Dragon Ball Fighterz APK Mobile Download Android/iOS

Dragon Ball Fighterz APK Mobile Download Android/iOS
Db FighterZ mobile

Dragon Ball Fighterz Download for android/iOS

Db FighterZ Apk

Hello Dragon Ball fans Do you want to play Dragon ball FighterZ on android mobiles? Without Emulator? Then today I have brought an apk of Dragon Ball FighterZ for you all, which you can Install on any version of Android device above 5.0. you also know that below 5.0 is too old and is not capable of installing even normal games and this is FighterZ afterall. It’s an online dragon Ball game of Android, as you may know that DBZ Fighterz is officially released for ps4 so in order to play it on android, the 4G data connection is Necessary. Just as you can play Original Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 on Android by 4G data speed Without Emulator, in the same way, you can play DBZ fighterz on android without any Hindrance of Android Capabilities.

NameDragon Ball FighterZ
File Size245MB
File typeAPK
Need Version6.0 and up
GenreVs Fighting
Published ByBandai Namco Entertainment
SeriesDragon Ball

Dragon ball Fighterz Mobile Features

so this is the original dragon ball fighterz mobile itself so the Features are all same as Original FighterZ of PS4.

Players each select three characters to frame a group, from an underlying program of characters from the Dragon Ball establishment. One character is controlled and can be exchanged with one of different characters whenever. Players can likewise call one of their different characters to play out a “Help” move, permitting synchronous assaults and combos with the whole group. Each of the three of the rival’s characters must be crushed to dominate the match.

Notwithstanding the special moves of each character, players have a few all inclusive moves accessible. With the “Disappear Attack”, the player can consume Ki to in a flash transport behind a rival’s character and strike them in the back. This has various utilizations, from bypassing adversary shots to moving rapidly around the stage, or expanding a combo. The “Winged serpent Rush” move can get through a rival’s gatekeeper and if effective, offers a decision between a flying combo or constraining the rival to change to an alternate character. The “Super Dash” flying assault will home in on the adversary’s lead character and can go through more vulnerable shots. In conclusion, players can “Ki Charge” to physically build their Ki measure, like past Dragon Ball battling games.

The game incorporates a few different highlights, for example, “Gone ahead Shenron!”, that permits players to assemble the Dragon Balls individually as the battle advances by uncommon moves and combos. When each of the seven are collected and a player plays out a particular assault under specific conditions, Shenron seems to give a desire and permits players to pick one among the accompanying advantages: expanding their warrior’s quality, restoring a fallen partner, recuperating a contender’s wellbeing or recovering wellbeing for the remainder of the match. Another component is the “Emotional Finishes”, extraordinary cutscenes that show up toward the finish of a battle contingent upon the characters in question and stage, identified with occasions from the Dragon Ball arrangement, which can be applied subsequent to utilizing Standing Hard ordinary assault or Vanish (as of Season 2) as the finisher/combo ender.

Db fighterZ Key Features

  • Characters such as MUI Goku, Goku Black, DBS Gogeta, DBS Broly, SSJ4 Gogeta, and more are included!
  • Original anime soundtracks have been directly ported out.
  • Flashy animations and high-definition graphics
  • Arc system gameplay, which is centred on the fighting genre.
  • Introduces 3 vs 3 gameplay style allows you to form a three-person team.
  • Can provide assistance during fight, which is quite beneficial.
  • Introduces The game has a completely unique storyline.
  • Size and specifications that are affordable are required.
  • There’s no need to be concerned because the game is completely offline.
  • Contains stages that serve a variety of purposes.
  • Features of a unique fighting game


  • Friends, in this game, you will witness the most powerful characters from the Dragon Ball Super universe, Hit and Jiren with their anime attack.
  • Android 16 & Majin Buu: The game features the characters Android 16 and Android 21. In addition, the game contains a majin buu character. Friends, although this game is completely offline, you can play it with your friends.
  • Gotenks SSJ3: Gotenks super saiyan three is a character in the Dragon Ball Fighter Z game. This is a good game since it has a powerful ghost kamikaze assault. There are also goten and trunk fusion dance anime in the game.
  • Bardock: Goku’s father, Bardock, has appeared in this game in his super saiyan form.
  • Kelfla – The latest version of Dragon Ball Fighter Z includes kelfla in all of his forms. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a fantastic game.
  • The most recent version of Dragon Ball Fighter Z is available. This is version dcl season 3, which means the game has been updated to the most recent version. No verification is required for Dragon Ball Fighterz apk. So, friends, I hope you now know how to download the game to your mobile device. The most popular anime game is DBFZ. Every DBFZ enthusiast wishes to play the game on their cell phone. So, in this post, I’ll show you how to get Dragon Ball Fighterz without having to verify your identity. This indicates you should be able to play this game without difficulty. So, what are you waiting for, friends? Go ahead and download this game to your mobile phone. It will function flawlessly on your mobile phone.

How to Download dragon ball fighterz apk

  • Click on the Download Link above to download dragon ball fighterz apk
  • Now it’s necessary to prove that you are human so the company can ensure that no Fake/Robots are attacking on their servers.
  • You have to complete only 1 offer, without human verification, there is no way to download it.
  • On other sites, you have to complete 2 offers but here in this website you just need to do only 1.
  • Now after completing the verification process, the Download would start automatically.
  • Install the APK and start play 🙂


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