Tag After School APK Download for Android/iOS Mod v5.0 Mobile

Tag After School APK Download for Android/iOS Mod v5.0 Mobile
NameTag After School
 Compatible withAndroid 6.0+
 Last versionv5.0
 Size150 Mb
 DeveloperGenius Studio Japan Inc.

Boost your judgement and reflexes with the updated gameplay in the latest version of Tag after School for Android. It’s set up to look like a classroom and has difficulties that are grounded in the real world.

Tag after school mobile

Tag After School APK Description

Tag after school

The android game Tag after School APK mobile has Shota -Kun as a playable character. The primary focus of the game is on the narrative, and the outcomes of your choices will have an effect on how the tale progresses.

Shota-kun has a lot of anxiety about participating in any extracurricular activity. It is necessary for him to go inside the deserted building in order for him to get over his fears. It is up to the player to keep him safe by advising him on how to make the most advantageous choices given the circumstances.

The action of the game takes place in a fictitious high school in Japan. The player will investigate the numerous areas of the school and carry on conversations with the numerous people who are found there.

The graphics in this game are very remarkable, and they provide an air of authenticity to the overall experience. The user interface is uncomplicated and easy to understand and utilise. However, content that is deemed to be unsuitable due to its adult nature or otherwise may be removed from the game.

Creative and Original Gameplay


Try out the enthralling Tag after School APK game on your Android device to experience what it would be like to be Shota. You will be able to empathise with his anxiety and understand the pressure he is under to make sound choices. The lightning-fast pace at which you’ll need to make decisions in this game will force you to stay on your toes.

Both the gameplay and the story are of the highest quality. The video game presents a novel outlook on what it’s like to be a high school student, one that will keep you interested right up until the very end.

When Shota-Kun finds himself on his own at school, the story officially begins. Even the strong sense of foreboding that permeates the atmosphere is perfectly captured by the scenery. Each character has a unique personality and has been developed to their greatest potential.

Show Shota-Kun the Way Through the Institutions of Higher Education


It appears that almost all of the students have left school, and the structure is currently eerily silent. Shota-Kun has no choice but to push through his anxiety in order to locate his way around the school campus. It will be up to him to navigate his way through a maze of rooms and corridors, and the choices he makes along the way will define the course of his future.

It’s possible that he’ll put his faith in the player to steer him toward wise choices and prevent him from getting lost or into trouble. If you want to make any progress in this game, you’ll need every ounce of intelligence you can muster.

As you go, the challenges will become increasingly challenging, and as a result, you will need to give careful consideration to the choices you make along the way. If you make the wrong decision, it could lead to devastating consequences, which would need you to repeat the process all over again.

A narrative that is both entertaining and offers multiple potential outcomes

The storyline is the game’s crowning achievement, and it is what will keep you engaged right up until the credits roll. It goes in a direction that you did not anticipate, and the events that follow will strike you by surprise.

The finish of the game is dependent on the choices you make as you progress through it. If you want to witness all of the game’s possible conclusions, you’ll need to play through it more than once.

You will come to care a great deal about the characters, and the emotional depth of the plot will have a profound effect on you. As you come to their rescue, you will feel the agony and anxiety that they are experiencing.

Strong and Reliable Virtual World

This video game does an excellent job of capturing the vibe that one might find in an average secondary school. You can tell that a lot of care was put into each component, which explains why the atmosphere in the game is so well done.

The feeling of being alone in a large institution is also captured very realistically in this game. Because of the fantastic atmosphere, you will get the impression that you are participating in the game itself. The sound design is excellent, which contributes to the tense atmosphere of the film. It works wonderfully as a companion to the game overall.

Look Around the Whole Campus for Any Clues You Can Find

Look about the school for any hints you can find, as the objective of the game is to locate Shota, Kun’s missing buddy. Because the framework of the game is non-linear, you are free to go at your own leisure while exploring.

You have the option to disregard some regions, but doing so raises the possibility that you will overlook important information. It is in your best interest to become familiar with every aspect of the school.

You will come across a broad variety of items along the route, many of which call for the application of strategic thinking. There is a possibility that you will find a key that unlocks a door or a message that provides a hint. You will be able to solve the mystery if you pay close attention to what is going on in the world around you.

Numerous Dangerous Rivals to Steer Clear Of

The atmosphere is purposefully eerie, and for good reason! You ought to keep a sharp eye out for the myriad of potential threats that lurk in the shadows.

