Save The Doge Mod APK No Ads & Unlimited Money/Gems

Save The Doge Mod APK No Ads & Unlimited Money/Gems
NameSave the Doge
 Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
 Last version1.0.6.2
 Size71 Mb
 MODUnlimited money, Gems, No Ads
save the doge mod apk

Do you enjoy challenging your mind with puzzles? Save the Doge Mod APK is a fun and tough puzzle game in which players must rescue a dog from a hive of furious bees. You should make a wall to keep harm away from him.

Save the Dog Mod APK 2022 Description

save the doge mod apk unlimited money and gems

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world, with over 60% of families having one. Some people think of it as man’s closest friend because of the parallels between their personalities and the dog’s. Players in “Save the Doge” must save the game’s canine protagonist from a horde of hungry bees.

Though bee stings seldom cause serious injury, they can be annoying. As a result, the dog’s face would be swelled in a very funny way.

Drawing a circle or a square around your doge is all that’s needed to secure it for the foreseeable future. Since this is a puzzle game, you have a limited number of moves and can only draw a single line.

You’ll need to make a line that’s as short as possible while still accomplishing its duty to save the dog from the bees. You’ll face more difficult stages as you work your way through the game, each with its own set of obstacles and visual flair. It’s not rocket science to figure out how addicting this simple yet challenging game can be.

Evaluation of the Game “Save the Doge”

save the doge mod apk download

As a result of their high quality as companion animals, dogs enjoy broad acclaim all around the world. However, because bee stings cause their faces to enlarge, bees are one of their most dangerous enemies. However, this is not an ideal condition for beekeepers, even if the bees are only joking about.

As the player, it is your mission in “Save the Doge” to free the dog from the bees’ nest. At its heart, the game is a collection of levels in which you must save a puppy from an onslaught of bees.

The goal of this game is to construct a barrier between the dog and the swarms of bees. The player has some freedom in deciding where to draw the line, although higher scores result in less restrictive boundaries.

It’s important to carefully consider where to draw the line, as a maximum of three stars is available. If you want to maximise the effectiveness of the line, you may, for instance, simply walk in a circle around the dog without stopping.

To control the game, simply drag your finger over the screen to make a line. Those are the primary considerations you should keep in mind while playing the game.

You need to draw lines to save the dog

save the doge mod apk 2022

The goal of Save the Dog is to use just lines to rescue a dog from a nest of bees. This is a line puzzle, and there are plenty of those around, but this one is exceptional. Keeping the dog safe from the swarm of bees that will emerge from the hive to attack it is the top priority here. On the other hand, if the line is not broken, the dog will be safe.

To the best of the game’s ability, it will deduce the shape of the line you’re drawing. It won’t stick to anything, though, so it’ll fall in accordance with the rules of actual physics. You need just hold on for another ten seconds to move on to the next level. Affirmative: Do you think you can handle this difficulty?

Arduous Obstacles

Save the doge game

Many of the stages in Save the Doge are challenging, and they get progressively more so as you progress. First, and most simply, the dog needs to be placed on a flat surface with the beehive above it. Because the dog will be protected by the ground, a simple line over its head is all that is required here.

On later stages, however, such as 11, a rope with a downward slant and spikes at the end is present. A possible answer could be found by drawing a line over the dog’s head and a second line branching off from the first.

The game’s stages can be completed in an infinite variety of ways. Keep in mind that every star you waste on wasted ink is a star you can’t get back. It’s possible to earn a maximum of three stars for your efforts in this game. You have the opportunity to replay a level in order to obtain a higher score.

There will be more beehives and more challenging terrains and obstacles to confront as the difficulty increases. Throughout the duration of the level, you will be challenged more on your cognitive abilities than on your physical stamina.

Methods of Gaining Access

If you’re having trouble saving the dog on a specific level, you can unlock some clues to help you out. You can’t get to them till you watch a short commercial, following which you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to proceed with the game.

However, the tip has some restrictions that prevent it from being used on every stage. You haven’t truly given up on the puzzle until you’ve exhausted every possible method for solving it.

Simple Controls

The game’s controls are intuitive, and the puzzles are easy to solve. The game merely requires you to be able to slide your finger around the screen in any direction to create a line. After then, things should quiet down in the queue, and you’ll have to wait to see if your efforts were successful.

The game’s 3D presentation means that the animations and effects are just as captivating as the gameplay. Now is a great time to enjoy this dynamic puzzle game.

The guidelines for playing “Save the Doge”

Because it is so simple to get started, the game Save the Doge may be picked up and played by virtually anyone in a short amount of time. Simply tapping and keeping your finger on the screen for ten seconds will put up a wall in no time.

Because the bees will arrive in a manner that is hard to foresee, you will need to give great consideration to the placement of the wall. The goal is to gain some breathing room for the Doge while the bees are diverted to another location.

In the event that you are unable to control the bees, Doge will be stung to death! This will take you back to the very beginning of the game on the very first level.

Save the Doge MOD APK No Ads Features

  • You can get an infinite amount of money and diamonds by using the Save the Doge MOD APK. This game contains all the features of the original, plus there is no limit to the quantity of money or diamonds that may be collected. Extra ink can be purchased with these funds.
  • No Ads. In addition, the Save the Doge MOD APK 2022 does not have any annoying in-app purchases or ads. It’s great that there are no annoying ads that crop up while you’re playing.
  • Fully Unlocking Every Stage You will receive this game with all levels activated and ready to play upon arrival. It is not necessary to play through the game from the beginning in order to start at any level.


The game Save the Doge is both entertaining and challenging, and it will test your ability to think on your feet and find solutions quickly. It’s perfect for individuals who want to get their gaming fix in a hurry. The game offers a great deal of satisfaction and can be played on several occasions.

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  • If I’m to presume that you had no problems installing the browser, then I strongly suggest that you take use of the premium features and have a fantastic time doing so. It is safe for me to presume that you have already installed the browser on your machine.


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