Top 5 Best Emulators for Android to Play Games

Top 5 Best Emulators for Android to Play Games

Best Emulators for Android to play your Favorite Games

Hello everyone, Android games are quite interesting to play but still there are many game that is not for Android but users wants to play them without buying any additional gaming console. So here I am going to introduce you with Top 5 Best Gaming Emulators for Android that has many amazing games which you can play on any Android. Along with the Emulator I will also suggest some amazing games that I personally like to play. So let’s start.

#5 FPSE Emulator

Fpse Emulator Ps1 for Android

FPSE is emulator of PlayStation that is freely available for Android. It is very easy to run this Emulator on any Version of Android Devices. This Emulator contains some very interesting 2D fighting games, and basically the console has a large amount of 2D games to play. Few addictive games that I love to play is Tekken 3, Street Fighter Alpha, Bloody Roar 2, Fighting Force, Tekken 2, Mortal Combat and Marvel vs Capcom. These games contains 2D graphics, many fighting combos, moves, Immense battle and much more thing to enjoy. Same as EPSXE there is also an Emulator called FPSE, the motive of EPSXE and Fpse is same that is to play PS1 games on Android.

Tekken 3 Fpse Emulator

#4 Game Boy Advance Emulator

GBA Emulator for Android

Formerly Called GBA Emulator, this Emulator also has large variety of 2D games and this Emulator is also freely available on the internet. It doesn’t needs any high quality Android phones to run, even 4.0 Version is enough to play GBA games at full speed without errors and lags. GBA has some awesome rememberable fighting games such as Dragon Ball Z SuperSonic Warriors and Tekken advance. DBZ Super Sonic warriors is one of those game which made me compelled to play it as it was too much addictive.

Tekken advance is a combined Version of Tekken Tag and Tekken 3. This tekken contains all those moves that you see in Tekken tag and 3 and also you can play Tag team fighting in this game. So if you want to play these 2D fighting games then Download link for GBA is given below.

#3 Nintendo DS

Nds Emulator for Android

Another Great Emulator with dozens of 3D Games, here I am listing all those Emulator which are freely available hence this is also a free Emulator and it contains amazing games like Ben 10 protector of Earth, Pokemon Heart gold and SoulSilver, Super Mario, Dragon Ball Z SuperSonic Warriors 2, Dragon Ball Kai ultimate Butouden and much more. This Emulator has a large variety of 3D games which can be run on Android very smoothly but this Emulator needs a certain level of Android device such as Android version must be above 8.0 to play smoothly. Ram is another factor that should be higher than 2GB.

#2 Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator for Android

Dolphin Emulator is also called as Nintendo GameCube and Wii Emulator. The best thing about this Emulator is that it contains very high graphics games popular games such as Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 3, DBZ Budokai TENKAICHI 2, Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles, Mario 3D and much more. And it needs 10.0 Android version of run smoothly, if you have an Android below 10.0 then better not to download games for this Emulator as that will lag too much.

#1 PPSSPP Emulator

PSP Emulator apk

PSP Emulator is at No.1 because of its completeness, this is the most completed Emulator ever on Android. The games are also built with High 3D graphics and there is no lag even if you run it on a lower Version of Android such as 5.0. In case if it lags on your Android then it set the frameskipping to 1 and then the lag will go away. It also has more speed settings that’s why it is the most completed. It contains games like Dragon ball Z TENKAICHI Tag team, DBZ Shinbudokai 2, Need for Speed, Tekken 6 and Dark and many more 3D games..

PSP Emulator games

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