You Favorite My Summer Car Apk Mobile Game is Now available for Android & iOS Devices. To download this game is very easy, here I am providing you the free download link for My Summer car for Mobile apk+Obb data files. just download and start playing. And yes no need to any Verification inside the apk, means you can play it without verification, just open the apk and Obb files will begin download Automatically.

My Summer Car Apk

About My Summer Car Apk

The most wonderful video car games you make and change your late spring vehicle are My Summer Vehicle. Kicking the bucket is very simple and would bother many. In any case, My Summer Car apk offers loads of fun and great detail.

MY SUMMER CAR is the ideal vehicle ownership, plan, obsession, tuning, fix, and lifetime test system. You dispatch the game and collect both vehicle and motor with many looseners. You don’t just need to hold your vehicle, yet additionally you. Saucers, lager and rest are generally good. My Summer Car is a brilliant sandboxing match-up, where you get what you are downloading. The amount of fun is actually your inclination and what kind of aspirations you are looking for. You would surely appreciate this game on the off chance that you’re somebody who needs to sort out issues and doesn’t abandon troublesome difficulties!

Gameplay Interactivity Features

  • Full vehicle and cars gathering with more than hundred sections and parts.
  • Definite driving and motor reproduction
  • Different vehicles, cars and boat to utilize and drive
  • Many kilometers worth of earth and cleared streets with AI traffic
  • Irregular paying responsibilities to cover food, drink and fuel costs
  • Rally occasion to take an interest in
  • Death, if accident happens
  • Sauna washing and bathing
  • 90’s Finnish summer!
  • Backing for guiding haggle regulators.

You have a working vehicle that you can use for various summer exercises in the Finnish field during the 1990s. Basically, doing idiotic stuff under liquor control. You may begin tuning and refreshing the vehicle with the parts requested by snail mail after you have gathered additional cash from various irregular positions. The vehicle can be transformed into a club bass blast … . Or then again to contend in assembly vehicle challenges … Or simply fix it fit as a fiddle in the shop. Vehicle should either pass the check, obviously, or you can experience difficulty with the police.

My Summer Car Mobile More Details

My Summer Car Mobile Apk may appear to be a game about the fine craftsmanship of jank-ass vehicles, and somewhat that. Nonetheless, it is as yet an open-world plot. Lager and pee are two of these accounts. About the way that shockably not many of them are named Frankie Jawline, Licensed Car Mechanic, players love that. They like the strength of meticulousness and the delight that comes following three hours of thundering test-and-mistake, after really building a damn vehicle. Also, indeed, they simply need us to drink and pee.

My Summer Car is much in excess of a vehicle. It is an outdoors endurance match that I sorted out during playing it (and learning some significant life exercises) for a few hours. You can likewise chug pop, turn perilous dirt roads shakily and piss at anybody you know. The entirety of this, some way or another, is connected.

Game Development and Features

My Summer car is an open-world endurance game created by Amistech and distributed in 2016 on Steam. The game comprises of six moving vehicle which is obviously cars. The Satsuma is your vehicle, hustling and change. The Satsuma depends on a Datsun 100A and it is unquestionably the most time you go through with it. The Ferndale is the Fleetari muscle vehicle. The Sixth Generation Dodge Coronet depends on the Ferndale. It’s the fastest vehicle in the game, and on the off chance that you don’t be careful, it is exceptionally hard to deal with. This is a little journey, which is simply used to meet and work together on the little island in the focal point of the lake. I don’t propose that you utilize the boat to go to the shop since it’s truly simple.

Regularly I wouldn’t look through an endurance match, yet my Summer Car is unique. I ‘m attempting to turn out additional. You have an instance of malt, hotdogs, the vehicle on the carport floor and 3000 Marks when you start the game. I said, “Sacred sh, when I saw everything! t, I’ll pass on. “I’ll bite the dust. You need to plan it all cautiously, when individuals call you and the shop closes pretty early. Alright, you would now be able to rest in the septic truck and in a real sense camp external the store.

The Gifu is the septic truck where you bring in cash and rest (despite the fact that it has a bed). It is the Sisu M arrangement based and, as per my late spring, it’s the most impressive vehicle in the game with a 315BHP Rolls-Royce engine. The Hayosiko is Toyota Hiace, a truck you go through to pick brew in a store.

About Characters

  • The dealer
  • barman Teimo
  • Fleetari the mechanic
  • Lindell the Inspector
  • Jaakko Bus Driver

The game comprises of five principle characters (NPCs). The vendor and barman Teimo is available. Teimo reveals to you arbitrary stuff just to visit, despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to appreciate it, so your character can’t converse with him other than reviling. Fleetari is the Satsuma-fixing technician. Until you don’t offer back his muscle vehicle, it appears to be an OK person.

On the off chance that you don’t give him the muscle vehicle, he’ll do Satsuma things. Lindell is the overseer of the vehicle, and nothing else should be told about him, since designers of the game haven’t given him any character. I don’t have the foggiest idea what his character is expected to be, he’s a transport driver, yet I will say he’s as yet in helpless mind-set. Pekka’s the transport driver. The b*d is named Jaakko in the little green Fiat/SEAT 133. For all expenses, you can stop him.

Why My Summer Car game is Amazing?

My Summer Car Mobile is agreeable and testing simultaneously, since it’s enjoyable to make the vehicle, however the game doesn’t mention to you what the size spanners you need to pay. The Satsuma is important for it and outside the carport when you start the game. I can’t help suspecting that one day your character drove it in, stopped it outside and afterward needed to disengage it. The pieces coming from your vehicle are put on the floor and on the racks of your carport. It works on life a great deal.

The Satsuma can be updated with parts to be requested. You should purchase the parts in the town of Peräjärvi with the request structure and go to the market. It’s simply a lot to simply give us a mail, so you need to get back to the general store to get the things, and you need to go to the shop on the off chance that you purchase anything on the double.

How to Download

  • You can easily Download the game files from
  • Install it in your android mobile phone.
  • Before you download the game, this is necessary that you Complete the short Verification process by installing and opening apps/games for 30-40 seconds.
  • After successfully verification, you can download the game, and yes there is no verification inside the apk file. Once the game is installed, you can play it without verification.

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