Tekken 5 APK Download for Android/iOS 2022 Game

Tekken 5 APK Download for Android/iOS 2022 Game

Hello Friends Today I have Brought Tekken 5 apk highly compressed zip file for Android Phone, previously I have already showed that how to Download Tekken 3, Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag tournament on Android. If you want, you can download those game on your android too. All the Tekken games are amazing when it comes to Immense combo fighting. You can play this tekken 5 apk on your ios iphone devices too with using the same way and method I have mentioned below at the end of this post.

Tekken 5 Download is very easy and can be run on your android device today, just read the full post to know all details and instructions on how to run and play the new tekken 5 apk on the Android mobile.

Tekken 5 Download Description

Tekken 5 Download APK Android/ios is one of the most Amazing Head to Head fighting video game for Android mobile and tablet. Many gamers wants to download and Tekken 5 game on their mobile and enjoy its latest features which are very amazing. Tekken 5’s development team keeps improving the fighting game. It is really exciting to Begin playing and it’s really simple to download by following a straightforward way. It updates several gameplay features such as its ongoing interaction gameplay elements, design looks quality and Desperate Warrior. New comers join old level fields with old top picks. By expanding visual effects, dividers, position changes and maintaining strategic distance, you are better able to adjust your combat operations.

Tekken 5 APK Android Game Download

More About Tekken 5 Game Download

This is the sixth part in NAMCO’s well-known Tekken series, Tekken 5. For the time being, it’s just on the Playstation 3. Available for Mobile devices now. When did it come out? June 24, 2004. Moreover, it can be downloaded as well. Revenge of Metal Gear.

The Tekken 5 game series of mobile games goes back to its roots. Moreover, the game has a superior visual quality. Upgrades have been made to the game’s characters and battle mechanics. A new Crush mechanism has been implemented in the game. This system has an impact on the character’s susceptibility. Namco allows gamers to tailor the experience to their own preferences.

For each game in the Tekken series, aesthetics, gameplay, and storyline are all different and unique. A good example of this type of game is the recently released Tekken 5. Tekken 5 is the title given to the latest instalment in the Tekken series. Based on research, it has been found that the majority of Tekken 5 gamers prefer to play on Android devices. There’s some great information here if you’re one of them. The Tekken 5 Android app is available for download from this page. This can also be downloaded directly from the website. Because it is a Pure Tekken 5 Apk, it can be played and set up on an Android phone without a PlayStation 2 emulator.

Story Mode

Jin Kazama leaves Hon-Maru dojo, as G Corporation helicopters arrive and begin deploying Jack-4 pods into the building, just as Tekken 4 comes to a finish. To their horror, a squadron of fighters bursts through their bedroom wall. For a time, Kazuya and Heihachi team up to take on the Jacks, but eventually Kazuya escapes, leaving Heihachi for dead. One of the Jacks detonates its detonator as the other restrains Heihachi, causing a massive explosion that kills Heihachi. Raven, a mystery ninja cloaked in black, is the sole one who witnessed Heihachi’s death and relayed it to his superiors. It’s widely reported that Heihachi’s death has ended the Mishima Zaibatsu. As a result, a new leader emerges from the shadows to seize control of the corporation.

The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 was announced two months later. As a result of his Devil Gene-induced nightmares, Jin resolves to take part in the tournament in the hopes of putting an end to it. Upon learning that the Jack-4s were sent by G Corporation to kill his father, Kazuya makes the decision to enter the tournament in retaliation. Jinpachi Mishima, the father of Heihachi and owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu, has finally been revealed as the tournament’s secret sponsor and owner. Jinpachi was imprisoned beneath Hon-Maru forty years ago after Heihachi staged a coup. While in Hon-Maru, the Jacks attacked and he was freed from the prison by a vengeful spirit that bestowed upon him tremendous strength. He’d announced the tournament in the hopes that someone could kill him before his possible reign of terror could begin, as Jinpachi’s final act of morality.

Tekken 5 APK Download 35 MB Features

Tekken 5 APK download 35 mb has many new features to flatten this fighting game. The game has so many characters that are already part of all the previous tekken games like Tekken 3 apk & Tekken Tag apk game, and also includes many new characters that make up the biggest line to battle each other. Each character is identified by his or her unique fighting techniques, qualities, Powers, Moves and tricks. The interpretation of the house includes a mode known within the Devil, a variation of the Tekken Force presented in Tekken 3. Update Dark resurrection includes a large set of new content in it.

  • The Tekken 5 game doesn’t Contains many game play techniques showed in Tekken 4.
  • Eliminate irregular land steps.
  • Increase the speed of game play.
  • It also allows the gamer to modify the characters which are a very amazing feature of this game.
  • Players can also fight online and challenge anyone from around the world.
  • It also allows you to update combat accessories, clothes.
  • This allows you to buy any gadget with in-game currency.
  • There are 32 characters in total, including 7 new combatants.
  • The developers of Tekken 5 APK game modify the controls without any stick and virtual buttons so that they meet with the latest Android principles.

