Dragon Ball Universe Z TTT Ultimate Mod + Menu Download

Dragon Ball Universe Z TTT Ultimate Mod + Menu Download

Hello Friends, welcome again in this site, today I have brought an amazing new Dragon Ball Z TTT mod. Guys in this site you can find hundreds of DBZ TTT PSP Mod ISOs and they all possesses something unique which makes them different from others. Each mod includes something incomparable from any other mods. So let’s know about this mod.

DBZ TTT Ultimate Universe Z Mod

Dragon Ball Universe Z TTT Mod

This mod has a separate menu that you need to download and set it in your PSP. The new Mod Menu helps to find the right character and the right place. New mod menu looks so fascinating and Professional, at the interface, you will see an image of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and at the left side a new logo of Dragon Ball Universe Z is placed. Also the press start button is new, not that old.

DBZ TTT Ultimate Mod new Features

Beerus DBZ TTT
  • New model Of UI – This mod contains new Goku Omen and mastered UI models. Thia new model is based on Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics, Texture is full HD and Omen UI Goku performs new attacks which you have never seen before in any other mod. You can look at the above screenshot to have look of Goku New model.
  • Vegito G.O.D – it has Vegito God of Destruction form with Omen and MUI Transformation, Vegito’s aura is sky-blue and covers him totally whenever he power ups. All Attacks of Vegito are very sparking, the effects for this model is taken from BT3 graphics.
  • Goku God – Goku Super saiyan God is built with Original 3D Texture and this is a new model with New Godly attacks.
  • Beerus – Beerus’s Texture is also based on Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics and he performs a new special attack in which he just hits one single Punch to opponent and after that he is finished.
  • Bardock MUI – this character is created with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Graphics and Bardock has all new and shining aura and attacks.
  • Trunks Ssj God – this mod has Trunks new super Saiyan God with the new Enormous sword in his hands. The Aura is red and attacks are a little modified to give them a new look.

How to Install DBZ TTT mods

Click on the Download link above, and then you will be redirected to a YouTube video

Check the description for the download link of ISO

Now download the PSP Emulator & Install

Download save data

Put the save sata folder in PSP > Save data

Download and Set the Mod Menu, here is tutorial on how to set the DBZ TTT mod menu

Now open PSP Emulator, select the ISO and start play.


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