Dragon Ball Legends For PC Download

Dragon Ball Legends For PC Download

Hello everyone, do you want to play Dragon Ball legends on PC and Laptops? If yes then today you will know a perfect to play Android Dragon ball legends game on PC/Desktop. Firstly I want to clear it that this is a original Dragon Ball legends without any mod which you are going to install so don’t think that you will ended up by downloading a mod. So let’s know all about the game and also the process of installing.

DB Legends On PC

DB Legends is the Latest Dragon Ball Z,Super game of Namco Bandai Entertainment that is built with a very high end 3D graphics which looks almost like the Dragon ball Xenoverse. The game is still developing each day, new Characters are being added in the versions, new events and stages are being added everyday. The gameplay and overall story is very amazing and based on the original anime. This game has many features because this is an official game of DBZ so let’s know all about the awesome features.

Game Features

Dragon Ball legends On PC download
  • Story mod – Story mod starts from the very beginning that is Saiyan Saga, this is an official game so it’s obvious that even smallest Sagas would present in the game.
  • PVP – Player Vs Player, this is a real time on-line multiplayer game of dragon Ball. In this Option the random player from anywhere in the world would be selected automatically to fight with you. You both are real humans and there is no CPU means a clever fight will take place.
  • Colorful 3D Graphics – the graphics looks as same as Xenoverse and the attacks, models, Textures, hairs and clothes are very colorful that looks fascinating.
  • Characters – It has all Dragon Ball Z Heroes and villains such as Raditz, Nappa, Broly, Cell and Frieza. Goku at this time has only Super Saiyan blue Transformations as his highest. Namco Bandai is releasing new DLC and new forms and Characters every weeks. So soon it will have Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and Vegeta SSBE too.
  • Broly DBS – Even though there is no MUI as of now but it contains Broly and Gogeta of dragon Ball super with their all Transformations and real anime attacks.
  • DBS Characters – contains new characters like Goku blue, God, Beerus, Kabba, Caulifla, Kale, Vegeta Blue, Vegito and more.
  • Animations – the ultimate attacks and winning animations are extremely perfect for each characters within the game.
  • Summons – unlock new Characters with new summons, buy summons with 1000 crystals and unlock new potentially powerful Characters.

Gameplay Features

  • Super attacks cards
  • Ultimate attacks cards
  • Rising rush opportunity when all dragon balls are gathered.
  • Transformation
  • Instant transmission
  • Dodge
  • Firing blasts cards
  • Ki charging
  • Auras
  • Choose Multiple Characters
  • Change Characters during gameplay
  • Combo cards
  • Controls – just tap on the Cards.

How to Install Dragon Ball legends on PC

  • Click on the Download Link below
  • The link will get you to the Bluestacks Download page
How to Install Bluestacks on PC
  • In that page, firstly download bluestacks Android Emulator ( if don’t have it already ). If you have it already then you can directly open it.
  • After downloading Bluestacks, Install and open it and Enter your Google play Store ID to open Google playstore in your PC.
Google play store on PC
  • After you have successfully logged in to your Play store now simply download DB legends for PC directly from the playstore.

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