Valorant Mobile APK+Obb Download for Android/iOS

Valorant Mobile APK+Obb Download for Android/iOS

Download Valorant Mobile for Android & iOS APK, New Valorant Mobile full APK+Obb download without verification. No verification is needed to download Valorant Mobile.

What is Valorant Mobile

A game developed by Riot Games in a closed test. This is a huge challenge, the genre FPS and it will be available in Summer 2020. Now that we have examined how Android and iOS phones work, we should now ask how you can use these devices.

Is Valorant Mobile Available for Android & iOS

It’s mentioned that the launch is only on the PC; that is the only thing known about it, as there are no further details to suggest it’s available on smartphones android and iOS on the first announcement. But now it’s available to download for mobile, at least we have available mod apk version of Valorant Mobile for Android.

Since this is the structure in which 2 teams of five players are played, the most optimal outcomes are obtained in some rounds, and varying abilities are exhibited in each round, each team has a significant capital that enables them to carry out transactions and prevent themselves from extending their reach.

Valorant Mobile Review

Valorant mobile apk

Valorant Android takes place soon after First Light on Earth. This leads to huge changes in life, technology, and government. People everywhere, though, are still benefiting from this huge case. Radiants are very bright people. A shadow agency is responding to First Light by assembling participants from around the globe.

This team includes officers who utilise radiant technologies. The Valorant team holds intriguing complexities, given the wide variety of people it includes, including ex-criminals and veterans of the military.

Valorant Mobile APK+Obb Game Features

Valorant Mobile apk+Obb download is a tactical squad shooter and FPS. Players abuse the officers and many different global societies. The victorious team has five rounds in the game representing the offence or defence. Agents use their skills and resources within an economic structure. Weapons range from side arms to sniper rifles to firearms and machinery guns.

Pistol reverses in sequence as the player strives to accurately fire. The squad needs to plant a Spike on a location. When the defending team defends the Spike and the bombs, they score. If the Spike is deactivated successfully, the defending team gets one point. An eliminated team leader wins a point for the team. After twelve rounds, the offensive team turns to the defensive side. This game was won by the first team to win 24 games.

The League of Legends Riot Games is forming and publishing Valorant. Progression in these organisations’ R&D departments began in 2014. Joe Ziegler, Valorant’s game designer, is licenced to design the overarching ideas for how Riot should grow through a multitude of game designers. Valorant marketing director David Nottingham. Legends League founder, Trevor Romleski, and Counter-Strike creator Salvatore Garozzo are Valorant’s Game Designers. The creative director for Valorant is Moby Francke, a former Valve designer for Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. The game uses the unreal motor.

Multiplayer Feature

Valorant Android & iOS multiplayer features Combination of Counter-Strike-style play and gunplay, alongside Overwatch’s skill and hero pool coordination. Android is proud to announce two 5-team events in which up to 24 matchups will be made. Also, demoted to press and influencers was another CS game mode. That may be Valorant’s only game mode. People who play Call of Duty games still have to play Counter-Strike, which is also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). In Overwatch, you are unable to make new characters at the start of a new round.

Riot posted critical spending on 128-tick servers on the website and worldwide data centres. The studio has shown that they are dedicated to netcode and anti-cheat measures to unlock the game. Cogent Mobile’s gun-on-gun combat lasts only a short time before it vanishes. Power and precision are also emphasised. A range of arms and equipment is available at the beginning of each session. Different weapons include knives, handguns, and rifles.

Counter Attack, in comparison to the weapons, special forces are also added. The website’s official copy is: “Valorant” is a game for brave strategists who try to out-strategize the unpredictable. If it wins, it works. According to Riot, the game should run at least 30 FPS and allow frame rates of 144 on mobile devices. It will run on basic PCs.


A ideal blend of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch is how the game is described. When it comes to VALORANT, it’s a 5 vs 5 battle royale. Attackers and Defenders are the two main factions in the game. Spike placement and protection are primary objectives for the Attackers faction. Defending the Spike is secondary. Defenders are tasked with preventing the adversary from deploying Spike or eliminating the whole invading faction.

There are typically 13 rounds in a match. In round 12, both teams trade sides, and the winner is the first to reach round 13. When two teams are tied at 12-12 in Competitive mode, overtime is required. Both teams play until one of them has a two-point lead.

If that’s all there is to it, it’s dangerously close to CS: GO. The Agents, each with their own set of abilities and responsibilities, are what really make this game stand out. In order to win, athletes must be able to shoot accurately and work well with their teammates.


VALORANT’s map library is currently limited to six maps. If you want to play CS:GO, you can’t select the map you want to play on. The first map is Fracture, a result of the failed Radianite solution, where top-secret research is divided spatially.

Breeze, with its seaside ruins and cool climate, is the next stop on the tour. Because this is the game’s largest map, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any lurking enemies. Next up is Icebox, a rusted-out version of the Arctic battlefield. Bind, Ascent, and Haven are some of the other maps. When asked which map is the most aggravating, I’d say Breeze, due to its massive size and difficulty in controlling every location.


I’m blown away by the developer’s ingenuity when it comes to the game’s skin. Beautiful skins are constantly being released by this company. Of course, you’ll need money to buy a gun skin, but these are all in the middle-market price range, so just about anyone can own one.

Riot Games will allow players to test their “luck” in the Store and Night Market instead of opening the chest in CS:GO. The items show up at random times. Every 24 hours, four random skins are given away by the shop. Every two months, the Night Market offers six skins with various discounts.


Spike Rush is a deathmatch-style mode in which players compete against one other in a time limit-based race to the finish line. In both Unrated and Competitive modes, the team that wins 13 rounds first is the victorious side. You can practise and entertain without Overtime on Unrated, which doesn’t count rank points.

You can warm up with Spike Rush and Deathmatch, two rapid game styles. Organize tournaments or play with friends in a custom setting. Additional modes like Replication, Snowball Fight, and Escalaton may also be available.


Graphics have improved dramatically since the game’s initial release. Character generation and skill effects have been greatly improved. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an anime gunfight with this one. Not only that, but thanks to the game’s light-weight graphics, even devices with mid-range processors can play smoothly. In terms of graphics, the game is rated at 7/10 on a 10-point scale.

Valorant Mobile APK Download without Verification

Okay, so finally get to the main point, you may have visited so many websites to download valorant mobile apk free for Android but they require you to do a human verification or device verification or some sorts of verifications. But here in this android 1 game website we don’t require to do any kind of verification, you can download valorant mobile apk without Verification, full apk+Obb Data file no verification is needed.


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