Tivimate Premium APK 2021 Latest For Android

Tivimate Premium APK 2021 Latest For Android

Hello Do you want to download tivimate Premium apk for free for Android latest version 2021. Premium Apk Packages for Mini-TVs from Tivimate. It is, after all, a new product from Vodafone, a company known for its inventive TV mate pro apk solutions. It is one of the most advanced and useful smartphone apps available, allowing users to access live video from their subscriptions or internet services such as Sky and cable television. Here’s a quick rundown of the app’s capabilities.

tivimate Premium apk

What are the benefits of these apps for our beloved mini-tv? It also functions as a media player, personal organiser, email client, game, and social networking hub. In truth, our loyal customers and free users get a lot from tivimate. In this article, we’ll go over the various features that the app has to offer:

About Tivimate Premium apk

Tivimate Premium apk features

Nowadays, practically every home has a high-quality LCD TV that provides consumers with a choice of alternatives while using the various services of many internet vendors. IPTV, a sort of Internet Protocol TV that allows customers to access the Internet through LCD televisions, is one of these services. Users typically need to instal a receiver, a small device that connects the TV to the Internet, as well as a remote control to enter data or change channels. However, not everyone is eligible to use the service through which they download the IPTV emulation app to their smartphone or tablet. Although the quality of service and quantity of channels are not as good as the original IPTV, app users will have a similar experience.

TiviMate Premium apk IPTV Player is one programme that simulates the IPTV service for the user. It is a mobile application that allows customers to access IPTV provider services on their devices without having to utilise an LCD TV. The software, however, has limits and cannot compete with high-quality IPTV services, but it can provide users with access to international channels. TVMate is for you if you want to watch entertainment shows, drama series, and hilarious videos on YouTube.

Tivimate Premium mod APK IPTV

Tivimate Premium Apk crack will allow you to link your Android smartphones to your TV displays, and you will be able to access all of the channels available on your TV screens directly from your phone device. From the screen of your phone, you will have complete control over your TV.

It will allow you to receive all channels from around the world directly on your phone’s device, which is very astounding considering you have a little television in your pocket or palm in the shape of your phone.

Searching Made Simple

Because this programme gives you free reign over a huge number of TV channels, use the search bar to find the show you want to watch. The searching process is simple and quick, and the results of your search will be on the screen in a matter of seconds, allowing you to navigate through the many alternatives and touch on the desired result.

Interface of Tivimate Premium apk 2021

Tivimate Premium Apk for IPTV allows you to swipe through different channels with your finger, change channels, and configure the interface according to your preferences.

Create your own mobile application interface by choosing a colour and theme from the app’s settings. Another excellent aspect of this application is its ability to be customised.

Schedule Shows

Tivimate Premium Apk, as previously stated, will turn your phone into a little television. You’ll have a lot of options for how to use and use this programme, and it’ll make scheduling your shows a breeze.

In short, this application will provide you with all of the features that can be found on your LED screens. You can set a reminder for any of your favourite shows to watch later.


Users can turn their phones into little televisions and tote them around the house wirelessly using this app. Users will never be required to have the appropriate wires in order to connect to the internet.

From any room in the house, you may watch TV dramas, TV shows, and movies. As a result, working on this programme is quite convenient and comfortable.

Tivimate Mod Apk features

Ease of use – Despite having a lot of high-end capabilities, this software is still quite simple to run and utilise. It was created with a user-friendly interface in mind, so that any user will have no trouble navigating it. The app is simple to use and gives you immediate access to your favourite channels. Furthermore, this premium model includes an inbuilt music player that can be used when you are not watching television at home. Simply download the Livestream app on your phone and start watching live TV.

Control over playback speed – If you’re used to having a faster playing speed on your Android phone, you’ll adore this premium option. The Livestream channel can be configured to operate at the exact playback speed of your computer and television. It is, in fact, one of the most popular and desired mobile TV features. Aside from that, you can now manage your television from your PC using the Livestream channel. As if that weren’t enough, you can also use your PC to run streaming news and live TV apps. As a result, aside from being completely wonderful, the software is well worth the money.

Control over favourite television stations – This is a premium feature that every Android lover craves. On your Android smartphone, you can now watch live TV shows and channels. All you have to do now is download the Livestream app to your phone and you’re ready to begin. The main drawback to this software is that it does not allow you to watch live premium TV channels without a Livestream membership.

Personal organiser – The premium apk version of the personal organiser software allows you to effortlessly and conveniently organise your live TV shows, recent movies, and downloads. Depending on your preferences, you can organise the shows chronologically or by date. You may also sort your video streams and subscriptions by genre or rating. With the option of Wi-Fi, viewing broadcasts on other devices is also possible.

Client information and stream – This is where the app’s true power is revealed. Once downloaded, you can use your mini-tv to access your account and access your personal information from any location. You have the choice of initiating the stream directly or via the client’s computer to stream the information to your widescreen lcd television. Additionally, you may now stream audio content from your Android smartphone, such as podcasts or radio programmes. If you have live shows to watch, you can now do so from the comfort of your own home on your laptop or desktop computer.

It goes without saying that the Viveline Premium APK and Livestream Premium APK are must-haves for anyone looking for the ideal smart device experience. These two apps are not only easy to use but also give a high-quality viewing experience for your phones and tablets. So, if you haven’t already done so, you should do so right now. With these two paid applications, you can start watching your favourite TV series from the comfort of your own home.

Guide to Television

If you have no prior understanding of how to use this software, you may simply watch and read the TV guide on your phone’s screen, which will teach you everything you need to know. Also, if you use IPTV, you may sync it straight with your phone after reading the tutorial; this will greatly assist you in having complete access to all TV stations immediately from your phone.

Overall Features

Without a doubt, this software will allow you to access all TV stations directly from your phone. This programme will undoubtedly turn your phone into a miniature television that you can control from anywhere in your house.

These are the benefits of installing the Tivimate mod apk on your smartphone if you want to experience unlimited IPTV service. We all know that viewing movies and TV shows on massive LCD screens is a completely different experience, but this application is on the same level. The creators’ emulation in this modded apk will offer you a notion of why you should use it on your smartphone to get a feel for it. If you have any questions or concerns concerning the installation, please leave a comment below, and we would be pleased to answer them.

Download Tivimate Premium MOD Apk

here is direct download link for the latest version of Tivimate Premium apk 3.8.0 with all premium features unlocked. It’s a cracked apk of Tivimate so you will get all the paid Features for free.

App NameTiviMate IPTV Player
PublisherAR Mobile Dev
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version3.8.0
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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