Hello Friends Today finally a new dragon ball game has been released namely Super Fighters the Legend of Shenron apk. This game is also called as Super fighters for Android apk that is a new DBZ and Dbs game for Android. So today here we have provided direct download link of Super Fighters apk Obb Data highly compressed which can be played on almost all versions of Android phones.

Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron Apk
Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron Apk For Android

Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron apk

Super Fighters the Legend of Shenron is the latest Dragon ball game of 2021 released for Android phones. As you all are aware that nowadays most of the dragon ball games are being released for PS4/PC and Xbox so it’s really a good news when finally a game is released for Android mobiles. I hope soon the game would be available to iOS iPhone too. Many people are searching for the super Fighters the Legend of Shenron mod apk too so here it is with the highly compressed zip file in 600Mb

Game Features

  • 2D gameplay – this is a head to head 2D fighting game for Android. It’s a two dimensional game implies that you can move only up down and right left. You know there are many 3D dragon ball z games are also available which you can find in this website. Just search above on the search bar for the dragon ball z games for Android.
  • Smooth gameplay – Unlike many high graphics games, this game doesn’t requires much from an Android phone. It can be run smoothly in any version of Android device above 1GB ram.
  • Characters – it contains almost every main Dragon ball Z and dragon Ball super characters with all of their new Transformations and unique attacks. Attack such as Kamehameha ha, final flash, high punch combos, auras, and everything that you want to see in a dragon ball game is available here.
  • Upgrade your character – you can increase the amount of efforts your fighter can show in a battle. You can increase his Powers, health, Defensive mode and many other crucial Fighting levels.


This is more like a Dragon Ball FighterZ game version for Android because the gameplay is exactly like you are playing the original Dragon ball FighterZ. The graphics are almost same and while attacking a special or ultimate move you can see fighterZ cut scenes between the attacks. This is a team battle game, you will have a team of 4 Character or 5 characters and the opponent too will have the same amount of characters on his side.

All the major characters like Jiren, Goku blue, Golden Frieza, Kakarot, Gohan, Toppo God of destruction, Android 17 & 18, Vegeta blue and base form. And many other main villains and heroes Transformations.

Game Size

Here we are providing the direct download link with highly compressed size of Super Fighters the Legend of Shenron game for Android. The Original game size is more than 825Mb that is really hard to download and takes too long. But now we are providing the highly compressed zip file of 600MB implies that you the time and data that 200Mb can took.

How to Download Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron apk

Downloading this game is a very easy process to follow, it’s absolutely normal as you directly download games from the Google Play store. But in case you need guidance regarding the setup of apk and obb, then follow the instructions below.

  • Firstly Download the Super Fighters The legends of Shenron APK+OBB data zip file.
  • Now extract the game using Zarchiever or Es file explorer app.
  • Now you have an APK and a OBB file
  • Just move the OBB file (com.sftlos.android) in Android/Obb folder
  • And then install the apk
  • All done, it’s an online Dragon ball Z game so make sure to have your data connection on.

If you want to download offline DBZ games, checkout more games from the related posts below. Stay tuned with Android 1 Game site to get more awesome games.

NameSuper Fighters The Legend of Shenron
DevloperMeiquan Kang
GenreAdventure, Action, Idle RPG
Online / OfflineOnline
Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron


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