Hello Friends, do you want to download fifa 20 apk for Android? Are you looking for a way skip verification while Downloading fifa 20 apk+obb? Do you want to download fifa 20 full apk game for Android without human verification? If yes, so here you are going to get what you have been looking for so long. Today you can download fifa 20 apk without verification Full apk+Obb data files.

Sure, the new FIFA 2020 Apk Obb Data Mod 800MB offline is now available for download. It works offline on any Android device that has been modded from FIFA 2014 Android, and it runs faster with nice game play and full commentary for you to experience a real football game on your mobile device.

As you continue to scroll down, you will find the complete download link for the game Apk, which you can use to instal it on your device. Additional instructions on how to instal the game will be provided after the download sections of this post.

Fifa 20 APK

Fifa 20 is a HD three dimensional football simulation video game like Dream league Soccer, Pes 20 and fifa 18 apk. The game game was officially released for PlayStation 4 (PS4), PC windows, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch. Fifa 20 was officially released in 2020 by Electronic arts.

All the Official fifa games are Developed and released by the electronic arts but the fact is that. These games weren’t released for Android & iOS devices. So what we are going to show or provide here? It’s ofcourse a mod apk fifa 20 deluxe full apk+Obb in highly compressed size 800MB of total. The original game size is more than 1Gb with the apk of 31Mb. So now you can easily download fifa 20 mobile apk for any Android device having higher version than 7.0. and Snapdragon 620+.

Play FIFA game on Android

Fifa 20 apk

Nowadays if you want to play HD high graphics and 3D games like Pes 2021, Fifa 14, and more games then you don’t need PC anymore. All these games are now being available for mobile users to enjoy the full game without going online, yes you can play them offline. However if you want to play multiplayer then you need to go online to do so.

Features of Fifa 20 Mobile Mod

Below are the detailed explaination of fifa 14 mod apk fifa 20 apk Features on android.

Fifa 20 apk+Obb

Play Fifa 20 APK Offline

The first and the main reason that should play this game is because it’s offline. Yes, since you download the obb file implies that all the data that game needs to run is Downloaded. Now nothing from the web is needed more. Just like other games you may have played before with obb files. Usually if you don’t have the obb file then inside the apk, it data connection to begin the Download for obb data file and then you can play the game offline.

Simple and easy Controls

Controls – the game has an easy to use inbuilt game pad which has handle, and all the necessary buttons that needed. No key combination is needed, it’s one Touch and done gameplay. So you can take all the quick moves whenever needed instantly. Because of this feature, you can play the game very efficiently.

PS4 Camera Graphics

Graphics – the game is made of an extremely HD models and 3D textures and PS4 camera is used within the game so the camera angle will be as if you are playing the game in PS4.

The FIFA 2020 APK includes a new stadium, new uniforms, a new season, a PS4 camera, Tournament mode, and Manager mode, as well as an unlimited amount of money.

All of the features of FIFA 14 mod APK 20 operate flawlessly. This version contains 14 mobile games, but includes the transfer and club update last summer. This game has been developed by EA. Some features were cracked and hacked to break.

Key Features

  • Contains more than 52 stadia from 12 countries.
  • The game offers multiple player options. Yes you can play multiplayer by connecting with Bluetooth.
  • Game has inbuilt joystick through which you can move your player as you want.
  • No commentary in the background, the commentary can be annoying for those who don’t understand the language.
  • Contains manager mode, game of the week, ultimate team, tournament mod and much more Gameplay options.
  • Free to download, smooth to play, offline to play and easy to setup.

Graphics of the highest quality

For this FIFA 20 apk, the visuals have been upgraded in an effort to make the game more lifelike. Additionally, the game features high-quality 3-D graphics. Many aspects of the game, such as players’ faces, T-shirts, flags, spectators, awards, and the surrounding environment, are rendered realistic.

A Different View from the Camera

The camera angles have been improved in FIFA 20. As a result, watching football games or the pitch from various angles is more fun. You’ll be able to use the same wide-angle camera on your PS4 in this next version of FIFA as well.

Fifa 20 Mobile Gameplay

The gameplay in this FIFA 20 game is unquestionably unique. When compared to the previous version, the new VOLTA Football feature takes centre stage. However, the high-quality graphics make this football game a lot of fun to play. The most essential aspect of this FIFA mobile 20 apk game is the ability to play 3vs3, 4vs4, and 5vs5 games using futsal regulations. In addition, you can assemble your own professional squad from your favourite athletes. In order to engage in combat with other players, you’ll need this. Even your T-shirts, team name, and position in the game can be personalised.

