Pokemon Omega Ruby Download APK+Obb [Citra 3Ds] for Android

Pokemon Omega Ruby Download APK+Obb [Citra 3Ds] for Android

Now Download Pokemon Omega Ruby apk for android mobile with Citra 3ds emulator rom full apk+Obb file for free. The game is Available in highly compressed version and it’s lower than 500mb, easy to download in parts. The game is available on gba too but here we are providing the Nintendo 3ds rom version.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Download
Pokemon Omega Ruby apk+Obb download
Pokemon Omega Ruby Download for Android
Pokemon Omega Ruby 3ds Citra emulator rom download

Pokemon Omega Ruby apk Description

Nintendo 3DS ROM Pokémon Omega Ruby apk (Nintendo 3DS ROM) is a follow-up to Ruby and Sapphire. Based on the original, but with new details and Pokemon types added to the Pokedex, this game has an entirely new scenario.


Alpha and Beta Generations of the Pokemon As soon as the player and his family arrive in the Hoenn region, Ruby’s story begins. The father of the player owns and operates a Pokemon training facility in Petalburg. Hoenn’s core town of Hoenn is bid farewell by the player, who heads to Professor Birch and embarks on a journey to become a Pokemon Trainer there. There’s a problem with Professor Birch’s Pokemon, unfortunately The professor was able to capture them thanks to the player’s cooperation. Upon Professor’s recommendation, the player is given the choice of taking one of the three Pokemon he has on hand.


Your character will be either a young guy or woman, as usual. To become a successful Pokemon trainer, you’ll have to brave the wilds of Hoenn.

a little village serves as the setting for Pokémon Omega Ruby Professor Birch will give you your first Pokemon when you meet him in the gym. There, they will become fighters in the wilderness, where you are passing through. As a result, the game’s introduction is straightforward. All of these areas must be explored. There are a lot of Pokemon for you to catch and learn from.

New places will be opened in the future. There are eight training rooms and a coach to beat in each of the eight cities you’ll visit. To compete in Hoenn’s championship competition, you must meet this requirement.

In addition, the antagonists in Pokémon Omega Ruby are usually represented by Team Magma. Beaches are to be destroyed by summoning Groudon, a legendary Pokemon. Stopping them now will prevent problems from getting worse.

Become a Pokemon trainer

It’s fair to say that the Pokemon series’ material is entertaining, yet the vast majority of them don’t really distinguish from one another. To get an enjoyable role-playing experience, play Pokémon Omega Ruby according to the primary plot. However, learning about the Pokemon system will help you mine more.

The variety of Pokemon types can be noticed. Since each Pokemon has a unique set of abilities, they are organised into many systems, each with a distinct benefit. In order to come up with fresh tactics, you might make use of your morphological and physical characteristics. Even stronger opponents can be defeated using this strategy. If he wants to compete in the Hoenn championship, a Pokemon master needs to have this skill set.

Collect strong Pokemons!

If you’re a Pokemon fan, Pokémon Omega Ruby has a wide variety of species to choose from. Getting ahold of a Pokemon is a breeze. In order to win against them, you’ll need to fight and weaken them, and then utilise your Pokédex to find the answers. Regardless of whether the Pokemon is in the wild or owned by a trainer, it is still possible to capture it.

The Pokémon Omega Ruby game also has a feature where you can trade experience with other players. Your entire party will get experience even if only one Pokemon is fighting.

Pokemon Omega Ruby apk+Obb Appealing Features

There are a number of wonderful features that you can enjoy right now by downloading Pokemon Omega Ruby. Let’s take a closer look at the game’s mechanics and features right now!

Investigate Unknown Locations

You can look around the Hoenn region and pick a good spot for a covert base if you want some privacy.

With the help of communication and space-creating tools, you can connect with other players from all around the world.

It’s possible to connect a secret base with others here, but you can also engage in combat with them. Take advantage of the many secret bases to find valuable artefacts, flags, and other enticing rewards.

Delta Episode is a whole new narrative.

“Delta Episode” is the name of a new narrative focusing on the Hoenn region. The Mega Evolution mysteries have remained unexplained because of a three-thousand-year-old narrative in the Hoenn region.

Zinnia, a little girl in distress, is the protagonist of the story’s first chapter. In addition, Team Aqua, Gym Leader Wallace, Steven, and other familiar characters make an appearance.

You can’t miss Rayquaza vs. Deoxys, which is sure to be exciting.

With Pokénav Plus in tow

Pokénav Plus will keep you company on your adventure. Pokénav Plus is an essential tool for Pokémon Trainers.

PokéAav Plus is clearly visible beneath the Nintendo 3DS during non-event times as well. In order to participate in the game, you will be able to switch between the four primary aspects of this system.

Pikachu and Ami feature

Poké-Amie characteristics can be seen in the Pokémon Y and X games, as well.

With this function, players and Pokémon can develop closer bonds by performing actions such as feeding, cuddling, and playing with one another together. As an added bonus, you can use Pokémon-Amie at any time to play with your team’s Pokémon.

The more you take care of your Pokémon, the more they’ll love you back. As a result, they have a wide variety of power sources, are able to dodge, and are able to easily win combat. Pokemon Omega Ruby Download APK is the best way to get a taste of these great weaknesses.


Perhaps in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, you can engage in Pokémon combat. You can also utilise your cherished Pokémon to compete for the most gorgeous character in Pokémon Contest Spectaculars.

Give your Pokémon Pokéblocks to eat to boost their activity. For the most part, the Pokéblocks will be coloured and based on berries. The rules of the contest will be determined by the sort of Pokéblocks eaten by the Pokémon.

How to Download Pokemon Omega Ruby Apk for Android + Citra Emulator rom

  • Click on the Download button below to download Pokemon Omega Ruby apk obb for android Nintendo 3ds Citra emulator rom highly compressed version.
  • Download all parts
  • After downloading all the parts, extract any 1 part
  • Then install the Citra emulator for Android
  • Open the emulator, scan for games and search it up by yourself
  • Click on the game and begin playing.

Extract Password: techzard


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