God of War 4 APK+Obb for Android Download ( 200MB )

God of War 4 APK+Obb for Android Download ( 200MB )

God of War is an enormously famous PS game that is notable for its astonishing designs and unmistakable ongoing interaction. The game has been high popular by the players from its delivery date to up till now. This game includes incensed skirmishes of divine beings and ruinous beasts which is commonly a field from old Greece. The game is, in any case, inaccessible on the authority play stores like Google play store and iOS play store. However, some obscure distributers carried it to the android by altering its source. This is genuinely a present for the game competitors who wanted for it on android cell phones.


God of War apk + Obb

The ongoing interaction and storyline are astounding for the God Of War. The PS players have acclaimed this and carried it to the regard part of games.

The game spins around the time of the lofty Spartan Battles. Which is brimming with rush and experience that gives compensations to finishing the undertakings for the player utilizing that a player can purchase new weapons and supporting abilities. The more ceaseless slices, the more honors will be conceded and all the while, the passing of the forceful adversaries. Consequently, cuts and strikes of the blade mean a ton in this game.

God of War APK Gameplay

God of War 4 Android

Talking about the main plots and story in a word, the game starts with the presentation of Atreus, who is the child of the Kratos. This option adds a special team fight framework. Atreus is presented in the game, not as a futile AI. He has an indispensable impact in the fight framework. He likewise has his aptitude tree where you need to step up. His quality clears a path for the character to create as Kratos through discussions. Atreus is a consistent friend who is consistently there to help and not a block for Kratos during battle. These two joined makes the game more fascinating and considerably more engaging than previously. Despite the fact that there perhaps slight distinction in the android and ios rendition or possibly a few highlights probably won’t be incorporated as on the comfort, rest everything is really magnificent and is set to give you a stunning ongoing gameplay interaction experience more than ever.

God of War Game Download for Android Features

God of War 4 APK is an activity experience game created by Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). Released on April 20, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 (PS4).

It is the eighth portion in the God of War 4 apk obb Data arrangement, the eighth sequentially, and the continuation of 2010’s God of War III. In contrast to past games, which were inexactly founded on Greek folklore, this portion is established in Norse folklore” with most of it set in antiquated Norway in the domain of Midgard.

There are consistently sure factors that gamers will consistently check prior to playing a game. These components demonstrate how great the game development is finished by the makers. A few elements of God Of War are given beneath which will assist with examining where this game stands:


The narrative of this game continues from where it left off in the God of War 1 game with the same events. After Kratos had successfully vanquished the ancient god of battle, Aries. Kratos is successful in his attempt to ascend to the position of God of War. There, he attains all of the divine and divinely bestowed abilities. Kratos experiences betrayal at the hands of Zeus in God of War 2 Android Download. By doing it this manner, all of his power is removed from him and channelled into the underworld. After that, the Titans come to his rescue and aid Kratos in his battle against Zeus, thereby allowing him to survive. Kratos receives their assistance on his voyage because the Titans share his desire to exact revenge on Zeus. Throughout the programme, we also engage in a lot of interesting conflicts against a wide variety of gods.


In the event that the game is an activity sort, at that point it must have the best activity scenes conceivable. Regardless of whether it be hopping successfully, doing stunts, evading assaults, or even some moderate movement endings. Divine force of war culmination in this perspective is practically full. Nonetheless, certain things should be covered.


Each gamer needs somebody to beat him in the game, which carries rush and devotion to arrive at that level for the gamer more. To put it plainly, the more threat the rival, the more interest in the game. In God Of War, a comparable factor is mulled over. There are solid reprobates which will help the interest of its client. The solid chief and even the midway adversaries everybody can possibly take out the gamer prior to coming to or finishing the individual levels and win its success.


The film like inclination is additionally now the basic component that ties the interest further towards the working of the game. Notwithstanding, the person who is playing for just time pass won’t feel helpful to play it. Notwithstanding, not to disregard its charming ongoing interaction that will energize the player without a doubt.

New skills and Weapons

The main one the better player will consistently appreciate the best of the game. The better player will score, he will definitely get the awards as indicated by it. The new weapons will continually acquire fervor the player to try sincerely and get more cash. The aptitudes are additionally a rattrap for the players, which incorporate a heap of new abilities that will help the major parts in the manner to arrive at the end.

More Features

Going top to bottom about the highlights, the GoW 4 has now underscored prize and collectibles for investigation. You can travel and investigate each edge of the new setting and face new difficulties and riddles. Every one of these moves are remunerated with apparatuses or chests.

As you investigate the climate, you will locate that even little ways have huge outcomes. You will discover riddles and foes to handle so you win more rewards, or decide to battle for the inhabitants of the new land. At the same time, you should keep a check of Atreus’ suggestions to investigate neglected zones where you can get acquire assets or learn new pieces of Norse legend. Moreover, in this new game, you can not just alter Kratos’ capacities.

You can likewise have authority over his covering, charms, and weapon with the goal that you can adjust as indicated by your way of playing. One of the principle highlights of God f War 4 is the adjustment in Kratos’ weapon. He currently utilizes a hatchet that is known as the Leviathan hatchet which can be tossed and brought like that of Thor’s sledge. This new component changes the chain battle and players should perceive how this can subtlety the battle.

Chains of Chaos Gauntlet

Kratos employs a variety of different weapons in his battles against various monstrosities and daemons. The Blades of Chaos are the primary weapon that our Spartan makes use of. Aside from that, after defeating a boss, he will also get a pair of combat gloves. These two weapons each have their own unique way of attacking, yet they are also tremendously strong. If you’re looking for something with a longer range, I’d recommend going with the chains. Aside from that, gloves are a much superior option than chains for use at close and short ranges. Which one you choose to use in the end will depend entirely on you, my dear friends. Our website offers a free download of the application form for the game God of War 4 APK including the Obb file, which is well compressed.

How to Download God of War 4 APK for Android

  • Go beneath and Click on Download button and download God of War APK v1.3 in your Android
  • Presently Click on it and permit unknow Source, Install the God of War APK in your mobile
  • Presently hang tight for the establishment finish
  • When the establishment finish, click on it and open the application
  • That is it you have effectively Installed God of War APK Latest variant in your Android.

God of War 4 APK (27MB) + Obb ( 140MB )

Size27MB +140MB
File TypeApk/Obb
GenreAction RPG

Highly Compressed game

The highly compressed version of the game is available for download right here in this page, which we have provided access to. It is no longer necessary for you to be concerned about the restricted internet troubles; all you need is roughly 200-300 MB in order to download the game into your devices.

All of your questions about the God of War 2 game for Android that’s available as a free download apk have been answered. If the game is compatible with your system, downloading and installing it is simple, and you may play it on any device you want. It is still suggested that you do not download the game until either it is eligible for your device or until further notice. There is a download procedure that must be completed before the game can be played on any of your android devices. The procedure is outlined in the following.


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