Tekken 8 Apk Download for Android Mobile

Tekken 8 Apk Download for Android Mobile

Hello TEKKEN fans, are you looking for the latest Tekken 8 apk download for Android mobiles, or tekken 8 for PPSSPP iso+save data? If yes then here today you will know everything about it whatever you should know. Just keep reading the post and I will provide you with the direct link to download the game where no additional verification is needed. And you can free download Tekken 8 APK + Obb data for android.

About TEKKEN 8 Apk

The fact is that the Official Tekken 8 is not released by the Bandai Namco Entertainment and there is no confirmed release date till now. Even the creation is not started yet, so what we are providing here? It’s obviously a tekken 8 Mod apk, and it’s a mod of those Tekken games which are already available in Android PPSSPP. It’s an unreleased game as of now but fans are releasing its mods.

Tekken 8 apk android
Tekken 8 PPSSPP

Game Feature

It features all those gameplay and menus features that you have seen in any of the previous tekken games. Some features are listed belos

  • Story mod – as the game is not Officially released so the story mode follows the story of tekken 6 game.
  • Characters – it contains more than 40 tekken fighting characters including Jin Kazama, Paul Pheonix, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Hihachi Mishima, Devil jin, Azazel as the boss, Law, Lie, Eddy Gordo, King, Armored king and many others.
  • Graphics – this games consist of more high Graphics than usual tekken 6. More hd textures, background and Improved graphics.
  • Gameplay combos – each character can do 10 small hit combos, 5 big hits combos, more than 6 special punches and kicks, and 1 ultimate attack.
  • Arcade mode – follows 8 fixed number of stages with the boss at the end, Jin Kazama appears at the side boss and then Azazel comes.


Each battle is given more weight and mood thanks to the stage and move destruction and beautiful visual effects.Every smash in TEKKEN 8 is an event, and every win is a chapter in an epic tale.

Tekken 8 Release Date

After the release of Tekken 7 APK, everyone was talking about Tekken 8. To yet, neither the production firm nor the studio has officially announced a release date or provided any other parameters. Tekken 8: Judgment Justice was confirmed on May 11, 2021, with several new characters and some returning ones.

However, Tekken 8 has yet to be announced. Tekken 8’s release date is also rumoured to be December 1, 2022, according to a number of websites. According to TheTealMango.com, the game won’t be launched until February 2023 at the earliest.

Bandai Namco takes a long time to make a game like Tekken 7, which took approximately seven years to complete. As a result of the game’s highly realistic effects, the reason of any lag is readily apparent. There are few to no flaws in the Tekken series, and gamers were enamoured with all of its components.

Tekken 8 Game Modes

The following are some of the Tekken 8 series’ most anticipated comeback game modes:

  • After defeating the final opponent, Akuma, Kazuya enters the story mode, which promises to be quite engaging. There are over 20 chapters in this mode.
  • Survival: As the name suggests, the player will have to fight as many opponents he can in order to survive this mode.
  • Arcade Mode: There are about nine stages and six difficulty levels in this mode. In the first five stages, you’ll face random opponents, but in the sixth stage, you’ll face Mokujin. Kazuya, Angel, and Haijio Kaijio are just a few of the formidable foes you’ll face in the final stages.
  • The only difference between Tag Team Mode and the Arcade mode is that it contains five stages and pits two players against each other.
  • You’ll recognise this version of the game if you’ve already played Tekken 7. To play in this mode, which supports up to four players, you must first complete the story mode.

Tekken 8 Android Without Verification

Human verification will be prioritised if a list of the most bothersome items is ever made. Most of these sites need human authentication before allowing users to download the game, and the files themselves often contain advertisements. However, we have provided the download link for Tekken 8 Apk with no verification.

To avoid annoying human verification, you may now download the Tekken 8 APK + Obb Data For Android with ease. Downloading the game and getting Tekken 8 apk up and running on Android devices are topics we get into later in this piece.

How to Download Tekken 8 for Android

You can play the unofficial brand new TEKKEN 8 on android via using a PPSSPP gold or PSP Emulator apk. Just follow the simple steps below to Successfully install it on your android.

  • Firstly Download the Highly compressed zip file of Tekken 8 ISO
  • Then download PPSSPP gold Emulator free apk
  • Now Extract the game and use password: TECHYBAG8
  • Now install the PSP Emulator on your android
  • Open the Emulator and find the game
  • Click on it and start playing.

So hope you all have understood the truth of Tekken 8 apk game and stay tuned with the more incoming fighting or tekken series games on our website.


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