Color Changer Pro APK (No Root) Free Download

Color Changer Pro APK (No Root) Free Download

Hey everyone, today download color Changer Pro apk 2021 free no root latest version. It will work on your android device without root because of the fact that it’s a color Changer Pro apk mod version. Color Changer Pro App: it changes every single app to a different colour! First, install the Color Changer Pro Apk free version for better compatibility testing. Please be aware that it may not be compatible with all devices.

Color Changer Pro APK
Color Changer Pro APK

About Color Changer Pro APK

Android users from all over the world can benefit from the Color Changer Pro apk, which was developed and made available by Omega Centauri Software. It allows users to change the colour of the apps installed on their devices, as well as the colour of their smartphone screen.

These applications are mainly useful for people with vision issues like colour blindness, low vision, or any other kind of vision difficulty and who want to use their mobile devices with greater ease by customising the colours of their smartphones and tablets.

The Pro or Premium colour changer is app that you find on Google Play but it’s paid, but here on android 1 game, we are providing it for free. In addition to the free features of the standard plan, this enhanced plan also includes use of all paid features, such as the ability to utilise more colours, customise themes, and so on.

You should have root access on your phone or tablet to use this app. In order to enjoy the best possible experience, use SuperSU 1.90+ with the Color Changer option or else disable SELinux. Otherwise, you may experience issues.

Color Changer Pro APK Latest version Features

Prior to the availability of this color changer app, there was no way to change the colour of your device or of applications that are installed on your smartphone or tablet. When people maintain device colours and other features, they use built-in brightness and contrast features.

Color changer pro apk offers a number of features for free to apply on your android device.

Your App Color can be Changed

Most smartphones currently have colourful displays. Many are not happy with that. This application is beneficial to people who want to utilise the screen on their phone to obtain more accurate colours. There are numerous colour options:

Night Vision Colors

Suitable for night vision, such as for astronomy or e-reading, is red, amber, or green. In coordination with your eyes, it helps to reduce the screen’s brightness. To keep your eyes healthy, you should avoid looking up, as it causes eye strain and eye damage.

A black or white phone display will have no effect on how clearly you can see if you use it in daylight. In this case, the two opposite colours make your screen look distinct. Other colour modes are also available. Test various colour options to find the best one.

Custom Color and Adjustments

Use the R/G/B/Saturation slider to adjust your colours. Relax your eyes by rapidly increasing or decreasing the brightness of the colour. If you want to go to sleep, then you can turn off the blue light to help you relax. It offers spare parts and features in addition to Color Changer Pro. testing for the ability to adjust screen gamma (stop-crush black; not supported on Android 6.x).


Color Changer Pro’s user interface is intuitive, simple, and efficient. To quickly change the colour palette, simply click on the colour swatch. You can also create shortcut keys to help you jump directly to setup. accessibility settings In the app settings, you will be able to see your access settings.

No overlays are used

Changing the colours of the Color Changer Pro application does not work using an overlay of a different colour. All of the system effects and colours in the application are reproduced exactly. Although it may not be compatible with screen capture and screen capture applications, it may work with image capture software.


However, while the app is very beneficial, it has some caveats. The first step in rooting your phone is to gain root access. It’s quite involved, and many people would rather not deal with it. This application color change pro app is compatible with all devices. Like Android’s reverse colour mode, it also slows down your device.

Key Features

  • For night vision or for astronomy, you can use green on red, amber, or black for e-readers in bed.
  • The browser’s set to sepia for a more comfortable reading experience.
  • Instead of keeping the blue light on, switch it off to make it easier to fall asleep.
  • Integrated with Tasker.
  • The implementation includes experimental support for adjusting screen gamma (Stop Black Crush; not supported on Android 6.x).
  • enjoy the outdoors.
  • Monochrome black and white can be fun to work with.
  • Use the R, G, and B sliders to adjust your colours.

Why Use Color Changer Pro APK?

In the past, random devices were used for many different tasks. While advancements in technology mean newspapers can now be read on mobile devices, people prefer to read them in print instead. because of its Smart Compatibility and portability, it is a perfect accessory.

An eye strain problem has come about as a result of the continuous evolution and improper usage of the experts. While even the majority of mobile users complain about eye-strain, a significant minority express displeasure. Because experts do their best to influence screen size and quality, they don’t have total control over these two factors.

But despite this, a group of experts came together to create a new app file for users to benefit from. It will also give a higher level of visibility with regard to colour changing. It also helps users recode the screen layout, considering the fact that the screen is usually bright and round.

Sometimes when your eyes are sensitive to screen brightness, your eyes may become irritated. The screen’s colour couldn’t be modified for the comfort of the user. In such cases, your eyes are exhausted from this high level of strain. If you’d like to use Color Changer, install it today.

Overall Review

I love this app! One of the features on my display is the ability to change colours. The vast majority of mobile devices feature a pop-up colour display that I don’t particularly like. The application helped me discharge the screen so I could use my phone’s display to get more accurate colours. I use this app to configure a comfortable night mode on my Android phone android 11 version so that it can turn on automatically when I’ve placed my phone face down on a table or pillow while I’m reading, in order to eliminate the screen jumping up and down when I’m reading in black and white. Before trying Lux’s astronomy mode, I’d previously tried Lux’s red overlay, which not only reduces contrast but also amplifies the light it reveals.

Color Changer Pro is a software which allows you to create the exact same colour scheme of all of your installed apps. You can use this even if you’ve never used it before. Do whatever you want with it. In order to liberate yourself from the intrusive glitter of your phone screen, it’s time to say goodbye.

How to Download Color Changer Pro APK 2022

  • Direct download link is provided at the end of the article, where you will find the download button.
  • Use this button to install the mod version of this color changer pro app on your smartphone and tablet.
  • In order to install the app, allow unknown sources to be enabled and give it all of the required permissions.
  • This app can be installed on a without rooted device, so yes you can install it on any android device.
  • Once you have installed and opened the color changer pro apk, set the settings as you like and utilise the great features of it.


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