk.

is it safe to play the game?

This is a scary Game, if you are mentally strong only then you should try this game otherwise you can look for more entertaining games on our website.

How to Download Resident Evil Village APK+OBB for Android

  • To download and install the game resident evil 8 Village full APK+Obb, click on the download button below
  • Both APK and obb data are attached into one Zip compressed file.
  • Now after downloading it, extract it via Zarchiever or any other app
  • Then Move the Obb file in Android>Obb folder
  • Then Simply install the apk and allow the unknown sources if asked.
  • After that just open the apk and start playing the game offline in your android.

So here is the direct MediaFire download link for resident evil 8 Village full apk+obb data downlaod for Android.

Developer NameCapcom
FilenameResident Evil Village 8 Apk
Apk File Size30.5MB
OBB Data File Size1.13GB
SeriesResident Evil
Current Version8
Required Android5.0+ and up


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