Hello Friends, today I have brought a DBZ TTT Mod with HD Texture and new models of the characters. This is a Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team Mod V3 Which contains a new Goku model that consist of new Dramatic Combos and Special Kamehameha ha Moves as his Super and Ultimates. The mod extremely perfect and has a without crash reliable Gameplay so you can enjoy it without any error of Freeze screen, Crash and lags too.

DBZ TTT Mod V3 Download


This is the third version of this mod and the previous two versions are obviously has no comparison with this as they are old and this one is the latest. This version contains all those features which previous version had. And also it has a new Goku Blue with Very sparking and Xenoverse looking Model. Along with the Goku, There are more astonishing Characters within the game so let’s explore all of them.

What’s the New?

Broly DBZ TTT Mod
  • New Broly – This mod has a very recently and the most perfect version of Broly’s model ever designed yet. Broly is built with The Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Graphics Effects and also he opens his mouth while performing the attacks. The mouth opening effects are taken from the DBZ TTT Xenoverse mods.
  • Zeno Sama – Although you may have seen Zeno Sama in many other mods but he still is a character which possess the power to be noted in this list. The God of Dragon ball super Zeno Sama performs his raising hands blasts attacks. Although it is not right to say the word blasts as Zeno sama Erases everything but in the game it is not possible that’s why the word blasts is used here.
  • Gogeta – this mod contains Both version of Gogeta. By saying both I am indicating towards DBS and DBGT. Gogeta super Saiyan 4 is built with BT3 Effects and Gogeta DBS is built with Original Graphics. He has his all Transformations and All Original anime attacks.
  • G.O.D Gohan – God of Destruction Gohan which transforms into Rycon Transformation that looks similar to Super Saiyan 3. Gohan consist of Full HD and 3D Textures which has Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics Effects. He has red Aura and Energy blasts and Dramatic combos attacks as his special moves.
  • Beerus – it has new model of Beerus with New Texture of face along with the body, also attacks are a little modified.
DBZ TTT Mod download Link

How to download

  • Click on the Download link below and it will get you to a YouTube video
  • Check the description of the video and you will find the link
  • Download the mod and Extract it via any Extractor
  • Download the Save data
  • install PSP APK Emulator on your Android
  • Set the Save data in [ PSP > Save data Folders ]
  • Open PSP Emulator, select the ISO file and Start Play.


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