Stick Fight: Shadow Warriors The game Download

Stick Fight: Shadow Warriors The game Download

Stick fight games are getting popular day by day because of their awesome gameplay features which provides immense fighting skills and missions. Today I am introducing Stick Fight Shadow Warriors which is a very challenging game because of it’s missions and enemies.

About Stick Fight Shadow Warriors

This is a 2D stick Android game with many missions as stages. The game includes a boss namely paper man who is the master mind of this game. The paper man is the cause of all missions and enemies on every stages of this game and the aim of winning is to get a white, Yellow, red etc. champion belt. The sound effects of punches and kicks are really satisfying and initial Missions are very easy to Complete. There is no alternative game mode to play this game and the only option is to complete the missions and go further, follow the game’s instructions and so on.

Stick Fight Gameplay

Stick Fight Gameplay

Stick Fight the game

Enemies are coming from both of the sides ( left and right ), you just have to click left and right wherever you see the enemy near you. You character would perform punches and kicks instantly to kill them all. There are two types of opponents, one is very simple and one hit kill just like your character and second type of enemies are those which are killed after getting 2 hits. The second type of opponent has a bigger Textures and Green hairs with a sword and these opponents can kill you with their swords if you late to hit them before they hit you.

The whole gameplay Is based on missions, you can complete missions by multiple gameplays, it is not that you have to complete missions at once if you failed to kill 100 enemies at once then you can play again and again untill you complete 100 kills. But there are also few Missions that have to be completed by you at once. And if you failed then the level would not get further.

Stick Fight boss battle

After you have completed a mission successfully then comes the paper man, the boss of this game. To beat paper man you have to play very efficiently and perfectly, the paper man is able to dodge your 4 to 6 attacks and can kill you in just one hit. Paper man says that if you want to get the champion belt then defeat my Warriors will not let you be the champion, hence you have to defeat to me get this champion belt. The dialogues are very serious.

Additional Information

NameStick Fight Shadow Warriors
File typeAPK
Game Version1.24
Android version4.0 and up


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