Dragon Ball Z Tag Vs Japan V2 Mod ISO PPSSPP

Dragon Ball Z Tag Vs Japan V2 Mod ISO PPSSPP

Dragon Ball Z TTT Japan Mod Download

Hi companions,

Today I have brought another Dragon Ball Z Game in particular DBZ TTT Mod 2020. Companions this is by a wide margin the best total mods of the Dragon Ball and with each of the 200 or more DBZ Characters. There is numerous new updates and Characters in this game which are sufficiently ideal to give you full delight of this mod.

About this game


DBZ Tag vs Japan mod

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team also called DBZ Tag versus Japan is a 3D Game for android and PPSSPP. This game was discharged in 2010 for all nations and afterward it gains so much notoriety on account of it’s 3D designs. Being a round of PPSSPP emulator this game appears to be higher than it’s capacities that is the reason this is one of the most acclaimed rounds of dragon Ball.

As the time spends and the Dragon ball super comes then the ubiquity of this game beginnings getting low step by step since absence of new DBS Characters. In that circumstance the Modder’s are assuming a major job on keeping up it’s prevalence among a great many people groups. Also, today in light of the tribute of the modder I am ready to brought this mod for all of you.

New Dragon Ball Characters

DBZ TTT Mods new character

Tapion, folks this mod has the first looking Tapion Texture with this unique Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Port assault. Tapion is non Canon Dragon ball anecdotal character and he is the ace of trunks. In the winged Dragon Ball film Tapion generally used to utilize his whistle for making the most of his performance time. That is the reason in this mod Tapion has a whistle as well yet that whistle is for to secure Tapion as opposed to ringing. At whatever point Tapion utilizes his whistle, a shield comes and begin shielding to him from vitality impact. That Sheild can spare Tapion from firings, crush assaults or even from extreme assaults.

New Goku Black, in the wake of perusing this name you may imagine that is the same old thing Goku dark Because he is in the mod since he comes in the anime. In any case, hold up it isn’t that Goku black who is now in the mod. This Goku black has all Forms of unique Goku like Super Saiyan, super saiyan 3, super saiyan blue, super saiyan rose or even ultra Instinct and mastered ultra instinct. This Goku dark has new assault in his aced or sign types of ultra nature.

What’s the new In V2

New Menu with Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Life bars, folks this game has an exceptional menu wherein you can see the blood bars of Budokai Tenkaichi 3. That bars are truly resembling that something new is goes ahead DBZ TTT MOD. That bar can diminish or increment during the battles. As you probably are aware there are many blood bars out there that Modder’s made however in that bars the Feature of diminishing and expanding of wellbeing was not working by any means. In any case, in this bar all the bugs are fixed. That is a great thing right.

Now this ISO is upgraded to V2 with More accurate HD Looking Models as you can see the first image of regarding the characters. That images shows all forms of Goku which are in Ultimate Tenkaichi textures.

The other characters models such as Kefla, Jiren, Broly, Jiren and their all transformations are converted to Ultimate Tenkaichi Graphics.

So this is all what this mod contains on the classification of new things. So on the off chance that you are keen on this game so Download connect is given beneath yet first read guidelines to run this in android.

How to Download and Install

First Download any mod iso of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team which you wish to play.

At that point download PPSSPP emulator from Google Play Store or app store.

Extract the iso document with RAR App, if the iso record is in RAR or zip group.

Presently simply open PSP emulator click on the iso and start Play

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