Hello Friends, Today i am introducing a new Dragon Ball Z BT3 PS2 Mod, you can also play this DBZ BT3 mod on android via installing a pcsx2 Emulator on android called Damon PS2.

DBZ BT3 mod PS2

About Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 was first released in Oct, 2005 by Namco Bandai Games. It is officially released for PlayStation 2 ( PS2 ) but you can also play it on android through modern advanced developed Damon PS2 Emulator and you android device must be Powerful enough to run this Emulator. DBZ BT3’s Original version contains all the Characters from Dragon Ball z and Dragon Ball GT, but since this a mod iSO of DBZ BT3, it contains all the new Characters from Dragon Ball super anime. This game was also released for Dolphin wii, and you can play it on android with new Dolphin wii Emulator, there is a mod for Dolphin too, if you want to download it, then click here.

Guys although there are many mods available for dragon Ball z Budokai 3 out there but this one is the best and contains the most newly released and designed Dragon Ball super villains and new heroes Characters.

New Characters

Jiren – this BT3 PS2 Mod has new Jiren with all of his Transformations and new attacks including eye glare move and limit breaker form.

Ultra Instinct Goku – MUI is the most powerful and the highest possible transformation for Goku ever made till now by akira Toriyama and now this form is available in this Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2 mod iso. Ui Goku uses auto dodge ability and eye glare attack just like Jiren, aura looks so beautiful and amazing, awesome and whatever word you may use for it, it’s just astounding guys. You will be addicted to this game after playing.

Gogeta – It also contains new Gogeta of Dragon Ball super with it’s all Transformations and new canon attacks and new auras. The entire model of Gogeta is changed to new canon Gogeta.

Broly – the mod has New Dragon ball super Broly with his all Transformations including Legendary Super saiyan Transformation in which he becomes even more powerful than Super saiyan Goku blue Kaioken 20x. Broly uses the most destructive attacks ever in this game.

How to Download play DBZ BT3 mod on android

  • So first of all you need to download the Damon PS2 Pro Emulator.
  • Make sure you Android device is compatible and powerful enough to run Damon PS2 games smoothly, to check compatibility, here are the specifications which requires.
  • 4 GB ram, 720+ Snapdragon, Octa core processor and 128 GB internal memory. If your Android meets this requirements then head over to the next step.
  • Now download the PS2 ISO Zip/rar file.
  • After Downloading, extract it with any Extractor, you can use 7zipper or rar app or any other which is more convenient to you.
  • After Extraction, you will see an ISO file is Extracted.
  • Now open PS2 Emulator and yes Don’t forget to set the BIOS otherwise the game will not run. Bios download link is given besides PS2 Emulator link.
  • After setting the bios, now search for your game through PS2 emulator.
  • Now click on your game and start playing.


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