Hello everyone, today here download super tank rumble mod apk 2022 with unlimited money and gems with everything unlocked latest version. All the features are unlocked, this is a new tank battle game for Android, play with your friends and AI. Super Tank Rumble Mod APK is available for download with the latest version 2022. This post at the end has a direct link to download the mod apk version with unlimited money and gems.

If you like games with tanks, Then best choice for you would be Super Tank Rumble game. Super Tank Rumble is a new casual game developed by Smilegate Megaport, a separate studio from the well-known producer of online games. Super Tank Rumble’s graphics are remarkable, especially when you consider it’s a 2D tank game.

About Super Tank Rumble Mod APK

Super tank rumble mod apk

The very fun action video game Super Tank Rumble mod apk 2022 game has been developed by Smilegate Megaport. To make it possible for most Android versions to use the super tank rumble, the super tank rumble apk has been cracked.

This game will require you to build your own tank, participate in fierce battles, and prove your creativity to earn Achievements. Arming your tank and creating a squad of monsters that will be your primary source of defence are both things you’ll have to do.

In short, this game is more of a tank battle in which both the buyer and the seller utilise heavily armed and built tanks. As a player, you are given the freedom to construct your own customizable battle tank that is capable of fighting off any threats that may appear during the battle.

Alternatively, you can design your own monsters and customise them with abilities that you prefer and for personal defence. When you’re working on the design of your monster, keep in mind that you must not be sensitive about the capabilities of the monster you create, or you’ll be killed and your tank destroyed.

In this game, the Smilegate Megaport Enterprise describes it as one of the desk-based, casual games that they have developed. In order to access the game, it is only necessary to go to their valid websites and links on various platforms, including the Google Play Store.

Key Features

  • Design your own tank world.
  • Your personality should come through in your tank design.
  • Stick a bunch of little tiles together to make a tank.
  • Fight with your tank at all times, using it as a weapon.
  • Super tank rumble mod apk is an offline
  • Free to download

Super Tank Rumble Mod APK 4.7.4 Features

  • Unlimited money – yes, unlike the original game where you have to complete the stages to get momey, in super tank rumble mod apk, you get unlimited money.
  • Unlimited gems – Gems are even harder to collect than money and you barely get even 2 gems after completing or winning a battle. But now with the help of this mod apk, you get unlimited gems in super tank Rumble.
  • Everything unlocked – there are many elements available to create your own tank. Some of the premium features or elements through which you can build a powerful tank are locked. But now as you all know. Everything is unlocked in this moded game.
  • The colourful elements and cartoons in the game help keep players entertained. This amazing game lets you construct numerous armoured vehicles and personalise them easily. It’s possible to collect more than 100 parts in this game and then customise your tanks according to your personal preferences.


Super Tank Rumble mod apk is a multiplayer online game in which you must kill your opponents in order to receive rewards. Your tank can be constructed out of blocks. You can customise your tank’s appearance with a wide variety of available parts in this game.

To make your tank uniquely yours, you can collect as many as 100 pieces. Collecting the components is a breeze. As soon as you’ve destroyed the opponent, you’ll start receiving supplies. You can experiment with countless combinations of these components to determine which ones work best for you.

You can customise the abilities and capacities of your tank. Don’t go crazy, though, or you’ll have a hard time defeating your foe. When it comes to upgrading your tank, think strategically. Ideally, you should design your aquarium in such a way that it expresses your unique character.

In order to level up, you must finish all of the challenges and upgrade your tank to make it indestructible. Assassinate your foes as rapidly as possible with precise aim. The only way to win this game is to learn how to aim swiftly and correctly.

In the event that you delay any longer, the enemy will destroy your tank. Hurry up! As an additional convenience, the autopilot mode is available. The auto-aim feature of Autopilot is a helpful addition. The second weapon, such as a machine gun, should be used in automatic mode.

You must be armed with formidable weapons in order to win the battles. Become a battlefield victor by improving your arsenal. Even though your tank seems nice and powerful, it will be destroyed by the opponent if it lacks the proper weapons.

Cannons, spikes, flame throwers, and machine guns are just a few of the various weaponry available in this game. The qualities of different weapons, as well as the damage they deal, vary greatly. Decide on the weapons that best suit your needs. With the help of various boosters, you can defeat your foe.

As an added bonus, you have the ability to fly above the adversaries to deal swift and decisive damage. To increase the number of weapons you may carry, you must level up. For the super cannon, you’ll need a higher degree of progression. Super guns adorn both sides of a tank. It’s a formidable weapon because it allows you to simultaneously strike and shoot at multiple targets.

How to Download Super Tank Rumble Mod APK Unlimited money and gems 2022

  • You can easily directly download the super tank rumble mod apk unlimited money and gems 2022 from the link below
  • After downloading make sure you uninstall the original version first
  • Now install the mod apk and allow the “Installation from this sources” If asked by your android smartphone.
  • Now open the game and enjoy the premium unlimited money and gems features for free.
NameSuper Tank Rumble
PublisherSmilegate Megaport
CategoryMod APK
Size90 MB


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