Bleach Vs Naruto Anime Mugen Apk Download

Bleach Vs Naruto Anime Mugen Apk Download

Hello Friends, Today I am introducing an amine Mugen Apk namely bleach Vs Naruto with 340 characters. It’s a type of Mugen on Android with combined anime Characters fighting with each other. Checking each other power levels, fighting style and skills. Every character built with unique attacks and special combos. The gameplay contains all necessary features that you will read below.

Anime Mugen Apk, bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk Download

Bleach Vs Naruto APK Game modes

Mugen APK
  • Team play – the first and the most advanced feature of this game. You can choose up to 3 characters Max and nunber of opponents would be equal to your fighters. Team play has 2 Options in it, the first is Team play Single battle and second is Arcade Version.
  • Single play – this one also contains 2 Options in it. This is like a quick battle or Free battle mode. Just choose a character and start the Fight.
  • Option mode – You can controls sounds level and difficulty level.
  • Training – learn all skills before you go for team or single battle.

Bleach vs Naruto Game Features

  • 340 Characters – this game contains various different and main character from many popular animes. You can find many main Heroes and villains characters with their unique moves
  • All characters unlocked – Unlike other games, this Bleach Vs Naruto APK doesn’t require you to unlock all characters as they are already unlocked. There is no shop or coins system within the game. Just fight and enjoy.
  • Accuracy – The accurateness of attacks for each character is great. I can surely say that 100% Characters are created with full dedication.
  • Graphics – This is a 2D fighting anime Mugen game with pixelated Graphics. Although this is not an extremely overpowered Mugen like PC Mugen games yet very near to PC Mugen Graphics.
  • Sound Quality – each character has his original anime voice, the sound effects for attacks are so realistic, Characters roars are very amazing. Overall sound is perfect.
  • Addictiveness – now a bonus feature is that you are gonna take a addiction of this game as I used to have before. I used to play it whole day with my favorite anime Characters such as Black Goku,Vegeta, Saitama and Naruto.


DBZ Mugen Apk

if you love to play Dragon Ball Z games then there is lot for you in this game. Although it’s a mixture of all animes but you can find your favorite anime Characters with their full fighting potential.

Zamasu – This game has Fused Zamasu with his godly powers as you can see the above screenshot.

MUI – Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku with perfect pixel Texture. Goku’s most powerful form is MUI till now and today you can play with it. Goku uses Kamehameha ha, dramatic combos and Spirit bomb attack in MUI form.

Goku – Goku has his base, super Saiyan, blue and Ssb kaioken form along with MUI in this game. Base Goku uses Super spirit bomb as his final move, blue Goku performs Kamehameha ha and Kaioken does the same.

Vegeta – Vegeta has Base and super Saiyan blue evolution form with final flash, Galick Gun and self explosion attack with Dark blue aura.

Naruto – Naruto has his all Transformations with all original and unique ultimate and super attacks. Transformation animations are very dramatic and awesome.

One punch Man – Saitama has his mega punch attack.

Cooler – Cooler from Dragon ball Z, although at this time cooler is available only as a assistant not as a playable Character. Cooler performs energy beam attack that looks yellow.

Krillin – Just like cooler, Krillin is also available only as a assistant Character and Krillin uses solar flare.

This game has Total 7 playable Dragon ball Characters and 2 assistant DB Characters. The game basically more focused on Naruto and bleach anime and out of 340 Characters, almost 100 are belongs to Naruto and bleach.

there are much more characters but I can’t explain all of them, so check out a over screenshot, if you find your favorite character, then Download this game right now and play.

NameBleach Vs Naruto APK
File TypeAPK
Size 1.62GB
Genre Fighting
Anime basedRandom
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