There are also a great number of hazardous traps here. Therefore, in order to outsmart them, you need to make use of your brains and move quickly. Due to the high level of tension that pervades throughout the game, you will spend the entire time on the edge of your seat.

A lady dressed in a crimson mask has been known to make an appearance every once in a while. If you go too close to her, you are going to pay the price. You are going to need to proceed with utmost caution and use your common sense if you want to make any progress.

You may breathe a sigh of relaxation because the game will guide your every move. You can navigate the area with the map and the instructions that are provided for you. Always check to see if you’re following the recommendation! Taking this course of action is going to put you in the least amount of danger.

Simple Controls

Those who are not experienced with playing video games will have no trouble getting the hang of the game’s controls and having a nice time with it. Because they have been optimised for use with touchscreens, you can anticipate a user interface that is uncluttered and intuitive.

You won’t need to memorise any complicated button pushes in order to have complete control over Shota-Kun. Because the controls are so responsive, you won’t run the risk of becoming frustrated while playing.

You can choose from a wide variety of activities, such as dodging your opponents and putting up traps, amongst many more. You will never experience the feeling of being overwhelmed no matter what! However, make sure that you always have your eyes open so that you can identify any potential dangers.

Tag after School APK Mod Features

The Tag after School APK MOD was developed and is now available for free download. Its purpose was to make the game more challenging for players. You will need to exercise considerably greater caution due to the fact that it adds new dangers, such as adversaries and traps. Additionally, the MOD disables the ability to make purchases within the game and removes intrusive adverts. Here is the way to go about playing the game in case you feel like putting your knowledge to the test.

Main Characters

  • Kyoka – Tennis captain: Kyoka, who is bright and optimistic all the time, is eager to meet new people and form friendships. Can the tennis club, which is rapidly expanding, find a way to balance the social aspects of captaincy with its other responsibilities? He could become a powerful leader and maybe even find love with your help.
  • Mizuho – Swimming Protein: Mizuho prefers aquatic environments to terrestrial ones. It became apparent during her pursuit of admissions scholarships that swimming is more than simply a hobby; it is a true passion. Will you rescue him and bring him back to the shore, or will he be doomed to die in the ocean?
  • Akane – Kendoka dedicated: To the Akane, preserving their kendo traditions is a moral imperative; the martial art is integral to their culture. Having been dismissed from school along with her classmates for their roles in a bullying incident, she was left alone at the motel with just a wooden sword for companionship. Is it possible for you to reconnect with him and help him trust you again, or do you feel the need to track him down?

Because there is a lot of suspense and feeling in Tag after School, it is an excellent choice for a game that simulates a school setting. It is excellent for gamers that enjoy a challenging experience and maintains their interest right up until the very finish.

Utilizing the uncomplicated control scheme is all that is required of you in order to play. The fact that the MOD makes the game more challenging, which in turn makes it more enjoyable to play, is an added plus. By downloading the game right now, you will be able to rescue Shota-Kun.

FAQs on Tag After School APK Mobile

Is it feasible to play tag on a personal computer after school?

You may use BlueStacks to play the Tag: After School application on your personal computer.

Is there a cost associated with playing Tag After School?

The correct response is “No.” It does not cost anything to get and you can play whenever you like. On the other hand, there is the option to make purchases within the app itself. If you want to buy something from the shop, you’ll need real money to do so.

When can we anticipate the global version to become available to download?

There has been no announcement made regarding a specific release date for the foreign edition. The publisher has not yet provided me with any information regarding this matter. We are keeping a close watch on it and will provide an update as soon as we have any new information.

Will the data from the beta version be deleted once the full version is made available to the public?

Ans: no, it won’t.

Will Tag After School Mod Apk be made available at some point in the future?

The answer might be “maybe,” considering that the modded version of the game is often made available a few weeks after the official game. However, private servers are the only places where the mods can be utilised.

How to Download Tag After School APK for Android/iOS Mobile Free

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions that will walk you through the process of installing the Tag After School Mod Apk on your mobile device.

  • To begin, download the most recent version of Tag After School for Android by using the APK or MOD file.
  • Second, keep going with accessing the hidden menus on your Android device.
  • Install the Tag After School.apk file, as the third step.
  • In the fourth step, complete the installation by following the instructions that appear on the screen. After that, choose the game you want to play by clicking on its icon in the list.


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