GTA San Andreas PPSSPP for Android Download

GTA San Andreas PPSSPP for Android Download

Hello Guys, today i am back with another amazing game for PPSSPP Emulator. You can play this game GTA San Andreas PPSSPP on your Android, iOS & PC via installing PSP gold or normal PSP. The game size has been highly compressed to Minimum 78MB Zip File so you can Download it easily..

The most well known GTA series game before GTA 5 is definitely GTA san Andreas Developed and Published in OCT 2004 by Rockstargames. After the release, it got popular and so famous among youngsters because of it’s open world graphics and abilities to do any kind of crime. People enjoy it by applying cheat codes and getting super cars, bikes and even helicopters in an instant.

GTA San Andreas: PSP

GTA Sandreas PSP

So many people are searching for GTA san Andreas on PSP so here i am with what you all want. Original GTA San andreas on Android is near 2.2Gb so that’s why it’s really hard to download for most of the people. So let’s know all about this game. First of all, I want you to know that the original San Andreas is not available for PSP and this game which I am providing here is a mod version of GTA Vice city. This mod has been built to have graphics like the original GTA San andreas, so you will really Experience as if you are playing the original GTA San dreas.


GTA San Andreas highl compressed

GTA San Andreas an Open world 3D Game High graphics game in which you can do anything you want and there are missions to complete to explore game’s Features even more.


There are bosses in the game who will give you Missions to do. In the beginning, the Boss would give you easy Missions like Kill 2 peoples who are the enemies of your boss. Definitely it’s very easy to kill them via crushing them with a car or truck. As you will go further, missions would get more serious and harder, police will after you in each Missions. Missions like Robbing a bank, killing a group of people, taking control over a helicopter are very amazing. There are more than 100 missions within the game and first 15 missions are easy to complete and all other missions are more interesting and hard to completed.

GTA San andreas Psp gameplay

GTA San Andreas PPSSPP Mod Features

This Moded GTA Vice city built with GTA San Andreas psp skins, Graphics & Character. You can play with Carl Johnson also called as CJ and Complete Missions of the city. Although the Missions are the same as Original vice city but Characters and illustration is of GTA San Andreas. You can get the Guns by Fighting with Police, killing them and taking their guns. To get more powerful guns, you have to Complete more missions, then you will get super guns during completing the missions.


It’s possible to adjust the controls of the game in the PPSSPP Emulator’s settings and it will also affect gameplay. It’s also possible to play games using a different gamepad connected to this emulator. The second gamepad is also supported by this emulator.

Available Vehicles

Here is the list of the available vehicle in the game that you will and can take it by force from any person. All these cars, bikes, trucks and buss are available in GTA san Andreas PPSSPP game.

  • Alpha
  • Buffalo
  • Bullet
  • Turismo
  • Windsor
  • ZR-350
  • Cheetah
  • Comet
  • Euros
  • Hotknife
  • Infernus
  • Phoenix
  • Super GT

Multi Language Support

Don’t know english? Or you belong to Spanish, Italy and other countries? Don’t worry, you can still set the game According to your language. GTA san Andreas supports more than 36 international languages which is widely used and spoken by the large group of people.


Every gamer has fond memories of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In this game, you take on the role of Carl Johnson, a recently freed convict who has learned of his mother’s death. He returned to his former neighbourhood, Groove Street, where he was greeted by his brother, old friends, and others. As Carl Johnson, you’ll have to deal with a lot of difficult situations in your life.

You can explore the entire San Andreas area, which includes Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas, Red County, Flint County, Whetstone and many other locations, such as Tierra Robada, Bone County and many others. Similarly, automobiles and other vehicles from this era are from a time when there weren’t many new and high-tech vehicles like there are today. Many missions in the game let us play as Carl Johnson and his friends, solving their problems as we went. This allowed us to progress through the storey and learn more about it.

Game Requirements

Gta San Andreas PSP version game can be played almost any version of Android and with low end phones too. Although, make sure your android meets this minimum requirements to run it smoothly.

  • 1GB ram
  • 1GB rom space
  • Quad core
  • Snapdragon 420+
  • A good battery life

That’s all you need to play Free GTA san Andreas psp on android. People are also looking for GTA san Andreas psp in 100MB size, guys you know that it’s an open world three dimensional game and still we did it. Now the game has been compressed to under 100Mb with save data files.

How to Download GTA San Andreas for PSP

  • First of all Download PSP Emulator. You can play this GTA San Andreas in all the devices whether you have Android, iOS or a PC.
  • After Downloading PSP Emulator apk/ipa/exe, install it and click on done.
  • Then Download iSO 7z zip File highly compressed
  • Extract it with 7Zipper app for Android, on iOS use iOS apps to Extract and ofcourse PC can do it easily.
  • Now you have the ISO, and a PSP folder
  • Move the PSP folder in your Home directory of storage
  • Then open PSP Emulator, find ISO, and start play.

I hope you have understood everything, if you are facing any problem, just comment down below.



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