In addition, you can play a wide variety of game modes that will help you improve your football gaming abilities. Another important factor in football matches is the number of goals scored by each team. It’s also a good idea to prepare your players by having them practise a variety of soccer abilities such as dribbling, kicking, and defending before a game. Both scoring and defending goals are made easier with the use of these abilities.

Build a Team of Your Own.

In addition, this Football game lets you form your own team with the help of your favourite sports team. Manage the skills, funds, team name, and position of your players among other things. A slew of footballers, such Zakaria Aboukhlal, Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, Kaka and Paul Pogba, can be chosen from the list, as can Kaka, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Luis Diaz and many more.

Play at a Wide Variety of Venues

You may also play in other stadiums around the world in this FIFA 20 apk no verification game to make it feel more authentic. A few of the more well-known stadiums include Sanderson Park in Edmonton, Canada, Stadion Hanguk in South Korea, Ivy Lane in London and Stadion Olympik in Oslo, Norway. Other well-known stadiums include Eastpoint Arena in Minneapolis and the stadiums at Union Park, Akaroa Stadium in Fiji and the Centenario Arena in Mexico City.

The Soundtrack And Commentary

There are Commentary capabilities in this FIFA 20 android offline 800MB download game that allow you to hear Commentary during the football game. To put it simply, the goal of this function is to make gamers feel like they’re actually playing the game. There are a number of different soundtracks that you can listen to while playing the game such as Another Sky’s The Cracks, Cautious Clay’s Erase, Danay Suárez’s La Razón Del Equilibrio, Everybody You Know’s She Don’t Dance and Foals’ The Runner, as well as many others.

Game Modes

  • Career mode: The goal of this game mode is to design your own fantasy football club and use it to further your football career. In addition, you can participate in any type of match, including cup, friendly, league, knock-out, or championship match competitions. Players can hone their abilities and forge strong bonds with their teammates in this mode.You’ll be able to play as a manager in this game’s manager mode. It allows you to take on the role of a team manager, in which you must oversee all aspects of the team, including finances, personnel, and job duties like training new recruits.
  • In the same way, this option allows you to participate in a soccer match with other players from across the world. Improve your football abilities and get a team rating with this app. League, Drop-in, friendly, and cup games can all be played with other people.
  • In this FIFA 20 apk download game, it is the finest mode to play. Because this mode teaches you how to play the game. With the help of this mode, you may improve your football talents and compete against real-world footballers.
  • The ultimate Team mode in this FIFA 20 Android game allows you to earn more in-game currency. You can use any of the world’s most famous soccer teams to compete against AI or other gamers in a soccer match.

How to Download FIFA 20 APK Without Verification

Here I am providing the direct download link of fifa 20 full apk+obb without verification, no verification is needed. Simple skip all those verification through our direct mediafire link and download.

  • Firstly Download the FIFA 2020 Apk by clicking on Download button provided below.
  • Then click on Download Obb file Button and download 1GB of Obb data.
  • Now Install the apk in your Android mobile. 
  • After installation done. Open Rar app
  • Extract the zip obb file, Cut the obb folder and paste into your Internal storage>Android>Obb.
  • And after that move the Data folder and paste into Internal>Android>Data.
  • After it is done, everything is done successfully, now Open your game and Enjoy.

FIFA 20 APK (26Mb) + OBB (800MB)

Here is the MediaFire link for Fifa 20 APK 26 and Obb data 800 highly compressed mod apk download for Android. If you are facing any issues regarding the downloads and installation then let me know in the comments, I would like to help you as soon as possible.


Is FIFA 20 available for offline play?

a) The answer is yes, you can play FIFA 20 in offline mode even if you don’t have an internet connection. Offline play is possible in a variety of modes, including career, manager, kick-off, and play with friends. However, if you want to play with other people across the world or purchase anything in the game, such as T-shirts, teams, shoes, or many more, you need an online connection.

Do you have to have money to play FIFA?

In other words, you don’t need any cash to enjoy FIFA 20’s free online mode. The FIFA 20 mod apk game will also provide you all of this for free. This FIFA 20 game can be downloaded using the link provided in this page.

Is it possible to get FIFA 20 on Android?

Yes, this FIFA 20 apk game is compatible with Android devices. However, if you want a lag-free gaming experience, you’ll need an Android device that satisfies the game’s minimum system specifications. If you have an Android phone with the same specifications, you’ll love this FIFA game’s visuals and gameplay.


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