Naruto Boruto Mugen Apk Android 2023 Download

Naruto Boruto Mugen Apk Android 2023 Download

Hello Guys, today i am bringing another amazing Mugen Namely Naruto Boruto Mugen Apk, this is just a modified version of Bleach Vs Naruto 3.3 apk, and this Mugen contains Characters only from the Naruto and Boruto Anime. This is the only Original Mugen which can be played on Android Without any Emulator and the game is offline too.

Bleach Vs Naurto Mugen Mod Apk Download

In this Mod Apk of Bleach Vs Naruto, there are many changes made by the Creator. The mod is Created by BVN and he has done a great work in this apk by Modifying The Homepage, The Characters menu and the models too. This is the Newest Naruto Mugen Game Apk ever Released on August 2020 for Android. So let’s know all Features of this game.

Naruto Boruto Mugen Apk Apk Features

So as I told above, the game is based on Naruto & Boruto Anime but this game don’t have a Story mod for that Animes. It contains the following Game modes:

Team Play mode:- in this Option you will see 2 additional alternatives in particular Team Acrade and Team Vs CPU. Acrade mode you will do fight with Random Teams individually and the Rounds come Next leave. Versus CPU mode you will play with Normal just One Round and After one Round total the fight is End.

Single Play:- You will likewise observe 2 additional choices in Single Play Options specifically Single Acrade and Single Vs CPU. Single play all play modes is completely similar to Team play Mode yet just one change have in this alternative you will play with Single character not Team.

Traning Mode:- You can improve your battling abilities and check all Characters aptitudes in Training mode. Traning Mode is most ideal choice for learning this game.

Gameplay Features

  • Running and Jumping
  • Kicking and Punching
  • 3 types Small Super Attacks of all Characters
  • 3 Types Ultimate Attacks for All Characters
  • Instant Transmission for attacking
  • instant Transmission for Dodging
  • Transformation of Next forms
  • Assistant Characters: you can select assistance Characters and use it in Battle.

Character evolution when playing

Using the Naruto Mugen mobile APK, you may change the appearance of any playable character. Again, I can’t stress how crucial this aspect is to the finished product. Fans of the Naruto franchise will be pleased to learn that a plethora of video games have been developed based on the popular manga and anime. There are no genuine transformations in these games. They may, for instance, centre on individuals who have already experienced a metamorphosis. When performing a part, they may also assume another persona. To reach sage mode, gamers must meditate in silence with a concentration on building their chakra from the ground up.

Strengthening Weapons

It’s well knowledge that the games detract from the show’s original appeal. Anime video games sometimes have special attacks, albeit they often amount to nothing more than button mashing. The Naruto Mugen APK mod that only takes 100 MB is an exception. In the same way that an enraged Naruto may switch into Kyuubi mode, you can do the same here. It’s possible for any of the characters to learn devastating techniques like the Sharingan, Rinnegan, or Shinra Tensei.

2D fighting game

Download Naruto Boruto Mugen APK for Android

NameNaruto Boruto Mugen APK
Size352 MB
File TypeAPK


Featuring fighters from the Naruto and Boruto series, the Naruto Boruto Mugen Apk is a tweaked take on the popular fighting game Bleach Vs. Naruto 3.3. The only authentic Mugen game that runs natively on Android without the need for an emulator is this one. Modifications made by BVN include a new main menu, character options, and new models.The game’s modes include “Team Play,” “Single Play,” “Training,” “Evolution,” and “Weapons That Strengthen Characters.” The ability to customise the look of each playable character is a major selling point. To increase their chakra, characters might practise meditation, take on new identities, and experience transformation.To get powerful moves like the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and Shinra Tensei, download the Naruto Mugen APK hack. In combat, players may take use of the game’s special features, such as changing appearance.

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