Jump Force is a very popular game nowadays because of it’s multiple anime characters. But as you all know unfortunately we can’t play the original Jump Force on Android hence the Modders are working on releasing various mods on PPSSPP for jump Force. Today I am introducing a PPSSPP jump Force Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Mod.

As a professional gamer, you should always play a game that offers a variety of heart-pounding challenges. You should choose a game that offers you a variety of images and outstanding textures. It is critical to provide quality graphics. This blog will focus on Jump Force PPSSPP’s features and characters, as well as more information regarding Jump Force PPSSPP ISO Download. Extremely compressed. Jump Force PSP is a well-liked and admired game among players. Many gamers are important in everyday life and enjoy playing this game because of its fantastic anime characters and useful features, making it the finest option.

Gamers, I’m going to provide you detailed information about the game’s various features and requirements for Android phones. You’ll also learn about the many Jump Force PSP characters. If this is something you enjoy, then keep reading this blog.

Certain criteria are required for you to download this game into your Android phone as an avid gamer. Let’s have a look at it.

Jump Force Mod for Android

Jump Force PPSSPP Android

This mod of Jump Force can be run on PSP Emulator very smoothly. Any Android device is able to play this game unless it is above 4.0. The graphics are 3D just like Jump Force and the Texture are also full HD. Friends, this is the first version of this game ever designed by the modders that covers few Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and Naruto characters. However this mod doesn’t contains all jump Force characters but still a great mod to experience jump Force gameplay on Android.

Jump Force for Android

Jump Force PPSSPP Features

  • In the end, the Story Mod was made for people who enjoy reading about the tales behind andme games. Naruto fans will be able to enjoy themselves in this mod. The story mode does not include characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Ichigo.
  • All the battles are the same in the Mission Mod, which is equivalent to the Story Mod. That’s what it was mentioned about the mission mod’s appearance. In some aspects, it’s similar to tale mod. There are a lot of individuals that use the leap force PSP iso download to play this game. If you are looking for a tough challenge, mission mode’s challenges and battles are a great place to start.
  • This is a well-known mod for a great game. This is the mod for you if you want to feel the genuine punch of Jump Force ppsspp. Playing this mod will allow you to experience a true jump warrior game by changing characters and maps. A variety of high-quality graphics are used to create a real-world experience.
  • Storylines and tasks are different in free fight mode, according to the game’s description. One by one, you can unlock them and face a tough battle. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty increases. If you’re looking for something to do while you’re bored, you can play in this mod.
  • This is a gut-wrenching multiplayer mod that you can use. Hoc mode can be used to play this. A ninja-style method of defeating adversaries. If you give jump force ppsspp a chance, it will become your favourite mode of play. Playing with a friend in multiplayer mode is the greatest way to get the most out of this game.

Story mod

Story mod obviously has the full story of Final Fantasy but because this is a mod hence you will experience jump Force characters in storyline.

Battle mode

this is an arcade mode of this game where you can choose your favorite jump Force characters to start the journey to the boss battle at the end.

So these both are the gameplay modes of this game, now let’s move on to the Characters.

Jump Force Characters

Jump Force Goku PPSSPP
  • Goku – from Dragon Ball super, this mod has Goku base with a stick in his hands. Going uses a stick to perform his ultimate and special Attacks. Goku also has his super Saiyan form with sparking dramatic attacks.
  • Frieza – one more characters from DBS that has psychic attacks on dragon Ball anime hence in this mod frieza uses his Psychic moves.
  • Naruto – from the anime Naruto, this mod contains base form of Naruto with possible original attacks.
  • Ichigo – Ichigo is another popular anime characters that this game has.
  • Luffy – another powerful anime character that has powerful punches as his moves.
  • The mod consist of much more Characters as you can see in the above screenshot.

How to Download & Install jump Force PPSSPP ISO zip file on Android

It is a simple to install it on your Android, just do the following instructions

  • Firstly Download the PPSSPP Emulator from The Google playstore. Make sure you have the latest version for better speed.
  • Now download the original ISO of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy ( Link is Given below )
  • After that Free Download The Mod Pack of Jump Force
  • Now Extract the Mod pack by using RAR or Zarchiever or any other Extracter.
  • After Extract you will see a file namely “PSP”
  • Just Put That “PSP” file on your SD card or Internal storage, whichever is default on your Android
  • Now open PSP Emulator select the ISO of final fantasy and Start play, enjoy.
ISO Size1.19GB
Mod Pack Size33MB
Extract PasswordJF By Yogx’s
PPSSPP Emulator
Mod Pack

If you are facing any trouble regarding installation then feel free to comment down your problem, I would love to help you.


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