Tekken 5 download for android Gameplay

Tekken 5 game download

The gameplay of tekken download for android contains the following features.

Awe-Inspiring Techniques

Tekken 5 download for Android

Every character in the film will unleash a distinct fighting technique on the enemy. Make use of their fighting technique with great care and precision. Because your opponent’s progress and health are directly impacted by your combat action. As a result, exercising caution when selecting a combat manoeuvre to use against an opponent is advised. Tekken 5’s moves are superior to those of Tekken 3.


Choose from a wide range of playable characters in the upcoming game. The abilities and moves of each character will be distinct.

As the game progresses, you can swap between characters to suit the situation. After you chose from the library or the store, each character will be in charge immediately..

Health bar

Tekken 5 download

The progress bar will display the health of your character. It allows you to battle more cautiously. So, if you want to regulate the rate at which your health depletes, be on the lookout for attacks from the other player.


This game’s stunning visuals alone are reason enough to give it a shot. Everything in the game is laid out in great detail in this app.


Even those who have never played a video game before will find the controls simple to master. You’ll be able to charge towards your opponent using the gestures provided at the bottom of the screen.

Bonus Rewards

Bonus points will be awarded to you if you continue to attack your opponent without causing any harm to yourself.

Extra health and lifelines can be purchased with bonus points. You’ll have a better chance of winning the game with bonus points.

Practice mode

If you’re having trouble getting into the game or picking up the strategy, try the training modes first.

It will be much easier for you to win the game at the end of training sessions because you will have learned all of the game’s fundamental methods.

Devil Within

There are no more uneven stages in this version of Tekken, in favour of a speedier gameplay style similar to the older games in the series. In addition, this is the first game in the series to allow players to personalise their avatars with in-game currency-purchased accessories, clothing, and other items. A total of 32 characters, including seven new fighters, are available for players to select from. Tekken 3’s Devil Within mode, a Tekken Force variant, is included in the home edition. In contrast to Tekken 5.1, which just attempted to balance the game, Dark Resurrection brings a slew of new features to the PSP home edition.

Tekken 5 game download Improvements

Tekken 5 game download has been Improved on certain features like:-

  • Return multiple main characters from previous games
  • Number of infinite battle stages
  • Tekken 5 is a defeat system that affects a character’s weakness while they attack.
  • Elements are more efficient and easier to defend against enemies.
  • Players are not allowed to play with their selected players in the story tilt mode.
  • The game also limited the use of the button system including the block and jump buttons and also reduced the attack button.
  • Players can move freely before the begin of the battle.
  • The game starts in a few seconds.
  • The design of the surrounding is marvellous.
  • Players can enjoy the game in story form.
  • Tekken 5 APK also allows you to play Live Events.
  • It also includes new Halloween Characters and events.
  • The quality of music, sound effects in Tekken 5 Game is flawless. It contains sounds of pianos, guitar, drums and horns. The developers have added only those sounds that will not irritate the gamers. The soundtrack doesn’t disrupt the gameplay. it only appears in the beginning and at the end of the fight.

Tekken 5 Droidtrix File Information

NameTekken 5 APK
DeveloperNamco Bandai
Size22Mb+ 1.10Gb
Last UpdatedMay 2, 2022
Game SeriesTekken
  • File Name: Tekken – Dark Resurrection Europe (M5)
  • Setup Name: Tekken – Dark Resurrection Europe (M5).iso
  • Setup Size: 1.10 GB
  • File Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Developers: Namco

Below is the most possible highly compressed version of the game, with 22Mb of apk tekken 5

Tekken 5 APK ( 22 MB ) +Obb ( 1.10 GB ) data Download

  • Firstly Download the Apk file of 22Mb
  • Then download the zip file of 1.10Gb
  • Decompress the tekken 5 obb data zip file with Zarchiever or Rar app
  • Now open the apk and find the data location in the game
  • And click on it then let it load itself
  • Now you can play tekken 5 android

Hope you have understood everything and all Features of tekken 5 download free and play offline whenever you want.

How to Download Tekken 5 for PC

When it comes to operating systems, BlueStacks is a well-known name. Any of the Android apps I’ve tried have worked flawlessly. Download and install the tekken 5 PC Mod using the instructions below.

  • Download Bluestacks from Google if you haven’t done so already.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to go. You can begin using the app immediately after completing the installation process.
  • It may take a few seconds for first-time users of Bluestacks to load. When the software is launched, a Bluestacks Home screen should appear right away.
  • To access the Google Play Store on your PC or Mac, simply download and start Bluestacks. Double-clicking on the Playstore icon will open the app.
  • A computer application can now be found and downloaded in a matter of seconds. To use the hack, you’ll need to have the tekken 5 Mod Hack installed on your PC.
  • The most recent version of Bluestacks must be utilised to achieve a tekken 5 PC hack. Bluestacks must be installed in order to use the app.
  • As far as we’re concerned, this programme offers the best online solution to your current problems.

Last words

So this was our review of tekken 5 and how can you download it for your android, ios and pc windows devices, I hope it helped you with all your queries and if you are facing any problems, feel free to comment down below your problems.


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