Z Girl Anime Mugen Fighting Arena APK All Characters Unlocked

Z Girl Anime Mugen Fighting Arena APK All Characters Unlocked

Hello Friends, Today I have brought a newly released Dragon Ball Z game and you can also call it Anime Mugen APK Fighting game. This is a modified version of Legendary Z Warriors & Dragon Ball Z evolution APK that contains the same quantity of characters and have same graphics and gameplay styles. If you heard about Legendary Z warriors before then this is the exact same APK with different characters but if you haven’t heard of Dragon ball Evolution APK & Legendary Z Warriors then click on the link to get the game and also detailed information.

Anime Mugen Fighting Arena APK

Legendary Z Warriors APK new Version

This is especially a Girl Mugen Fighting game and it contains girl warriors from various different Animes and Mangas. Apart from dragon Ball Z, there are girl fighters from The Naruto, Street Fighter, King of Fighter and many other fighting games.

Mugen APK Features

Z anime Girl fighting arena APK
  • All Characters Unlocked – Yes, this new game is already like Mod APK and you don’t have look for any Mod APK as all characters are already unlocked and also you don’t have gain any coins. Just play, play, & play.
  • Graphics – the game built with Pixelated Mugen Style Graphics and the way characters performs attacks are also very similar to original Mugen. Although the exact Jaw dropping Graphics of Mugen can’t be built on android phones but these game are a way to feel at least 50% of Mugen on Android.

Game modes

  • Versus – It’s a sort of Free battle mode, you just need to choose a player and an opponent and simply start the fight. Whether you win or you lose the game is gonna end after this single battle. You will receive 100 coins if you win and you would receive nothing if you lose, Lol.
  • Tournament – this one is my Favorite way to play this game. There are more than 16 fighters participating in the tournament and you will Fight with the Top 8 or Top 4. Winning the tournament results in higher coins.
  • Challenges – In challenges, you have to complete a few task set by the computer, so them you will earn coins.
  • Boss – Boss battle is simply for those who want to battle a hard Fight.

Gameplay Features

  • Transformation
  • Beam Struggle
  • Firings
  • Hard Punches & low punches
  • Instant Transmission
  • Ki charging
  • Special Attacks
  • Ultimate attacks
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