Are you looking for world war heroes mod apk unlimited gold and money? If yes then you have visited at the right website. People who own smartphones usually spend their free time playing games on their phones. When smartphone use increases around the world, the number of games increases too. Most mobile games are free, and you can play them with your friends. Developers’ first-choice is to release games for Android smartphones first.

You will know everything there is to know about the World war heroes game for Android in this post, and we will provide the link to the World War Heroes APK + OBB download for your convenience. You’ll still need to download the OBB file, as well as the APK.

World war heroes mod apk

About World War Heroes Mod APK 2022

World war heroes unlimited gold

The world war heroes mod apk 2022 game takes place in World War II-era Europe, based on the theory of military conflict. There are multiple modes for supplying war combat fun. Team Battle Mode in which two teams compete for the most points, Last Man Standing, and Bomb Mode in which one team is tasked with planting the bomb while the other team must defuse it before time runs out are included. Also, multiple battle zones, weapons, and equipment all increase your experience.

Call of Duty, Modern Combat, Free fire, etc. are examples of great first-person shooter games. World War Heroes Unlimited Gold and money mod apk is another recent trending game. If you have never heard of this game, you are truly missing out. Mobile gamers have already begun playing World War Heroes, and you should too. Compared to other FPS games for Android, WWH is much smaller in size, and provides excellent visuals and gameplay. World War Heroes is available on the Google Play Store and can be played with friends.

World War Heroes MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked Features

Here below is the detailed explaination of what world war heroes WW2 FPS mod apk has to feature.

Various Weapons

In this World war heroes mod apk you get all Weapons Unlocked. Weapons in shooting games are said to be back bone of the game, and developers always try to amass a large and impressive arsenal as quickly as possible. There are no exceptions to this. In addition to all of the previously mentioned weapons, this game also includes 57 different weapons, ranging from machine guns, rifles, pistols, and more. You might recognise one of them. You may use common weapons such as AK-47s, AK-74s, or M4 Carbines, alongside other larger weapons such as German MG42s, American M1 Garands, or Russian PPSs.

One distinct feature of this game is that the weapons feature ultra-realistic firing mechanisms and recoil. For this reason, the game gives players the experience of firing a weapon on the battlefield, instead of firing a weapon through a mobile device. The tanks are also very obvious due to having a large number of World War 2-era models.

Also, upgrading the arsenal (guns and armour included) will allow you to deal more damage, have more ammo, and/or reload faster.

A Great FPS Game

One of the most popular and widely played FPS games is World War Heroes. If you haven’t played the game yet, be sure to download the World War Heroes APK from this page. In order to download this game, you must use the download link provided below, as this game is only available through the Google Play Store. Furthermore, using the wwh mod APK file linked to on this page will allow you to gain unlimited amounts of money and gold in the game, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

High Quality HD Graphics

Even on low end android devices, the game works just fine. If you’d like, you can configure the graphics settings of the WWH app from within the game to make the experience smoother on your device. Beyond that, the graphics are excellent, making the gameplay much more interesting, even though World War Heroes is smaller in size as compared to other FPS games for Android. Once you have played this game, you will surely become addicted to it.

Smooth Gameplay

Runs flawlessly on all devices WW2 FPS game is designed to perform well on all types of mobile devices and data networks, whether on the ground or in the air. It is possible to play World War Heroes game without any lags even if you are using a 2G network.

100% Risk-Free & Secure But beware of fake websites; there are many sites out there where you can find the links to download the latest version of World War Heroes – unlimited gold and World War Heroes – unlimited money. During the game ‘WWH WW2 FPS Mod apk’, it is possible that you could infect your device with a virus or malware. This game APK can be downloaded from this page because we have thoroughly examined this APK file and then listed it on this page. Because this file only works with Android-based mobile and tablet devices, it is unlikely to be of interest to anyone using iOS.

World war heroes mod apk latest version Game Modes

World War Heroes mod apk latest version includes several game modes. These different modes allow you to choose different fighting experiences within the same game. Just follow the instructions below to install World War Heroes game, and you’ll be ready to enjoy all of the different game modes available in it. You can meet new friends by playing the same game as your existing friends. A lot of people out there are searching for the APK of WWH but, unfortunately, there is nothing similar to be found at this time. This game is only playable online.

It is possible to play in 6 different game modes, and has seven battle zones that are true locations in history.

  • Team battle mode introduces team formations, where players compete with an unidentified team. A point is given to the team that wins the most in a round.
  • Bomb planting mode – Placing bombs in the bomb planting mode is like playing a simplified version of the Bomberman game in 3D. In this mode, players will be able to decide whether or not to join the team in order to plant bombs or to join the team in order to prevent those bombs from exploding.
  • Survival Mode – in survival mode, every action step has to be extremely cautious in order to avoid elimination in the first few moments. Put yourself last on the list.
  • Custom Mode – Custom mode gives you the opportunity to set your own rules, create a lounge where you and another teammate can hang out, and you can battle with others.

How to Download World War Heroes Mod apk Unlimited Money and Gold 2022

That is enough information for you to go ahead and obtain the World War Heroes WW2 FPS mod apk offline game for Android’s APK file. You can download the WWH application from the link below, and it will need to be installed manually. To be able to install this game, you must previously have installed an APK file on your Android device. To instal World War Heroes, follow the installation steps below even if you’re new to APK files for Android.

NameWorld War Heroes
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
CategoryMOD APK
Latest Version1.26.0 b100474
MOD InfoUnlimited Ammo, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited money
UpdateApril 22, 2021 (2 months ago)


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