YouTube Vanced iOS iphone Download 2022 for iOS 15 and 16

YouTube Vanced iOS iphone Download 2022 for iOS 15 and 16

Hello everyone, are you looking for youtube Vanced iOS ipa for your iPhone mobile? Do you want to download YouTube Vanced for iOS 15, 16 and all other iOS versions. If yes then Today i am here providing the Direct link to download the new youtube Vanced iOS apk for your iPhone and Android apk too. I am providing this amazing youtube Vanced app for both android & iOS devices.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube subscribers watch millions of minutes of content every day. As a result of these unpleasant ads appearing in the middle of videos, many YouTube users find it difficult to use the service. Users dislike the intrusive adverts that display on videos, which are a major distraction when trying to concentrate, thus content creators have turned to Adsense (which places ads on videos) to finance their channels.

We’ve reached a dead end. What’s the best way to get rid of those ads? Another option is to watch videos without the commercials. Because it does not contain any ads, Youtube Vanced APK is a viable solution to this major issue. There are, however, more features that this software has to offer, such as the ability to watch videos in floating windows, listen to music in the background, change the resolution, and customise the layout. In contrast, the free version does not include these functions. Let me tell you something: I’ve got the YouTube Vanced MOD APK that has all of the above features and improves your overall experience.

YouTube vanced iOS download, iOS 14

About YouTube Vanced iOS APK 2022

YouTube vanced is basically the original Youtube app but more advanced as the name of the app already stats that it’s a vanced app. Why it is vanced? Because it does feature a lot of things that you get to see in youtube premium or also those feature that you never thought that youtube could provide you. So that’s the reason so many people are searching for youtube vanced apk or YouTube vanced ipa iOS for iphone. For both of the mobile OS versions we have this amazing app available for free.

YouTube Vanced ios app 2022 Features

The YouTube vanced 2022 Android apk app offers so many features for free to its users, hence should be appreciated by all of you. Here below is the detailed explanation of all the features that it provides.

Your Favorite YouTube Videos Can Be Download

The Vanced App can be used to play videos that have been downloaded or stored on the device. This programme allows you to play any video in any resolution you choose. Most video players don’t have this feature, so if you want to utilise it, you’ll need to find one that does. Youtube Vanced will begin playing the video after the user selects the desired resolution. Vanced Youtube will allow users to download several files at once with ease. This can alleviate the user’s annoyance at having to wait for a lengthy time for a single file to download. Those that use YouTube Vanced have complete choice over how many files they want to download at once. Changing the number will have no effect on the overall performance of the app.

Black YouTube Theme

Contains black YouTube theme – for protecting your eyes and battery life, the app has Amoled black screen theme features. Nowadays most of the people are spending their night watching youtube before sleeping so it can severely harm their ratina so youtube vanced app comes with the Amazing feature that will save your battery and eyes simultaneously.

No Ads

No ads – just like YouTube premium version that is paid, this free Vanced version of YouTube provides you ads free experience. Currently youtube is showing too many ads in every Video and also youtubers are placing more than 5 ads in a 10 minutes of video. This can be soo annoying and cause of headache for many peoples so here is the advertisement ads free version of YT for free.

Background Play

Background Video play – so as we all know in the original Youtube, when we get off the youtube app the video and song which were running automatically stops. In the premium version of YouTube you have the opportunity of playing videos on background too but again youtube premium is a paid version and better use the vanced app for free.

Swipe Control

Swipe Volume & Brightness control – as you might be using MX player, or any other major video player of Android and you may know that they support swipe Volume and brightness control. Just like that, now you can up and down the volume on YouTube and also increase or decrease the brightness level just by swiping on your screen.

Auto Repeat

Auto Repeat Feature – in the original Youtube if you want to play a video or a song multiple times then you have to click on multiple times but vanced youtube apk features auto Repeat Feature by which the video would repeat itself automatically and you can relax.

Older comments section – if you don’t like the new comments section which is above related videos now then you can switch to the older version again. It’s an additional feature.

Skip Sponsored Video parts

Skip the sponsered video parts – no one likes to see some unwanted sponsered promotion video in between the videos that you want to watch either to gain knowledge or have entertaining. The new youtube vanced apk detects such sponsers in a video and automatically skips it for you. Not just sponsered video parts, but also the intro, outro and subscribe reminder can also be skipped just by clicking on the skip button.

