WWE 2k18 PPSSPP ISO Download for Android

WWE 2k18 PPSSPP ISO Download for Android

Hello Friends, today here I am providing WWE 2k18 PPSSPP game download link for Android mobile. You can run this game at any android device with faster gameplay. The best wrestling match game for PPSSPP is now here to download. Previously I have shown WWE 2K17 and other, now it’s time to review the next version WWE 2k18 PPSSPP with highly compressed size. There are many mods are available for WWE 2k18 psp with 100MB, 200mb and 300MB sizes are available for free download.


WWE 2k18 PPSSPP Game

wwe 2k18 is an official professional world wrestling video game which was released in 2017 for the next year of 2018. The game was released and developed by the 2K sports. All the official WWE 2k games are released by the same company, they keep releasing such high graphics WWE games every year. the fact is that they release it for PS4 (PlayStation 4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC windows.

So the question is how can you play it on android PPSSPP? Well there are many mods are available. You know in this era of high end console gaming like PS4, PS5 and PC, there is no place left for the official developers to think about PSP and even PS2. But there is nothing to be sad about because there are thousands of modders are available for PPSSPP games to mod them to its latest version. Modders like give an update to the game, they play an important role in PPSSPP gaming.


WWE 2k18 ppsspp gameplay

This is a 3D fighting game with HD graphics wherein 8 Wrestlers can come together Into the ring to start off the match. In previous versions, there were only 6 Wrestlers allowed to come at once but now it has been improved and now the battle goes more intense as the players are more. There is no lagging and black screen or any kind glitch during the gameplay so you can play it without headaches.


As we all know when we watch a real WWE match in the TV, we get to hear a background commentary informing that what’s going on in the fight. The commentary tell us that who is beating who, and who is using what objects to beat the another. The same happens in this game, you will listen a commentary in English language which will telling about what’s happening all the time.

Objects to Use

You know that in a real fight, Wrestlers can use any objects like tables, metal ladder and whatever they get in their hand to beat the opponent. Here in this game you are allowed to do the same and ofcourse opponent can do the same. During the gameplay, your partner would provide you objects to beat the opponent but if you get late to hold on to that object then your opponents make take the opportunity to do this with you.


WWE 2k18 PPSSPP Android character

The WWE 2k18 PPSSPP game contains more than 50 Characters including John Cena, Triple H, The rock, Brok Lesnar, Roman Reigns as playable characters and each character have his own strength and weakness. As in real life we all have our own power and weaknesses too. But using using a more powerful and mascular characters doesn’t mean that you are going win, it also depends on the strategy and fighting style of your character.

Game Modes

  • Play Mode – a free battle mod of wwe 2k18 wherein you can select your Fighter and the opponent wrestler, create a round by selecting the stadium, map, and much more options.
  • My career – this is main mod of this game where you can unlock the characters by winning all the stages and also you can upgrade your Wrestler by collecting game points. Although since I am providing the save data files, there is now no need to do it but you can play it for entertainment. With the help of saved data, everything would get Unlock in an instant.
  • Universe – a tournament type mode where Multiple characters are gathering in a stage to fight with whoever comes near.
  • Story mode – Story mod follows the story of each characters, it changes as you change your character. Each character have different Stories and matches to win.
  • GM mode also called as general manager mode, here you get the opportunity to set the game exactly as you want it to be like. You can create teams of Wrestlers and stages looks, change their clothes and many things.

Download WWE 2K18 PPSSPP highly Compressed Zip ISO File

So here I have provided the direct download link of MediaFire for WWE 2k18 ppsspp game Apk for Android so now it has been easy for everyone to access this game.

  • First of all download the WWE 2k18 zip iso file highly compressed 300mb
  • Then download the PPSSPP gold or PSP Emulator apk
  • Now download the save Data file 7z
  • Extract the ISO and save data using Rar app or Es file explorer
  • Move the save data file into PSP>SAVE DATA folder
  • Open PPSSPP Emulator
  • Locate the game and click on it
  • Let it load and then start playing it Offline.

WWE 2k18 300mb

So here I have provided WWE 2k18 300mb Google drive direct download link for Android. Use password byGamerKing to extract the game out of Zip/7z/rar file. So I hope everything is clear to you regarding installation. Please read the above how to install section to know the full process. If you still facing issues, let me know.

Note: we apologize for 300mb file is not available. Below is the full iso with 1Gb size, no password protected.


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