Vive Le Football APK Obb Data Download for Android

Vive Le Football APK Obb Data Download for Android

Netease Games’ latest football game, Vive le Football Game Apk Download, is currently available for download. As always, they have wowed us with this game’s incredible gameplay and stunning graphics. The apk and obb for android for b can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Football is regarded as one of the most popular sports in the world. This is one of the most technologically advanced football games available for mobile devices. Despite the fact that the mobile department already has a lot of games, this one takes it to a whole new level, with extensive insights into every facet of the game. The tactics are incredibly sophisticated; you don’t just switch formations and play. You must also pay attention to the player’s abilities and characteristics.

Vive Le Football APK
Vive Le Football Game Gameplay
Vive Le Football players

Vive Le Football Game Download

This game is unlike Dream League Soccer, PES Mobile, or FIFA Mobile in every way. The game’s graphics are on par with those of any console game. mobile phone games that are now popular. Vive Le Football has online capabilities that allow you to play with any of your friends from across the world. All you need is a player ID to get started. With full detailed ultra HD graphics, Vive Le Football Apk provides players with the best real-time game experience. There are some fantastic teams that can beat and dominate everyone else.

Despite the fact that Vive Le Football is still in beta, you can download the beta version from the link below. You may customise the game from A to Z and play as a manager in this game. The players’ faces are the most advanced and distinct. By judging the game’s graphics, you can quickly determine the game’s quality.

The game is similar to an open-world game in which you can control your manager and participate in in-game activities. In the free world, you can move your manager as well as your club’s buildings and areas. For example, you can enter specific sections of your club such as a training ground, Main ground, training facility, and health facility.

On January 27, 2021, the game was released. v1.0.5 is the current version. With a full version that you will download, the game is accessible in English and +15 other languages.

On the 28th of January, the game’s makers opened a test version of the game for 6,000 users in Thailand and Australia. The game was extremely popular among users and gamers all over the world. The feedback from gamers all over the world has been really encouraging, and we hope to see this game on the Play Store as soon as possible.

Football is currently in beta testing. Because this is a Beta test, only a small number of people have been given access to the game. If a beta version of the fu game is available, they will undoubtedly accept more players.

Vive Le Football APK Features

Vive le Football Android & ios is available for download below with full APK+Obb data zip file. The game’s biggest feature is that it is extremely detailed, just like any other recent console game. Player selection, bidding process, and manager modes are all controlled by Vive le Football.


The game’s graphics are excellent. You may even use an emulator to download it for your PC. The Street Football feature has been introduced to the Vive Le Football game, allowing you to play football in the street with 3v3 teams.

When the game begins, you must choose one of the managers. The game is essentially a manager mode in which you are in charge of the club. In clubs, you can interact with a variety of people. The game’s club function is quite true and realistic, and you will undoubtedly enjoy it.
Players must spend gems in order to obtain a range of distinctive kits, jerseys, shorts, socks, logos, and shoes in Vive Le Football Apk. Playing matches and progressing through the storey mode will win you jewels. Of course, you can purchase it to speed up your progress in the game.

Download Vive Le Football Game Apk It’s a really open-world game with a lot of depth in the gameplay. The management, like the crowd and audience, is extremely meticulous. The graphics and movement of the crowd are quite accurate, with a great view of the bench and other features around the football field.

Vive le Football Apk data Obb for Download can be downloaded for free using the buttons below. You may even use your PC to play the FifPro licence. Install the emulator version of the game from the website listed below to play the game on your PC.

Licensed by Fifpro

The Vive Le Football game is likewise licenced by FifPro, hence the team and player names are unique. Because they do not have a full licence, you may not find all names and sponsors’ names to be perfect. Because Vive le Football has an exclusive licence with FifPro, you can expect full club licencing in the game. You can also explore the many parts of the club in the game. A trophy section can be seen in the image below.


Vive Le Football’s gameplay is incredibly realistic, yet the game is still under progress, thus there are a lot of bugs. As a result, we may anticipate it from the game. Team management is also quite detailed, and you can tour the various facilities inside your club yourself. We may move the manager about the club’s facilities in the same way as we move our player in Grand Theft Auto III with the third eye perspective.

Inside the game, you can open packs, buy players, choose formations, and follow precise tactics. Netease Games has a sure-fire winner here. Licensing is a critical component of the game’s success. The game is thought to be significantly superior to the Champions of the Fields.

Along with the FifPro licence, the game includes thousands of leagues from across the world, such as the Serie A, Bundesliga, and La Liga.

Key Features

  • Playing games online (This game need an internet connection to work)
  • Original player names are updated in real time.
  • Controlling the game is simple, and the 3D action is slick.
  • Faces in Super Ultra HD
  • Gameplay in 3D Movement
  • Teams and Leagues Licensed by FifPro
  • Street Football Multiplayer Mode
  • Club License for the European League
  • Free movement (From a third-person perspective, you can direct your manager to the desired region of the club.)
  • Skins, boots, and kits can all be customised.
  • Sound effects and commentary
  • Animation in Ultra High Definition
  • Make changes to the controls until it’s exactly how you want it.
  • a whole deal more

Game Requirements

Because of the excellent quality of this game, having a good Android Mobile Device to utilise in an HD performance is highly recommended. We recommend to have a Android smartphone with 2GB+ ram and 700+ Snapdragon to play it smoothly. The game is expected to be launched in July, if nothing goes wrong. However, the game will be put through an Alpha test in early April.

There is a lot of anticipation among players to get their hands on this new game. According to a Facebook post from the developer’s teams, they have enhanced game optimization, since there was previously a problem where all of the players’ T-shirts were jammed into a few devices. However, this has already been corrected, and the shirts work well with all of the devices.

Vive Le Football APK Offline or Online?

Various People are Searching for Vive Le Football Game offline APK for Android and the fact is that the official game is released in online hence the Vive Le Football offline APK is not currently available. Although we can find some Vive Le football mod APK obb offline but remember all those are mods of some other games, not the original one. That’s why we are here to provide only official version of the game.

How to Download Vive Le Football APK Obb File

  • To download, use the buttons above.
  • The apk and obb files are available for download.
  • Install Vive Le Football App by opening the APK file and clicking the Install button.
  • If the device requires further permissions, go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources and tick the box to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Make sure that “Allow installation from external sources” is selected.
  • Place the Obb file in the Android/Obb directory.
  • Open the game and have fun with it.


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