Is YouTube Vanced APK iOS safe to use?

Yes it’s perfectly safe to use youtube vanced app on ios iphone apple and Android because it doesn’t requires you to grant it any permission of the Devive neither it asks for Turning on the GPS or anything else. Overall, it doesn’t collects any of the user data and an open source software to use. And yes YouTube vanced is just another name for youtube premium but Completely free.

Download & install YouTube Vanced on iOS 14 & 15

So many people are searching on YouTube that if they can install youtube vanced on their iOS 15, 14 iphone or not. So the answer is yes, The app is compatible with all the latest iOS versions without jailbreak (No jailbreak required) and Android versions too (without root). So to know how to Successfully install the app on your mobile keep reading the post below and the download link is given at the end of the Post.

Is YouTube vanced on the Play Store?

No, since it’s a premium app although free but still a premium app hence it’s not openly Available on the Google Play store. The normal Youtube app is available on the PlayStore to download. And you can download youtube vanced for Android apk and iOS ipa from the link provided below.

YouTube vanced iphone iPA 2022 key features

  • Effect of ZOOM The pinch to zoom feature allows you to pinch to zoom in on a video such that it fills the entire screen on any device, regardless of its aspect ratio.
  • In DARK MODE Toggle themes are also available in Black, Dark, and White for all of the devices in the app.
  • SUBSCRIBE TO RECORDS You can set a song to repeat on auto-pilot. Listening to music nonstop is a great way to pass the time.
  • Themes: Numerous themes are at your disposal; simply download the apk for the one you like.
  • You can watch videos on this app even if you’re using another programme. PIP is the name given to this approach (Picture in Picture mode). Doing other tasks while using it will be easier.
  • It’s simple to programme a video to play on startup. This option saves us from having to keep clicking on the video over and over again in order to play it. The video will begin to play without the user’s intervention.
  • WiFi and mobile devices both allow users to customise the default video resolution. All videos will have the same resolution.
  • The Vanced settings allow you to choose from a variety of themes. White, black, or dark are the colour options for the theme. There is a wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Override the maximum resolution.
  • The option to repeat a video in repeat mode is available. When this option is selected, the video will automatically reload.

Worldwide Community

The app’s current success is due in part to a thank-you message delivered to each user. Because it’s an open platform, anyone can join as a creator or a watcher, depending on their preference. A vast number of video creators and viewers throughout the world have benefited from the application’s wide-spread use.

Use Unique Videos To Express Your Creativity

Let’s get started with the first videos by picking a favourite subject and picking up the camera! This is a great opportunity to showcase your video-making talents if you’re an outgoing, creative individual. You can gain a lot of likes and subscribers for your videos if you make unique videos and get the support of your audience.

The Ecological Impact Of Alternative Family-oriented Apps

The family ecosystem is a useful tool if everyone in your household wants to utilise Youtube Vanced. This feature, with perfect connectivity, will allow parents to understand and know their child’s passionate interests through the topic it searches for. This feature. With the YouTube Kids app, your child will be able to view videos that are completely acceptable for their age group. Because before they can be seen by the public, all of the videos uploaded to this app must first pass through the stringent quality control procedures of the producer. Let the kids have access to themes that will help them grow both mentally and physically.

Overall Summary

It is completely risk-free to do so. If you want to see the entire source code, you can do so on GitHub. Since it’s a tweak of the official YouTube app, some people have claimed that it’s unlawful to use it. In fact, Vanced is a distinct client that shares many of the same characteristics as the original. From the fullscreen commercials at startup and when casting to another device, you can see that it doesn’t provide you access to YouTube Premium for free. In order to remove the adverts, we had to change the layout of the app’s features. Since using the app for a time, I haven’t seen any strange activity.

How to Download YouTube Vanced ios Iphone IPA 2022

  • Simply click on the download button below depending on the Device OS to download youtube vanced ipa ios and Android apk
  • If you are android user, click on APK Button and if you are iOS apple iphone use then click on IPA button
  • Then install the apk, it will took a few minutes,
  • After installation open and start utilizing youtube vanced free premium features.
NameYoutube Vanced app
Platform iPhone iOS
File typeIPA
File size66MB
CategoryAndroid/iOS free apps


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