Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk Download

Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk Download

Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk is a recently delivered DBZ Stick game. Truth be told it’s not even completely delivered on this date ( March, 2020 ) it’s still in the turn of events yet the creator has offered access to download connect. In spite of the fact that it is in the improvement yet it has nearly everything. I don’t discover anything which needs improvement, I played this game entire day, the story mod, competition mod and preparing mod. Everything was great. No need of progress by any stretch of the imagination. The game is not really good or bad so stunning with unique vivid assault illustrations which will fill your brain with energy. How about we know all highlights of this game. The characters looks like Stick and there are no eyes, nose and lips on the essences of the characters.

Stick Shadow Fighter - Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk
Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk

Stick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors Mod Apk Features

The game contains 4 alternatives to play the game in an alternate manner. The principal choice is story, at that point Versus, at that point Tournament and last is Training mod. Let me clarify all.

Mod apk comes with Unlimited coins through which you can Unlock all characters very easily.

Stick DBZ game story mod

The game contains 8 Sagas in Story mod and all Sagas are settled sequential savvy as indicated by the genuine Anime. The first is adventure is Freiza Saga. The engineer has avoided the Saiyan Saga as the super Saiyan Goku shows up in Freiza Saga. So in Freiza Saga, there are 18 phases to win and the eighteenth stage is a supervisor stage where you will battle with the Golden Freiza. Second adventure is Android Saga in which there are again 18 phases and the stage no. 9 and No. 18 is a manager stage where you will confront Android 17 and 18. At that point comes Cell adventure and afterward Buu, at that point Zamasu and Jiren, etc. The last adventure is God adventure where Beerus and Champa Are the chief.

Versus Mod

Versus mod is a free fight mod wherein you pick one your character and one adversary and just beginning the fight.

Competition mod

There 16 warriors in competition and you will battle with 5 characters, it implies there are 5 phases in competition mod. You can set the fight trouble mod to simple, medium, hard and crazy. Recall that on the off chance that you play the game in simple mod, at that point the you will acquire less coins and in hard mod you will gain coins quicker.

Preparing Mod

In spite of the fact that there is no key Combination combos and super assault inside the game as just by clicking a catch you can play out every unique assault and combos. Be that as it may, preparing mod causes you look at all extreme Attacks of all character with no deterrent.

About DBZ Stickman Characters

Stick man warriors gameplay

There are 60 monster Ball Z and super characters inside the game in which Goku, super Saiyan, blue and Vegeta, super Saiyan, Super Saiyan blue and Gogeta blue and Vegito blue, Jiren, Golden Frieza, Zamasu, Beerus, Champa, Black Goku, Nappa, Androids, cell, aced Ultra Instinct Goku and Vegeta, hit and so forth just as Naruto and his all changes are incorporated.

Characters Attacks

Each character has 2 super assault, initial one is unique and second is Ultimate. Extraordinary assault expends half of ki force and extreme Attacks depletes the entirety of your ki. All character can do customary Firings.

Characters, for example, Goku, Freiza and Zamasu performs vitality Ball assault. Goku performs soul bomb assault and ordinary Kamehameha ha in his base structure. Super Saiyan structure plays super Kamehameha ha. Spiritualist Gohan performs sensational Combo Attacks as his extraordinary and ultimates. Naruto plays out his own unique anime assaults. Vegeta discharge Galick firearm and huge explosion assault.

Open Characters

Opening characters is somewhat hard arrangement for this game. Despite the fact that it’s not very hard in light of the fact that a few characters can without much of a stretch be opened by Free Spin. Turn is a highlights inside the game by which you can open aced Ultra Instinct Vegeta without any problem. You need to utilize spinner in any event multiple times to open MUI Vegeta.

The vast majority of the pursuit can be opened by the coins and some of them opened by The precious stone and scarcely any requirements buy. Just scarcely any necessities buy in any case all character can be opened through watching promotions, gathering jewels and coins.

Instructions to Collect Coins

Play Story mod – It’s the principal way and prescribed in the event that you need to procure coins quicker at the earliest opportunity. By playing story mod you will gain both ( Diamonds and coins ) in the event that you happen to win the stages.

Play competition – If you play the competition mod at simple mod then you will get just 500 yet on the off chance that you ready to win the whole competition on hard level, at that point you can acquire 2400 coins on the double.

Gameplay Features

  • Quick Flying
  • Typical Flying
  • Firings
  • Unique assault
  • Extreme attacks
  • Ki charging
  • Guard
  • Combos
  • Beam Struggle
  • Transformation

So these all strategies you can do during the fight.

Kind – Fighting

NameStick Shadow Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors
Game Version1.0
in app PurchaseYes
File Type APK


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